How Does Love Doll Remove Oil And Dust?

Posted Sunday, December 12, 2021 | By Eva

Whether it is a TPE doll or a silicone doll, oil leakage is an inevitable problem. The main reason is that when making dolls, a certain amount of hydraulic oil is added to the material to ensure the softness of the skin. TPE doll processing industry white oil, silicone doll with silicone oil. This is what we often say about the oil exuded from the skin of Aiwawa during use and storage.

The oil oozing from Aiwawa is non-toxic, but it will make it sticky. If there is dust, it is easy to stick to the doll and it is difficult to clean it. This also affects everyone's experience.

How do you get rid of those annoying dust? Oil spills are inevitable, but there are some ways to maximize the amount of oil. The easiest way is to take frequent baths and apply powder. Be sure to clean the Aiwawa immediately after each use. At the same time, evenly spread the puff or sponge on the skin of the doll. Next, be sure not to put the doll in a hot place. In this way, the oil of the love doll increases.

125cm tiny d cup love doll

What if there is dust on it? If the area is small, directly moisten the towel with soapy water or water containing shower gel to wipe off the dust. Don't forget to apply powder after wiping. If a large area is covered with dust, Kanadoll recommends using olive oil or mineral oil. First, apply olive oil or mineral oil on the surface of Aiwawa's skin, and then gently wipe off the dust with a towel (pure cotton, delicate towel). After cleaning, apply loose powder.

In order to avoid getting dirty with the doll, you should keep your place clean. In addition, please be aware that static electricity can also cause the love doll to become dusty. Finally, it is also recommended to install a dust cover. Use a combination of the above methods to get the maximum effect.

The above is the content of the treatment method of Iwawa to remove oil and dust.

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