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(46 People Likes) Which manufacturer(s) produce the best custom silicone sex dolls?

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(78 People Likes) Why are love/sex dolls still not realistic in appearance?

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Now most of sex doll can be very realistic!
With fantastic makeup, the doll face just look like human. With TPE material and metal skeleton to build up the body, doll skin is as soft as human, and dolls can make different poses even more than human. You can check my dolls at www.hidollshop.com. Contact me if you have more questi

(44 People Likes) Is it illegal to own an underaged sex doll?

you are referring to ones that are made to look like underage girls. I know there have been some state lawmakers who have tried to make them illegal. My advice is to look up the laws where you live, and find out for sure if it's illegal. My opinion is they shouldn't be illegal. I think it's better to use a doll for sex, rather than sex with an actual ch

(52 People Likes) What to Expect Know Before You Go

nterested in the experience? Well, you can either take a trip to the Barcelona sex doll brothel, the only sex doll brothel in Spain, or the sex doll brothel in Japan for a firsthand experience or read what we have to say about these unique businesses. You don’t have to be heavily invested in the Sex Doll ex industry to go and experience a sex doll brothel. Sometimes tourists visit these countries to see what all the fuss is ab

(67 People Likes) You’re just halfway through once you know what to do with your love doll

t that very moment, if you’re not having a good online store by your side, you won’t be able to get your hands on a realistic sex doll. Best of all, the site gives you plenty of customization options. That means you can design your sex doll, your way. So, what’s the wait for? Go through the large collection baby love doll knitting patterns of gorgeous sex dolls presented by E

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