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Due to popular demand, we have resumed selling all types and shapes of male sex dolls. Our range has all types – from chocolate boys to rugged, bad boys that will make you submit to Mr. Perfect Gay Sex doll who can even be introduced to your family. Whether you are a female who wants to satiate your sexual feelings or a gay man in need of a companion, our male dolls can take care of all your needs. They have a detachable penis that can be used as you wish and at your will as they never go flaccid like your hot neighbor’s.

Our male sex dolls are able to receive both anal and oral intercourse, which we are sure is enough to show you the stars.

The differences between these realistic gay sex dolls are an important consideration for any prospective doll owner. TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is a relatively more affordable material for a male sex doll. TPE is softer, more elastic and more lifelike. It can be built-in with an internal heating system, providing a life-like sensation of body warmth. Silicone Gay dolls, on the other hand, are relatively expensive and less softer than TPE , but the details are more subtle, thus more realistic on the outside.

All the dolls below are pre-optioned ready to order. They will look exactly like as their photos including her make-up and hair! Please choose the option according to your preference during checkout.

SSD gay sex dolls or male sex dolls for women come in different varieties (Skin tones / Height / Muscle / Body Shapes / Races / Penis light etc.) , from the premium material they’re made of to their sultry natures and personalities. The male dolls can be moulded from either silicone or TPE or (TPE body matching with Silicone head) , depending on your selected brand.


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