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RobotCompanion sex doll

Will you buy sex robots instead of looking for a real human partner?

For people who cannot find a real partner then a sex robot may well a good alternative, after all, many people have pets as their closest companions People who are unable to find partners due to some mental or physical disability Astronauts in space for a long time Scientists working in remote locations Elderly people whose partners have died and would like a robot clone of their partner Hospitals that use sperm donors Used in jails to stop convicts rioting, or used as rewards for good behavior Made available to those on military duty away from normal society Available to the first settlers on Mars But there are a couple of areas where they might be very useful In sex education where a robot replaced normal pornography of photos or video This would be the robot could have conversation with the user, and in effect discuss the sort of feelings they might have if they were human Let’s take a hypothetical scenario Man: (speaks to girl robot) What would you like me to do in our love making today? Lady robot: Well, if I was real I would like you to put on some soft music, and to massage my back with nice smelling perfume, and while you are massaging me, I would like you to compliment me, and perhaps tell me a story. You could make it a naughty story or a funny story. If you ask the right questions I can answer you, but I would like to feel you are in contact with me as a person Man: Well, I can put on some soft music, but I won’t massage you Lady robot: I understand, I am just telling you this for when you meet a real lady, and want her to feel comfortable with you. Also when you do something during our sex, I would like you to kiss me, and tell me if you are happy. I will respond if I understand you Man: Yes I understand what you want from me. I find that very helpful Lady robot: I am glad you do. I hope you can use my advice when you are with someone else. We can start now if you want to There is one other idea that sex robots could be used for, and that is harvesting sperm It has been proved scientifically that sperm has medicinal properties medical properties of sperm There could be High street ‘Sperm surgeries’ where men can walk in and donate their sperm with a sex robot. The surgery would collect the relevant details of the donor to make sure the sperm is not contaminated in any way. The donation would be free (donor not paid), and the surgery would use the sperm for medical applications This answer is not specific to the question but is close enough to whether sex robots have uses beyond personal benefits


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