Love Dolls In Erotic Life

Posted Wednesday, Tuesday 16, 2022 | By Eva

The first Eros theory in Platonic philosophy greatly influenced the concept of love and sex in Western civilization. In short, Plato taught that in the context of social civilization, the training of reason and the good life shaped by education can lead people to discover "noble" arts or crafts or truths about themselves, others, and the world.

Although Plato was fully aware of the power of erotic thought and art—sex and romantic love—he and many of his followers ultimately sought to elevate pornography into a "higher" moral, social, and political model:" Platonic "love" is both a spiritual kinship and a spiritual longing - meaning that "true love" is non-sexual.

But most people can't. They also tend to have real sexual experiences. Can I have a love doll adjustment? Yes, you can! You can choose from all the individual components that make up the entire doll and choose your personalized love doll to configure each doll in our full line of sex dolls. Individual components include head, body, eyes, nails, toenails, skin color, wig, pubic hair (or none), areola color, labia color, nipple color, nipple size, tongue (strengthen mouth), bone type (shrug), standing Or non-standing feet, fixed or movable vagina, etc. You can request hand-finish details such as freckles or other hand-painted finishes. Some have heating elements, some have hymen, some have wireless sound simulation, and some have different robots available. But we won't delve into sex robots.

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For now, we just want to let you know what's possible and show that you can indeed customize TPE sex dolls extensively.

If you've thought it's time to get started, here's a chance to test your knowledge and see all the customizable doll options.

In many cultures and civilizations, the sublimation-transformation of sexual energy is the goal of "higher" values. In the West, Stoics, Epicureans, and Christians have established long traditions of translating pornography into behaviors of higher social value, domesticating species' instincts by attributing moral, social, and spiritual pursuits to sex Life. The sublimation of erotic pleasure is a long process of cultural evolution aimed at controlling and reorienting the very nature of human desire to evolve into orderly and productive social outcomes of work, family, and personal discipline.

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