Charity Encourages Use Of NHS Sex Dolls To Help Pedophiles

Posted Friday, February 18, 2022 | By Eva

In our society, pedophilia continues to be viewed as a criminal offense rather than a mental illness or disorder. Of course, hatred is there for a reason. Societies and laws around the world are taking drastic measures to stop pedophiles, but this only complicates the situation. So what is the final solution? One of the suggestions currently appearing in the media is to use sex dolls. Asian countries like China produce sex dolls and flood the market. TPE dolls and silicone dolls are now available, and the number of sex doll users is increasing day by day. While manufacturers produce adult dolls, the demand for children's love dolls is also increasing day by day. It has been noticed that people in European countries are importing miniature sex dolls from Chinese manufacturers. However, European manufacturers have also been actively producing children's sex dolls in recent years. Sales of mini sex dolls are increasing day by day. Today, people also have the option to buy adult or child sex dolls from well-known e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, eBay and Amazon. If one group does believe that child sex dolls cure pedophilia, another group will consider it hypocritical to buy and sell real love dolls. Controversy sparked recently when authorities managed to stop some child sex dolls from being in transit.

Pedophiles use of sex dolls for children sparks controversy

The use of sex toys has become almost accepted in societies around the world, but these societies do not accept sex dolls, even for their own benefit. former chairman Juliet Grayson said "society should consider using dolls". She added that if someone expresses guilt about pedophile, it is our responsibility if a child's sex doll is to ensure other children can safely help them. Allowing pedophiles to import and use child sex dolls can actually help some innocent men who don't want to harm children. However, a British judge recently ruled that child sex dolls are "obscene". British authorities seized more than 120 child sex dolls at border checkpoints. However, many disputed the decision to ban child sex dolls, which are readily available on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba.

real silicone doll for men

Practicality of childish sex dolls

People attracted to children are diagnosed as pedophiles by doctors. They couldn't help but develop close relationships with their children. A large number of girls are victims of male pedophilia. However, there is no medical option to cure pedophilia. So what about people who are diagnosed with pedophilia but don't want to harm child fare? Here are the benefits of using child sex dolls. The use of adult silicone dolls and TPE dolls is common. What if a manufacturer made a similar sex doll that could develop into a minor like that? This will be of great help to anyone looking for help. Sex doll makers in Asian countries such as China and European countries are already producing baby dolls with an average size of 3 to 5 inches. These pretty dolls can also be found on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Also, if you want a custom doll, you can place an order from a similar manufacturer. Although most Chinese manufacturers produce and export children's dolls, they don't always openly accept this fact. On the other hand, many manufacturers do not make childish dolls due to social "moral" values.

Everyone has the right to live freely, free from harm by others. People with pedophilia who are committed to not harming children deserve our attention and help. Pedophiles are encouraged to buy and use sex dolls for children so they can learn to control their desires and live peacefully in society.

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