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(15 People Likes) Sex Doll Breast Options - Hollow, Gel, or Standard?

doll manufacturers offer an internal heating system upgrade that allows you to easily heat the dolls body from the inside out. This method, although the most i Real Doll my sweet love baby doll outfits expensive, will give you the best results for consistent heat throughout the do

(97 People Likes) Can governments print unlimited currency or is there any international consensus?

all countries implies that there is a limited economic pie to divide and rules are required to protect each country’s interest…. It doesn't work like that, the global economy is dynamic - not a zero-sum game.
For example, there used to be a lot of alarm about our continual trade imbalance with China. Everyone was convinced that someday we would owe China for the years of borrowing,
But, the truth is we can maintain our trade imbalance with China in perpetuity
(Trump will f- this up, but, he didn’t need to). The reality was, China needed to create an export market for its product. So, it bought U.S. Debt, knowing that it would indirectly finance a permanent consumer for it’s product.
They’re worried about a revolution. The challenge they have is their Eastern manufacturing cities are absorbing 15 - 20 million peasants from the countryside every year.
You gotta keep inflation low and exports high to keep them busy. The last thing you want is for them to be hungry (especially, because these peasants average 6 guys for every 5 ladies. (not exactly a good ratio for keeping violence in check)
This imbalance benefits both countries.
As an aside, the ridiculous tariffs Trump has imposed on China mainly benefits… Russia.
Giving China a new trading partner, reducing the attractiveness of maintaining the account deficit with the US and… most importantly, it will give Russia hard currency to use (and weaken G-7 control over Russian imperialism in the Ukraine) All the while, it will hurt U.S. farmers.
The only consolation about the tariffs, is it will hurt the dumb hillbillies who voted for Trump in Iowa and Minnesota (soybeans) Pennsylvania (downstream steel) and WalMart shoppers. China will win this one, Trump will blame MS-13 and Maxine Waters and his supporters will buy more MAGA shirts while they lose their homes
The problems with the Eurozone result from “Consensus” Monetary Policy
Greek and Spanish bailouts (accompanied by punitive austerity rules), Brexit and German anger over losses of their savings precipitate the end of the Euro as a common currency. With good economic leadership, both the high-saving Germans and the high-spending Greeks could have created robust economies with strong currencies. Instead the high saving Germans are using their savings to subsidize the Greeks (and, as part of that subsidy, punishing the Greeks for what effectively amounts to not-being-German (and, BTW, the German’s are entitled to be angry)
There are plenty of examples of bad monetary policy (the most famous was the Weinmar in Germany… which ironically caused them to be such reliable savers, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Hungary… Hyperinflation tends to happen as weak democracies

(17 People Likes) Should parents not give children any money?

and held onto the quarter as if it were something precious. We walked to the corner and went inside. I picked up a pack of Juicyfruit gum. I held out my quarter. The clerk behind the counter took it and gave me two dimes in change (gum was 5 cents a pack back then). I received more coins than I gave -- and I got a pack of gum! I can still remember how sweet it was to chew my very own stick of gum, that I bought with my very own money.
This was my first experience with money that was entirely my own. I understood from that first transaction that money was a means of exchange. I understood (after it was explained to me) that more coin doesn't mean anything because twenty cents (two dimes) had less value than a twenty-five cent quarter. I was five years old and I understood that.
I also understood, from that first transaction, that if I wanted to buy what I wanted -- instead of what other people wanted to give me -- I would have to save so I would have money of my own. This was important to me because people kept giving me dolls and I wanted an Erector Set.
Knowing that Daddy and Mommy worked to earn money, and that I could work and earn 5 cents an hour sorting paperclips (I actually asked them what work a kid could do!) gave me incentive to sort thousands of paperclips. This kept me very busy while my parents cared for my younger siblings. And I felt rich! I saved all my coins for about five years and never bought a thing more expensive than a pack of gum. When the price of gum went up to ten cents a pack, I quit gum. It was my first act of consumer protest.
Before giving any money, teach the value of coins as soon as a child is able to count with 1:1 correlation to 100, so that there is number sense.
Once all of the above are known to a child (numeracy, counting, and the face value of each coin and how to count money), then it is time to establish an allowance.
Some parents choose to make chores (work) the focus of earning an allowance so children don't feel money is their right. I don't subscribe to paying children for chores because I want them to know that our home is nice because we all make it that way, together. Nobody was ever paid for housework in my family. We all contributed value to each other and where we live because that's what we do as a family.
Instead, during the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s, Silicone Sex Doll e gave our children an allowance determined by their weekly expenses at school and in life, and we paid our children extra money in addition to their allowance for doing something we would have to pay someone else to do. If they ran out of money we didn't give them more. They very quickly learned to budget and plan for their own expenses. When they had an expense beyond the allowance alotted, we discussed the expenditure. Was it something that should have been saved-for, in their 'rainy day fund?' If so, we did not pay for it. If it was something education-related, we always paid for it. When we could afford them, books and communication media were and are given whenever a child wants and/or needs it, in my world.
Work included real jobs: manually removing snails from plants outside for 5 cents apiece (inflation!) when they were very young, setting up computers, creating letterhead, and brushing my long, wild hair. They soon learned which jobs paid the most!
Now they are financially sav

(24 People Likes) Does libertarianism offer anything besides “Work your ass off and then die”?

eral. What we CURRENTLY have is a world where most people “work their ass off and then die”. The idea of retirement and enjoying the good years is still not something everyone can look forward to and, increasingly, the majority are faced with continuing to work, even after retirement, in order just to make ends meet. This is because of the increasingly expensive price tag on the Governments “taking care of us”. Most people, these days, “die in the saddle”. Surprisingly, to some, most studies that have been done over the decades indicate that most people don’t actually WANT to “retire” so much as they would like to spend their years, especially their sunset years, doing something they enjoy and still make money at it. That would be FAR easier in a Libertarian society than in any other because you would not be pinned down and walled in by a vast network of Government laws, regulations and restrictions on what you do, who you associate with, etc. As long as you do not, actively, aggress against anyone else you are free to do what you wish. I would also point out that, in a Libertarian society, technology would advance far faster than it does, now. By now, if we lived in a Libertarian America, people’s life spans would be FAR greater than they currently are. 30

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