Sex Toys Are Common In America

Posted Wednesday, February 16, 2022 | By Eva

You can buy cheap sex dolls for yourself for a sexual adventure or companionship, for your partner to play a role or to fulfill a fantasy: or to improve your sex life for you and your partner. For some reason, you need to define them to help you make purchasing decisions and guide you in choosing the right doll.

If you have a partner, even if he or she won't be carrying the doll with you, it's important to talk to your partner so they can understand your needs and make sure there are no surprises. Everyone has different libidos, so sex dolls can help manage those differences. However, always remember that open communication is important for a successful relationship. Using a lover doll he or she doesn't know about and accidentally discovering your partner inevitably leads to some difficulties.

small chest sex dolls

Research from English-speaking countries shows that sex toy use is common across diverse populations and is often associated with sexual health. Other countries still lack empirical data on sex toy use and perceived effects.

This study documents the prevalence of sex toy use during solo and partner sex among heterosexual women and men in Germany, and the positive and/or negative effects of sex toy use on sexual well-being. A survey was conducted with a national online sample of 1,723 heterosexual adults in Germany (mean age = 42.71, SD = 13.25, 49% female, 51% male). The majority (52%) reported using sex toys during partnered sex and 45% reported using sex toys during solo sex. Both women and men reported that the positive effects of sex toy use outweighed the negative effects.

The findings suggest that sexual health/sex education professionals should consider sex toy use as a common and rewarding sexual behavior. Future research may examine the specific effects of sex toy use and their predictors in more detail.

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