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(16 People Likes) Will you buy a silicone doll?

ere are a number of different reasons why someone would buy a sex doll. Some of these reasons include:
● Having a high sex drive, but no partner
● Having an addiction to sex or porn, but no partner
● Looking for a companion
● Being sexually adventurous
● Wanting to feel different sensations
● Wanting to enhance their play time
● Having a sex doll or doll fetish
A sex doll can be a great addition for any of the above reasons, and more. In fact, many men argue that having sex with a sex doll sometimes feels even better than the real thing.
The Pros of Buying A Sex Doll
Now is the perfect time to talk about the advantages and pros of buying a sex doll. Not only because of all of the things mentioned above, but also as a means to open up a dialogue and hopefully remove any negative feelings surrounding this kind of sex toy for men.
So, what are the pros of buying a sex Real Doll oll?
● When you buy a sex doll, you cannot contract nor spread STI’s
● When you buy a sex doll, you cannot get (someone) pregnant
● When you buy a sex doll, you don’t have to use a condom
● When you buy a sex doll, you get the real-feel of a woman
● When you buy a sex doll, you can enjoy all of the physical fun anytime you please
● When you buy a sex doll, you don’t have to deal with emotional issues
● When you buy a sex doll, you can have your own special kind of companion
● When you buy a sex doll, you can customise the doll to look exactly like the woman of your dreams
● When you buy a sex doll, the doll will be a virgin, which is a turn on for many
● When you buy a sex doll, you can fulfill your wildest fantasies
● When you buy a sex doll, you can perfect your techniques
● When you buy a sex doll, you can practice self control
With that, we’d like to mention that owning a sex doll is definitely something unique to the buyer. We encourage you to do your research and to buy the sex doll that suits your needs and preferences.
Whichever sex doll you c monster high love in scaris dolls oose however, be

(34 People Likes) Can youcome in a sex doll?

also has one hundred or more acres , making the population in my area small .
Anyways , since the women around here are married or taken , I have no one else to have a relationship with . Feeling rather lonely , I purchased myself a high end silicone sex doll that fulfills my desires and needs .
Since I’m now being satisfied wi Love Doll h my high end sex doll , I feel I don’t need to go out and search for a date , I can just stay home in ho

(31 People Likes) What do you think about children-sized sex dolls?

ren-sized sex dolls are a recent invention. Therefore a lot more research will have to be done on the subject f these dolls before we have a definite answer.
However, I would rather hear of someone getting caught importing a childlike sex doll than hearing of someone who was caught molesting a real child. After all, a childlike sex doll is only a lump of either tpe or silicone wrapped around a metal or plastic skeleton. Therefore, it doesn't have emotions or feelings that can be damaged. After all, the victims of sex abuse, regardless of their age, are affected for a long time after. Sometimes the abuse can even mess them up permanently. As a result, they live their lives suffering from thei monster high love in scaris dolls ordeal without ever being ablecome to terms with what happened.
I am sure that the victims of Jimmy Saville would rather that he had taken his urges out on a childlike sex doll instead of them. Instead, they suffered in silence for years because the media portrayed this monster as a saint just because he raised money for charities. Obviously, he raised the money for these charities so that he could have access to children. He also worked in a hospital were he would take bodies down to the morgue.
I am truly sorry if you have been affected by this monster or another like him. No one should ever have anyone molest them regardless of their age or gender. Therefore, I think it would be better if sex offenders bought sex dolls instead of molesting real people. However, m

(71 People Likes) Why are many single men over 30 not interested in women?

utter, their hope to resolve the issues is very low, and their egos as God’s Gift are hilarious.”
Most of today’s single men over age 30 in the US were trained on sex by watching free teaser porn mini videos on Netflix (or before Netflix, a free VHS with several short porn vids you got with an Adam and Eve order). These mini videos are written by men, for men, and are all for a visual thrill. They do absolutely nothing for the woman’s pleasure. The woman finally walks away in frustration after years of painful and unfulfilling bedroom activity, combined with a crappy night’s sleep from his snoring which often results in weight gain (a proven side effect of inadequate sleep), then getting cut down and put down by the guy, and/or being controlled by him, and/or having all of her money go toward the mortgage and car payments, while he sends his money on fun stuff and/or smuggles it overseas. She leaves and moves in with a foreign guy, properly trained by an older woman when he was young. The American male gets all ticked off and blames the breakup all on her, because she didn’t appreciate all that he did for her >cough< >cough<.
They have been programmed to think they deserve a real woman exactly like this:
…. when they look and act like this (and at this age):
When the few girls that DO look like her, turn down the guys who look like this, the guys that look like this g Anime Sex Doll t all upset. They then turn around and treat the rest of the women, who they feel that they have to “settle” for, like crap. Everyone walks away monster high love in scaris dolls feeling used.
3. Sure they are “interested” in women — just not as friends, or equals with dreams and aspirations of their own. Everything is their porn fantasy being played out, not mine. See Harmony above.
4. I have a good paying job —one that can support children ON MY SALARY ALONE. While I was struggling, working while going to school, and forced into less than desirable roommate situations to pay the bills, no man came to my rescue. They were too busy partying and screwing the girls with 45 minutes of hair and makeup, with nothing better to do than spread their legs — while I was working and studying. I now have a house and a gorgeous property, with pool and jacuzzi. I have 2 sets of paying tenants, so my house pays for itself. It gets old quickly when our entire relationship consists of my driving 30 minutes to your tiny apartment, watching your TV shows, eating only food you like, and having sex only your way, then having me leave and not stay overnight, just because you are afraid that I might possibly ask you to help me fix something broken at my house. Then you want to stop by and use my hose to clean off your dirt bike, while on your way home from having fun without me. Go to hell. I love exercise and prefer to date men who like to exercise with me. I was a top runner in my STATE. I am a double diamond skier. I love sex multiple times a week, not multiple weeks between sex sessions. These men just don’t get it. I want to have fun, too. I want to go on adventures, too. I’m sick and flaming tired of hearing all about the fun you are having with everyone else but me, while I have to drive to your house and play your inflatable doll. This is the younger generation of guys. They deserve to stay alone, and die alone.
5. It’s called a pre-nup. Use it. But recognize that raising your never spanked brats is an overwhelming 20 year task that requires your support. So when you screw up (see 1 through 4 above), expect that your lifestyle is going to suffer when you are now supporting the same people in two homes now, instead of one. Yes, it sucks, but at least she won’t have to poison you to get rid of you. My complete lack of being able to trust being unemployed for even 5 years with small children, that my possible husband wouldn’t help my widowed mother pay an occasional bill to keep from being homeless, kept me from ever raising my own kids. I open egg donated instead, and my mother never went homeless. My average payout to her per year? About $2–3K. Yeah, too much for any man in my generation to promise, even for just as long as their own brats were preschool aged. BTW — the vast majority of men I have lived with have made salaries only EQUAL to me, or LESS than ME. And I STILL put up with this crap. My 3 egg donor kids are amazing, BTW — all got full tuition scholarships, and my widowed mom got to play grandma while they grew up. Start to see an issue here? I can’t trust guys, just as much as guys can’t trust girls. And I’m a flaming PhD engineer.
6. DISCLAIMER: Other men under 30, and just over 30, don’t have problems dating me, and I’m having lots of satisfying sex. Even while working full time, because they aren’t preemptively acting like they might just be “used” for a hour once a month to HELP fix something that is broken, simply because it takes two people to properly hold and nail, or carry and insert. Men over 50 are FAR better. They were raised in an entirely different era — they LOVE exercising in the great outdoors, and/or helping with repairs, vs. lifting dead weights and returning them to their initial position. Let me ask you guys: is a few hours helping your lover install a door, while she wears shorts and a tight top with a large zipper across her chest (like I just did TODAY), worth 10 sex sessions? Cause that’s the math I just ran in my head. Or it is better to lift dead weights in

(58 People Likes) While sorting through a deceased person's possessions, what is the most disturbing thing you found?

/br> My father had only one sibling: A much younger brother (thanks to the intervening years of WWII).
My uncle was always the black sheep of the family, and an odd one. He was racist, but dated a black woman for a while. He was a bigot, but once brought a Jewish friend over to our place for Christmas. He was clearly a “before” photo in a print hair product ad, but insisted he was the “after” photo.
He was married for a while, but he and his wife (who was rather unpleasant herself) had an extremely nasty divorce, and his wife eventually won sole custody of their one child.
They lived a couple hours drive away, and we’d visit him at least a couple times a year before the divorce. One of the things he was proud of was his big screen rear projection TV. My brother and I would watch movies he recorded off of cable whenever we visited (sometimes trying to ignore the shouting matches between my uncle and his wife in the background).
After my uncle’s divorce, he’d visit us at least once a year (on Christmas). At first, he’d bring his son (my cousin), but later came on his own when he was restricted to supervised visits. My cousin was always ill-behaved, and he and my uncle would wear the same clothes (one year, both showed up in camouflage outfits). Whenever my uncle would start badmouthing his ex within earshot of my cousin, my parents would tell him to shut up. Eventually, his ex-wife got sole custody, changed her name, and we have no idea where she or my cousin are to this day.
My uncle wouldn’t let us visit him at the smaller house he moved into after the divorce.
When my grandmother in Germany died, my mother and uncle flew there to settle the estate. He took some things that were meant for us, including an antique cabinet, my father’s own 1950s comic book collection, and (something my father monster high love in scaris dolls wanted back) my father’s old movie magazine collection. My uncle physically intimidated my mother into letting him take all of the above. She was too frightened to protest. Whenever my uncle visited us, my father would ask about our property that was still in his custody. My uncle would deny having the cabinet, and say the comics and magazines were possibly in boxes he hadn’t had a chance to go through yet. And, no, we couldn’t visit and look through his boxes ourselves.
When my uncle died (he had a heart attack when he was working on restoring his cheap old Mercedes at a garage), we finally got to see where he had been living alone for the past 10 or so years. The mystery of why we weren’t allowed to visit him was solved. The place was a nightmare.
It looked like a nice enough townhouse from the outside, but the first room inside was a living room with a floor almost Mini Sex Doll completely covered with piles of VHS tapes — there were hills of plastic all over, consisting of either used tapes he bought from Blockbuster or blank tapes with movies recorded on them. There was a (dirty) comfy chair, and the same rear-projection TV my brother and I watched movies on as kids (now very outdated technology). When we tried it, the picture on it was barely visible. We couldn’t see how watching his films on it could be all that enjoyable. He didn’t have a DVD player, although they were becoming pretty standard by then.
The antique cabinet we were supposed to inherit from my grandmother, which he claimed not to have, was there too, piled with VHS tapes (mostly his VHS collection of Star Trek TNG). The cabinet my grandmother was so proud of was all scratched up, dirty and in poor condition. It was one of the things we left for the landlord to sell off, to offset what would no doubt be large cleaning costs.
Lying around the kitchen were numerous garbage bags filled with trash, some containing milk that was months out of date. Some of the food in the fridge was moldy.
The bathroom was piled with junk. Everything was covered in mold. He had placed a tiny mat in the bathtub where he obviously stood to take showers — the rest of the tub was covered in mold.
In fact, all the rooms were full of bags of garbage, boxes of papers and other items, and some items just lying around. You could barely move around. It was like the house had little islands where he spent his life when he wasn’t at the garage, like the bed, the chair in the living room (where he’d watch tapes on his crappy old TV), a small chair and table in the kitchen, the mat in the bathtub, etc.
The rent was paid until the end of the month, so my parents and I (I had time off from school) took some time to go through everything and see what if anything could be salvaged. My father found his old movie magazines. I found a really old issue of Detective Comics that through years of abuse had turned into a falling apart, moldy rag, and that’s it.
My father went through all my uncle’s old papers. The many documents, including reports from social workers, letters from his son’s school, letters from both parties’ lawyers, court documents, etc, all built up an extremely depressing picture.
My uncle, for example, accused his ex-wife of shacking up with criminals and drug dealers. He also made accusations of at least one boyfriend sexually abusing my cousin. For example, there were pictures supposedly drawn by my cousin suggesting his mother had sex or took drugs in front of him, and that he was touched inappropriately by one man. Did my cousin really draw those himself, or was he coached into drawing them? We have no idea. From reports, they had been shown to social workers, etc, but they never found cause to take my cousin away from his mother. We doubted the mother was entirely innocent — we saw what a hateful, vindictive person she could be — but drug abuse and sexual abuse? We had no idea what was fact and what was fantasy, but have little doubt my uncle believed at least some of it.
We do know that my uncle put my cousin through some emotional and psychological abuse himself (which is why he lost all visitation rights). Here’s a report from my cousin’s school about how whenever my ex-aunt dropped him off for class, my uncle would show up later, drag him out of class, and insist on changing him out of clothes his mother (the ex-wife) had dressed him in. Here’s a letter from the school, banning my uncle from entering the premises due to the distress he was causing his son. Etc.
Here’s a mini-tape recorder and tapes of phone conversations, and meetings where you can only understand the occasional word because, we assume, my uncle recorded the meetings secretly.
There were also documents showing he had at least contemplated taking his son out of the country, e.g. researching which countries would not return his son to Canada.
The only thing we know for certain is this: My cousin went through some horrible experiences, and was caught in the middle of a war between two very selfish, immature people.
It must have been hell for my father to go through these documents. My brother and I grew up despising my uncle as a pathetic creature. But to my poor father, it was his baby brother whom he still loved despite his faults. It was shattering for him to see all this evidence of my uncle’s mental deterioration. He also had fond memories of holding my cousin when he was still a baby, so seeing what he went through would also have hurt. My father loved kids and was always great with them.
Everything was left to my parents, and his wife explicitly excluded. My parents hired a lawyer to settle the estate, knowing that my uncle’s ex would likely be hostile. Their intention was to ensure the ex was informed, and to give her and my cousin a share of the estate.
The police got into contact with my uncle’s ex-wife, who refused to speak to any of us. She was predictably only interested in claiming as much of the estate as she could. And she asked for some astronomically ridiculous amount — something like $1 million from an ex who no longer owned any property, hadn’t worked for ages, and had spent almost all of his money on legal bills and quack treatments for heart problems.
Excepting a small payout, the money he invested into it could only be claimed by my cousin if he was actually accepted into university. My parents considered it to belong to my cousin. I have no idea if my cousin made use of the scholarship, or if his mother claimed the payout and ran.
After legal fees? The estate was pretty much nothing but the scholarship and what was left in his bank account. Despite her being cut out of the will, I think my parents also paid a bit out of pocket to my ex-aunt just to get it over with.
My parents wound up giving it away to an elderly neighbour who was a really great guy but a bit of a hoarder and collector of junk himself, so he could at least drive it the short distance to town to buy groceries (all the hunk of scrap metal was good for).
My father (now deceased) never got to see his nephew again, or even talk to him on the phone to ask how he was doing. My cousin mad

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