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Part of men prefer the term curvy but yes Part of men love thick sex doll. Most men Part of men know prefer curvy sex doll. Why? Well, in my opinion those women are just plain sexy. The sexiest women that Part of men have ever met were thick love doll that embraced their looks and dressed to emphasize their curves. Why do I find them sexy? I like big boobs, thick thighs and a plump ass. Skinny chicks can’t pull all those things off at the same time. My wife (I’m a widower) was only 4′-10″ but had a body that wouldn’t stop. Nice thick ass, bigger than average boobs and thick thighs. She could totally rock heels and a skirt. My current girl is 6′-1″ and a natural DDD. Tight jeans just love her curves. Yes she is a big girl and hot as hell to me. A lot of men literally drool over her. Why would men drool over a big girl. Simple. She is sexy and confident. She also dresses in ways that she knows Part of men find sexy. As a big boob fan, she caters to my appreciation of her natural assets and she appreciates that I enjoy looking at her. I personally can’t understand why men wouldn’t like a curvy women.

the difference between fat and thick sex doll

How about I give you, a shorter more to the point answer, fat dolls are apple shaped (meaning that they store more fat in the upper body, so big chests, and big bellies, and overall, a big waistline) fat, is very loose and tends to hang more. Shoulders are usually wider than hips

Thick sex dolls are pear shaped (meaning that more fat is stored in the lower body, so big, wide hips, big thighs, and a big butt, sometimes big arms too, but a smaller waistline) Thick fat people tend to have tighter fat, not as much hanging and drooping fat. Hips are usually wider than shoulders.


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