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(20 People Likes) What can I send to my brother in basic training to get the DI to mess with him?

p. All day I had noticed something jabbing my foot and at the end of the training day I found the bottom of my sock with blood on it. Off I go to the Drill Sergeant's office.
They would set up these 'around the world" calls to each other, so that at the end they were talking to the operator in the chair next to them. Somehow, he got the number to the DS office. He couldn't have timed it better.
Standing in line to speak to the DS, finally my turn I bang on the hatch:
Phone Rings, a complete look of incredulity and disdain comes over the DS face...
Me, extremely puzzled: "Ummm... hello????"
Brother: "Doing push-ups yet?" Click. Hang up.
He got me good that day. I ended up in the Marine Corps, and one of my favorite things to do was slap a USMC bumper sticker on my Navy brother in law's car. So depending on the person's ser

(23 People Likes) If you knew that you were never going to have sex again in your life, what would you do?

son sex? Phone sex? Genital stimulation sex? Mental sex? Solo masturbation? Porn?
If a person is alone, their options are still open. Internet, telephone, publications, sex dolls (yes, there are life sized silicone dolls that are NOT cheap ‘blow-up’ things, but instead fully lifelike figurines!) sex surrogates or sex workers… Masturbation can be a thrilling ride.
If the genitalia no longer function due to spinal cord injury there are manuals available such as “Sex Techniques for the Spinal Cord Injured Patient” and now numerous online websites where disabled persons can re-learn sexual activities using the parts of their bodies that still function!
If the genitalia has been damaged or removed (such as with injuries sustained by many of our troops in the Middle East due to IEDs) again, there are manuals teaching how to eroticize the rest of the body.
If sex has stopped due to old age or illness, there are ways to re-learn and re-train bodies that have “forgotten how”. Sex is like any exercise… use it or lose it… and it can always be restored with training.
Other alternative forms of sex… electronic stimulators, virtual reality, hypnosis, visualization

(41 People Likes) I love the song Travelin' Man by Rick Nelson. Who is "the china doll in Old Hong Kong waiting for my return"?

alk about the secrets the house holds, referring to the girl the singer is with keeping things from him.
“i got my change behind the bed
in a coffee can,
i throw my nickels in
just in case i have to leave”
this sequence of lyrics is describing how untrusting the singer is of the stability of the relationship and the trueness of his lover. the “change” could be a metaphor for his feelings of love, keeping them hidden and stored away just in case the relationship ends and his lover breaks his heart.
the chorus talks about how he will go if his lover asks, meaning just that, or how he will stay if she dares, which could be him daring her to let him stay and to stay true to him, to “put all her eggs in one basket” so to speak. this part of the chorus tells the listener that if he goes, he’s going shameless, meaning that he will not be humiliated by the way he reacts if the relationship, obviously dear to him, fails.
“this house
she’s quite the talker
she creeks and moans
she keeps me up”
This bit of lyrics are the singer describing how much his lover tells him of her love for him, but has a hard time showing it. it describes how she creeks and moans, and keeps him up at night, meaning that he and her fight a lot, and it love by cathy doll season 2 watch online ften keeps him up at night. back to “she’s quite the talker,” this could also be a metaphor for her insulting him in the relationship, as well, as in accusing him of not doing enough for her, not properly showing her his love.
“and the photographs
know i’m a liar
they just laugh as i burn her down”
this bit of lyrics talk of photographs, a metaphor for how he shows that he truly loves her, even if he doesn't want to, as it makes him vulnerable. they “laugh as he burns her down” because him not showing his true feelings for her could be hurting her, and the “photographs” know that this hurts him, too, which makes it a suitable punishment.
this next ending bit of chorus is
“and if i go i’m goin on fire
let my anger take me there”
which is the singer describing that,if the relationship were to end, he wouldn’t make any attempt to hold back his anger at his lover not trying to make things work, “going on fire” as to describe how once he leaves, there will be nothing left for him or his lover.
now, the bridge,
“the shingles man they’re shaking
the back door’s burning through
this house she’s quite the keeper
quite the keeper of you”
describes the house falling apart, in what i interpret as a phoenix style of rebirth. the absolute destruction of the relationship has begun, but the house “keeping you” hints that the relationship hasn’t ended, rather, it has be completely restored in its destruction. that, or it shows that, even though he tries to rid himself of the relationship by “burning it down,” it will always “keep him,” meaning it will forever affect his perspective of life, love, relationships, etc.
“and if i go, i’m goin crazy
i’ll let my darlin take me there”
this last bit is completely straightforward. if the relationship ends, it will make him insane, and it’s all because of his lover. perhaps it will make him insane enough to come back to her(“let my darlin take me there”), but of course, that’s up to the listener’s personal interpretation.
also, this is just my personal interpretation of the song and its meaning, sorry it’s so long and sort of

(14 People Likes) How pleasurable is sex with sex dolls in comparison to real sex?

have sex with a sex doll. A sex doll is a sex toy, a masturbation aid. Sex is sex with two or more people. Sex dolls are not people.
Depends on the sex. Masturbation and masturbation with se love by cathy doll season 2 watch online toys (including dolls) could be better than sex. Generally sp class="nturl" style="color: red">mini sex doll aking, masturbation is better than bad sex and good sex is better than almost all masturbat

(92 People Likes) What movie is so disturbing, you would never watch it again?

I suppose that was my own form of rebellion at the time. Among them were KIDS, Gummo, Requiem for a Dream, Pink Flamingoes, and more. While they were all hard to watch in one way or another, I actually ended up liking the majority of these movies, and I wouldn't say most were disturbing enough for me to never want to watch them again. Most of them at least, not all. I have a handful that I would rather Sex Doll not rewatch even after all these years.
Stoic (2009) was one that was very hard for me to keep looking at during certain scenes. To not get so into detail, it took place in a prison cell holding four inmates, then three of them gang up on one and essentially torture him to death. I felt sick at how realistically gruesome and grim it was. When it was over, I was able to appreciate the better aspects of the film, such as the acting that was uncomfortably convincing, and how they utilised the minimal budget in their favour. Despite that though, I was shaken by it for a while after watching it. It wasn't entertainingly outrageous like Pink Flamingoes (although that movie is on thin ice for me). It didn't have the masterful direction of a movie like A Clockwork Orange. I think it was executed well enough for what it is, but I didn't have much reason or desire to rewatch it. I don't know if it would be as disturbing to me nowadays as it was then (I'm 17 now), but from what I remember, I would rather not return to it and find out.

Mala Noche (1988) is a film that I'm not entirely sure was meant to be disturbing, but it did creep me out nonetheless. It wasn't gorey or violent, it was offputting in the sense that it was told from the perspective of a grown man sexually pursuing two teenage boys, and he sees nothing wrong with this at all. He even addresses the fact that they were probably only around 16, yet he gleefully describes how much he wants to have sex with them all through out the movie. That's pretty much the whole plot. They were both clearly uncomfortable with his flirtation, and when he does have sex with one it was only in exchange for money. It didn't help that it was cheaply made. There are some parts that are laughable, boring, and/or just cringeworthy. I wouldn't mind never seeing it again.

Now The Human Centipede movies…. I don't think I watched all of them, but the ones I managed to sit through were not entertaining enough for me to justify how gross they were. I do enjoy a disturbing movie for the sake of being disturbing every once in a while (if I can take away something good from it) these just didn't do it for me. Maybe a person's mouth being sewn to another person's anus was too much? Because there came a point where I questioned why I was even watching. Again, maybe this wouldn't be as bad now as it was when I was 12–13, but I'm not eager to find out. If I can say an

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