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TPE Material Sex Doll is A Mainstream Product

The truth is, in many of these cases I think that a life-like TPE sex doll is exactly the type of partner that these type of men need, so they don’t go and make an actual person with feelings miserable. Anytime that a person declares that TPE love dolls are better partners than women are and that women will soon be replaced, all I can think is that this is clearly coming from a person who literally cannot handle being in a relationship with someone who has needs of their own. A person who is controlling and demanding and inconsiderate of others and who would likely make for an unpleasant partner at best and an abusive one at worst. And I breathe a sigh of relief the partner they have chosen can’t be hurt by their antics. I know of few people of either gender who feel that they need a personal slave, whose only mission in life is to do whatever they want, as a partner. And I harbor no concerns that men are going to replace women with TPE dolls and robots. That’s not to say that the people who have sex dolls are all like this, not at all. But every so often a question will be asked where these men are checking in to see if women are starting to feel afraid yet about our impending replacements and lonely futures and I wonder how they have so little self-awareness to see that clearly none of us are going to clamor to date such a petty and bitter human being. So while there’s a lot of talk on both sides about the possible misogyny inherent in TPE sex dolls, I am completely unconcerned about them in general. In fact, if you can’t handle dating a human being who has needs of their own, then a sex doll is perfect for you. Knock yourself out.

Is having a TPE sex doll for the purpose of having sex cheating?

No, it is not. To analyze this, it is imperative to address the issue of what cheating is - from the context of relationships. In an earlier answer of mine, I had defined in detail as to what constitutes cheating, relevant parts of which answer I have pasted below:

Cheating, in the conventional sense means to act in contravention of commitments. A Commitment is a promise to act or abstain from acting in a certain way. The commitment entailed by relationships is in the form of exclusivity - emotional and sexual. Sexual exclusivity refers to the restriction mutually agreed upon by the partners in a relationship, w.r.t. having sex with persons other than their partner, i.e. to have "sex" exclusively with the person with whom the commitment is made. To cheat, one must have real (as opposed to imaginary/fantasy) sex with someone else.

The question which arises is - What amounts to sex? Any conduct is said to amount to "sex"

1. Which results in sexual arousal, and its subsequent manifestation as sexual energy. However, such a broad definition would result in the inclusion of activities such as watching porn, masturbating, etc. within its ambit, which would be unreasonable. Therefore, the scope of its ambit ought to be narrowed.

2. Involvement of one or more other persons in conjunction with whom sex can be had. "Persons" refers to alive, biological human individuals. Therefore, use of TPE sex dolls would not constitute cheating, nor would use of toys. Bestiality would not amount to cheating.

This leads to the next question: Is actual physical conduct a prerequisite for an act to constitute cheating? I'd be inclined to answer in the negative. Phone sex, sexting all result in the satisfaction of first two conditions. Physical contact would aggravate the case of cheating, but not be a prerequisite for its constitution. In other words, the lack of physical contact would not preclude an action from amounting to cheating.

I had used the phrase "real sex" in the introductory paragraph. What does that connote? According to me, sex had, or desired to be had, or proposed to be had, is "real" if it is not a mere fantasy or a thought process. Fantasies involving third parties amount to "sex" but are not "real" and therefore don't constitute cheating. Likewise, a desire to cheat does not constitute cheating, if such desire has not been acted upon.

What about proposals to have sex, made to third persons?

It constitutes "preparation" to have sex, An act has multiple stages. (1) Preparation (2) Attempt (3) Completion. Only if the "sex" had or desired to be had reaches the attempt stage or beyond, will it constitute cheating. (I have borrowed this from the crime model which states that a crime has different stages and becomes culpable only beyond the stage of attempt.

As I had aforepropounded, an essential requisite of cheating is the involvement of a third person, with whom sex can be had, where the word person refers to a living, biological human individual. Where such a person is not present, with whom sex can be had, there is no scope for cheating. TPE love dolls are not living biological persons, but are merely toys, which are employed for masturbatory purposes. Of course one could argue, that if an understanding has been arrived at, as between the partners in the relationship, that neither partner shall resort to using masturbatory toys to satisfy themselves, then using a TPE sex doll would amount to cheating. However, most reasonable partners would never truly proscribe their partners from using such toys, though some might, upon knowing of and/or the manner of their usage feel insecure, and/or inadequate. However, a feeling of insecurity or inadequacy as felt by one partner does not in itself, operate to convert an act, which is not otherwise cheating, into an act of cheating.

It is my conclusion therefore that using a TPE sex doll, or in case of women, a vibrator or dildo or any other such masturbatory devices, is not cheating.


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