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(75 People Likes) Consider a Warming Routine

ybe you see them in some sexy lingerie or a tight swimsuit. Now you can make your fantasy a reality. Start by buying your new doll some outfits. Your doll will look just like your fantas

(70 People Likes) What is the name of the movie starring Ryan Gosling in which he is in love with a blow up doll?

he Real Girl.
A lonely man has an affair with a blow-up doll, whom he thinks is a real person. And although there are plenty of laughs (how couldn’t there be?), it’s largely played straight. He’s terribly br my little baby born first love doll ken and enormously sympathetic. And yet it’s not in the least sad; in fact it’s so heartwarming that it will remind you of classic Frank Capra movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, where the essential goodness of humanity is the take-home po

(23 People Likes) What is the best way for a guy to have a sex-filled vacation? I have a week of freedom, and I can choose anywhere to go. What can I do to get laid the most? So far, the options are volunteering and going to a different country.

There is a nude side and a clothing optional side. You can get a ton of first hand information about it and other adult resorts here, Information on clothing optional, nude, lifestyle, and erotic travel. Hedonism II, Desire, Caliente, Temptation.
Single men are allowed but you’d have a harder time (pun intended) getting together with anyone because single men are tolerated only at best. The most fun part about Hedo are the PDA’s, public displays of affection, which can range from couples kissing and fondling to all out orgies in the hot tub, the later at night the better. The most im Real Doll ortant rule there is ‘No means no’ and it is enforced by staff on the rare occasion it becomes necessary. In other words it’s not a free-for-all rather it’s like invitation only whether it’s in public or back in your room. When the wife and I were staying at the much more tame Grand Lido resort six years ago across the street we got a day pass and visited Hedo for a few hours in the afternoon and enjoyed watching more than one couple having oral sex right out in the open. The other consideration is that the average age of the couples is probably from their 30’s right up through the 50’s. In other words not everyone there is fit and tight but you get over that real quick and people seem to have a great time. However there are a number of times where a “lifestyle” club will sort of take over

(80 People Likes) Will sex doll brothels be defeated by the real sex worker market?

perfectly, with a body to match, it will not be the same as having sex with a human. Once that happens, you might my little baby born first love doll as well have sex Sex Doll with a human (because you’d still need to get consent). So

(28 People Likes) Are the more expensive love dolls costing thousands of dollars actually becoming a viable alternative to a human relationship?

is substitute for all the other aspects of human interaction. While I am well aware some users develop fulfilling fantasy ‘relationships’ with these dolls any emotional interaction, conversation or support they provide is solely in the mind of the owner. Dolls cannot ‘love you back’, offer you comfort or even be aware of when you are hurting emotionally, hold an interactive conversation with you that isn’t pre-programmed, help you when you are hurt physically, make decisions for you or support you when you are incapacitated, or give you advice when contemplating something that might backfire on you. If we ever have true AI then buying an AI sex doll would be slavery and if you wanted to date them then you would have to jump through all the same hoops you do now with real people. If you are the kind of person whose only criteria for a partner is to enable you to have physical release then go for a s

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