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(43 People Likes) Are we going to be cursed, possessed, or suffer from bad luck if we see real demonic things online on any site, video, or social media like the Annabelle doll?

chotic episode from schizophrenia, Huntington's, drugs, etc.)? Were the demons exorcised?
Broken people are vulnerable. Susceptible. Illness begets illness without treatment.
People say it is an entire race of beings with specific social structure and mandates. I am completely ignorant of that lore. I know nothing of official exorcisms.
My perception is of energy. There is healthy and there is thwarted flow and connection.
I’ve observed what appears to be a primordial demonic energy. It’s as if an area or a person has an infection. Alcohol and street drugs invite entrenchment of negative energy. Anger and violence are symptoms.
The world is very black and white. There is very little room for exploration of soul and meaning in the tapestry of modern life. This alone creates vulnerable people.
There were once integrative roles for all walks of life, ages, abilities limitations within a naturally intuitive and dynamic social structure. We don’t comprehend this, because all we’re taught is discord and warring culture. Competition, elitism. Gluttony.
Their ways are lost to us, while we share the same spirit and biology. Our natural selves are interdimensional. We are intuitive. We thrive on being loved, loving, building, creating, healing. The world today mocks, distorts and crushes those parts of us. We are not allowed the natural ponderance of our collective consciousness.
We don’t understand how much stress we are under. We are born into a screaming cacophony of torture, we think it’s normal. We think war is normal. We think poverty and disease are just how it goes. These are lies. These are unnecessary stressors entrenched into our global culture. Wounds where negative energy grows and infects our consciousness and therefore action.
We’ve forgotten that we are a race of empaths, all influencing each other's flow and energy.
Negative energy is enhanced and hugely magnified by our war, disease, poverty culture. If you are looking for a demonic force driving people out of their minds, turn on the TV. Join the military. The faces of power reveal their demons. Power is entrenched with negative energy as much as any crackhouse.
The wound grows anywhere and is infectious.
What I’ve seen had nothing to do with media. It was genetics. I witnessed a fiery being within family. I’d seen the black, oily energy on land, in homes and around family. It made me queasy but a lot of things did. At the time I worked to suppress rather than understand things I saw.
Both my mother and her brother brutalized their kids. He especially struggled with addiction. This behavior normalized in family culture. Both of them should have done jail time.
I entered years of specialized healing practices to undo and subdue the binding to dark energy I was born into. I worked with shamans and energy healers. I’d stopped the negative scripts in my head. I kept my distance from negative people.
My heart became more peaceful but my health and pain far worse.
I’m far happier now.
I was miserable, angry and lost when I’d been my most successful and productive.
I am no

(37 People Likes) How can I thank my mom for buying me a real doll for my birthday?

l? Wow that is very progressive of her.
I appreciate that my mother bought me my first new car for less than the cost of a Real Doll.
I don't know that I would really want my mother picking out the options for a lifelike sex doll. And kinda creepy to think about Mom while having sex with it.
Realdoll - The World's Finest Love Real

(99 People Likes) What do you think of DC movies gender swapping Plastic Man?

d vehicle.”
- Kit, B. (2020, December 4). Cat Vasko to Pen Female-Centric Plastic Man Movie. The Hollywood Reporter. URL
We’ve heard so very little about the film project in it’s current state that it’s unnecessary to freak out over the term “female lead.”
Allow me to clarify: Just because it says “female-led” does NOT mean that Plastic Man himself would end up female. All it means is simply that the movie itself will have a female as the central protagonist.
Isn’t really that bad! I wouldn’t mind if the movie had a female central protagonist. So long as the character we’re all interested in, Plastic Man, makes for a duel central protagonist or second

(24 People Likes) Why does my husband tell me I'm not a real woman, especially in arguments?

d in the view of 98% of people) sex change by surgery, hormones ect. Doesn't make you a real man or woman, the gender you are at birth is your “real" gender. Two males together is a homosexual relationship. Two males together and one wears dresses is a homosexual relationship, a male who wears female clothing is a crossdresser/homosexual. As an actual from birth, heterosexual female mother to two heterosexual sons, (both were born with male genitalia) and are heterosexual,, I will never consider a sex changed individual as a peer. Homosexuals “impression “ of the opposite sex is just that, and 9 times out of ten the Sex Doll annerisms and vernacular are so overly exaggerated they resemble parody more than re sex doll kaufen lity. I have yet to see a homosexual or sex changed individual behave, speak, and look convincing enough to truly pass for the gender they're attempting to be. You can put a rocket engine in a boat and make it fast but it's still a rocket engine in a boat, the two weren't designed to go together and modifying one to accommodate the other, again, is just that, a modified version that looks like someone stuck a rocke

(13 People Likes) When we say we carry sex dolls for all sexual preferences

ay we carry sex dolls for all sexual preferences, we mean it. Our Male Sex Dolls provide the same lifelike texture and feel as our female sex dolls. Our high-quality silicone male models can handle rough rides and slow erotic sex to match, matching your passion at every turn. With chiseled abs and massive members, our fantasy male dolls can be the man you desire when and where you want them. Shop our collection for your ideal male sex do

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