Is It Weird To Own A Sex Doll?

Posted Friday, February 18, 2022 | By Eva

Online shopping for sex dolls has already taken the market by storm. Using sex dolls for fun is not a new concept. The novelty is that the satisfaction rate of sex dolls is increasing day by day. However, with this growing sense of satisfaction comes a problem, a mental disorder. Now many people treat real people as real people. But for sexual gratification, new buyers worry about whether it's weird to own a real doll. Why do men need emotional support to buy real sex dolls when women can use vibrators and sex toys? Men should be able to have safe sex without STDs or loyalty. According to Statistic Brain, the sex toy market is booming (sex toys were worth $15 billion in 2014). So there is little room for social stigma, so choose the right fetish doll for you or just let the fun go away! The debate about owning sex dolls now revolves around "Davecat." You can always follow Davecatin youtube videos and TLC's My Strange Addiction. 100cm mini sex doll He lives a perfect life with three real dolls. Yes, one of them is his wife (unmarried) and the other two are lovers! So we can say that if you are going to buy a realistic female doll, go for it. There are many men like Davecat who enjoy carefree, contented sex with these synthetic partners. Even women buy male sex products. The idea of ​​creating realistic sex dolls is to give you full control over your sex life. According to scientists, sexual desire is a psychological drive, just like sleeping and eating. It's never weird or scary to have a life-size sex doll to satisfy a psychic urge. There are a range of advantages that can entice you to buy lifelike love dolls. For example, you can take all kinds of foul poses without complaint. You just need to give yourself a shower every now and then and stop nagging. The use of sex robots also eliminates the risk of your girlfriend popping up on your doorstep with unexpected good news that you're about to become a father! If your concern is that realistic candy dolls are both men and women looking at you judging, then get that thought out of your mind. The sales rate of male love dolls has also increased over time.

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