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Realistic Sex Doll Provides Real Sexual Experience

Do you want to have sex with a realistic sex doll? They have true female height and feel, and the skin is very elastic and firm. Here you can find full-sized sex dolls of all heights and sizes.

How to Choose A Realistic Sex Doll?

The realistic sex doll has different attributes according to different needs. The chests of these dolls vary in size, some are flat and small. Others are medium and large. The skin of these dolls is yellow, white, and brown. The wigs of these dolls include braids, long straight hair, curly hair and short hair. The eyes of the doll come in different colors, such as green, blue, and brown. The doll’s vagina has a separate built-in type.

Sex doll price

You can find authentic dolls for sale first to save costs, in this case, you can check our cheap sex doll category.

The price tag of a realistic sex doll is vital information for people. Buyers want new deals that people will appreciate. The price tag is well worth a new look in a short period of time. The cost of realistic dolls is important to most buyers. Some buyers may have limited budgets, and dolls may become expensive over time. The cost is worth it, and the shipping is free. Elovedolls is a seller ready to offer discounts for sex doll lovers.

The first step is to choose the height

Our sex dolls come in different sizes. The height of Elovedolls is between 65cm and 180cm, and the weight is between 15kg and 40kg. You can choose attractive medium or tall girls. It all depends on your taste and requirements. However, for some new students who have sex dolls for the first time, we recommend choosing the lightest one because bathing and wearing are much easier (the heights include: 100cm sex dolls, 125cm sex dolls, 135cm sex dolls and 145cm sex dolls) . Once you have mastered these procedures, you can choose higher sex dolls (for example, 158cm sex doll, 165cm sex doll, and 170cm sex doll).

The second step is to select the physical ratio and its attributes: Sex dolls have different attributes according to different needs. Some men like plump mature women, while others like slim and young girls.

The third step is to choose the face shape

Our cheap realistic sex dolls have many face shapes, which can basically satisfy everyone's needs. There are a variety of face shapes for customers to choose from, European and American, Asian, cartoon, girly, and domineering lady. You can choose different types according to your taste.

ELOVEDOLLS Selects Lifelike Sex Dolls from Outstanding Manufacturers

Japan & American made most realistic sex doll at this level are truly the best money can buy. The dolls are hand made with meticulous care to make sure the finest details are exact. This extra care results in a more realistic sex doll and experience, large sex doll features like breasts and vaginas are extremely well contoured and lifelike. Even the smaller features, like eye lashes and the internal vaginal walls will be highly realistic, if not better than the real thing. (you can also find cheaper high end silicone full size sex dolls in our sale)

As well, As a rising star, realistic dolls produced by Chinese factories are more cost-effective, and they quickly occupy the global market at affordable prices. These high end lifelike sex doll are typically made with high quality medical-grade macro-molecule silicone. In addition to being high quality silicone, the material is then platinum cured. Curing silicone with platinum prevents oil from oozing out of the skin overtime, which can sometimes happen with non-platinum cured silicone.

In addition to the hand-craftsmanship and materials used, the skeletons of the dolls at this price range will be very sturdy. Since these are little expensive sex doll, the joints will be strong and long lasting, which will allow the full body sex doll to hold positions and even stand on their own. One problem with cheap sex dolls is that their joints will get loose over time, and with prolonged use the doll's joints will become flimsy and limp. We got some of the High quality and best male sex doll that retain their joint stiffness much longer.

What Do You Think About Realistic Sex Dolls?

Realistic sex dolls often make you feel content and satisfied sexually. You can live your wildest sexual fantasies with the sex dolls. When it comes to talking about sex, we have an open conversation with our friends. We talk about how we are doing it and how often we are doing it. But there is a primary aspect of our sex lives that we don't discuss much frequently, and that is sex toys and sex dolls. With the evolving culture and access to adult resources, sex dolls have become part of popular culture. They have become more normalized and accessible to the people. Online shopping has made it easy for us to buy sex dolls these days.

Society's growing openness towards talking about sex and masturbation is also helping people to embrace sexual toys and sex dolls. In addition to that, using a realistic sex doll is not just about trying something new. it is an essential tool when it comes to learning more about your body. Sex dolls can help you express your wildest side without embarrassing, makes you feel content, and more importantly, orgasm than spending some time with a sex doll of your choice. Sex dolls also reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, and for women, it can ease body aches and menstrual cramps. The other benefit of using sex dolls is, they never carry sexually transmitted diseases. The sex doll is purer than any of your human being. And you don't have to spend dollars on condoms to keep yourself safe.


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