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(71 People Likes) Do deployed soldiers have to pay for meds?

ment or nondeployed environment. In fact, their health care (with some exceptions for elective care) is 100% covered by the military health care system. In almost every case, the health care for their DEERS enrolled dependents is also covered 100% by TRICARE (there are some exceptions and fine details, but TRICARE covers almost all costs for dependents).
Deployed Soldiers also do not have to pay for the following:
Leave form processing
Replacements for when they take leave
Travel to and from their deployed environment to their home station to deploy/redeploy nor travel to the leave address on their leave form (if the SM chooses to travel elsewhere while on leave, they are responsible for costs associated with traveling to those locations).
Food while deployed
Housing while deployed or if living in the barracks at home station
Direct payments for lost equipment
If you met someone online and they claim to be a Soldier who needs any o

(88 People Likes) How would you feel if your partner cheated on you with a sex doll?

es for what is and isn’t cheating, depending on their rules.
It’s not possible to have a sex with a sex doll. Sex req american girl dolls in love ires another person(s) engaging in a sexual act with you. Using a sex toy (sex dolls are sex toys) for sexual pleasure is known as masturbating.
If the rules of your relationship have in them that your partner cannot masturbate with a sex toy and they do so, that would be breaking the rules. That’s a rather silly rule but whatever works for you. My partner(s) are not capable of cheating on me with a sex doll because I have no such rule that they cannot masturbate with sex toys. Even if I wasn’t polyamorous, I wouldn’t consider that cheating. So my feelings would be that I hope they had fun. If someone is so insecure that they consider masturbating with a sex toy cheating, I would highly suggest therapy for them and that they not enter into any relati

(89 People Likes) What kind of feature would you expect from a sex doll?

I’m aware that there’s a social stigma surrounding toys like this. But I figure if women can buy dildos, what’s the problem with me buying a “friend”? It’s not as if I’m going to sit next to her at the dinner table and pretend she’s my wife or anything. Not unless she magically springs to life!
No, I think it would be good for me to buy one of these things. It’s not ideal, obviously. But I’m not really in a position where getting “out there” and picking up women in bars is really a realistic option anymore. Nor have I ever been interested in meeting people in such places. And the “nice” women I like, are more or less long since married and settled, so i figure: why the hell not?
Simulated sex is better than nothing, right? And if I dim the lights, light a few candles and put on Greatest Love Hits by Richard Clayderman, I think I can even convince myself that I’m having a genuinely intimate moment with an extremely shy person.
It’s only afterwards when you remove parts of her anatomy and clean them in the kitchen sink that reality seeps back in…
But never mind reality! I may be totally wrong about all of this, but I’ve a feeling that buying a doll could perhaps make me feel less alone. It’s not real company, but if you pay enough cash, it can LOOK like real company. And for me, that’s a start.
How many men own a Fleshlight? Millions, probably. Well, this is just a life-size

(30 People Likes) Perfecting The Dolls

to creating realistic dolls with amazing sexual functionality, that last for years. One of our longest partnerships has been with WM Dolls. This manufacturer makes some of the most coveted dolls in the

(86 People Likes) What is your biggest “only in China” moment?

in the world. It’s amazingly gorgeous. (I’ll throw in more images at the end for scenery)
Just about all corner stores sell alcohol - its not uncommon to see 10 year old’s buying beer (or smokes) at 8am at breakfast time. No one asks for ID. In fact, I gained a lot of weight drinking beer with my morning breakfast noodles.
Just about every hotel 3-STAR or higher has a massage menu, as well as ‘secret menu’.
People are really really nice, friendly, and helpful is most areas.
In certain cities, you can’t get a hotel room with the opposite sex without showing marriage license.
In certain areas, you are prohibited from taking pictures. Military will show up, point guns, take your camera and delete them. (I uploaded this to cloud, but they deleted it from my camera) - This was taken in a subway station.
Many places in tourist locations (if your foreigner) will swap out money you give them and them come back and tell you it was fake. I got in the habit of taking a quick photo anytime I went to pay with big bills after it happened to me twice. As this happened to me maybe 30–40 times over the course of several years, I saved myself from getting scammed many times. I’ve never had this happen in any other country, not even in Hong Kong.
Anytime I went, people would use two hands, or teams would bowl all at once. So if it was a 4 vs 4, all 4 would throw together 4 balls… I’ve never seen that before. And its quite common, and then stare at me when I am bowling by myself and hitting strike after strike. One time I had an au Sex Doll Torso ience of maybe 30ish people standing around me.
Umbrellas when its not raining. If it is sunny outside, then you’ll see lots of umbrella vendors come out to sell umbrellas to people walking around. Umbrellas provide shade - so its very common for people in China to only walk in the shade (avoiding sun like its lava) or they have an umbrella.
In Canada, USA - I’m used to a single security truck with 2–3 security guards for bank deposits. In China, some places - its 4–5 vehicles, sub machine guns, 15–20 guards in military uniforms., armored cars with gun mounts - and they form a circle around the bank entrance. I took a picture, but they took my camera and I never got it back. And if you walk anywhere near them, they’re guns go up and they start shouting at you. Apparently they take security to avoid hijacking very serious.
In some locations - KFC chicken is cooked early in the morning, then stacked on a massive table that is probably 8x8 feet, and its got just a huge mound of chicken on it, thousands of pieces. When you go to order, they take it off the mound and new batches get piled on. (I wonder how old the bottom pieces are).
Buses stop for nothing. I’ve seen buses run over people, push cars out of the way, etc and then keep going to their next bus stop. Also, people really love to touch your butt when getting into a bus - its super packed. Wear zipper-pockets when you’re in busy areas to not get pick-pocketed.
In some areas Green Light means go, Yellow Light means go, Red Light means go. Also, you can drive on the opposite side of the road, and on sidewalks. When I was driving motorcycle around China, that was hard for me to learn. It was also hard coming back to Canada and trying not to run red lights and stop signs, and not drive on the sidewalk there…
Some people like to jump onto cars and pretend to get hurt to try to claim insurance money, or get a payout. It looks funny too as the person ever so softly lobs them self onto a car hood - like a wrestling move.
People that get hit by cars and die on the road usually get picked up and put to the side by random people, then government and police will eventually come get the body, but it can take hours, sometimes longer than a day.
Pizza Hut has shrimp, squid, lobster, octapus, and rice toppings, as well as other asian/seafood toppings not available in the west. Mcdonalds and KFC has shrimp burgers and rice dishes (beef/fries aren’t common). It was difficult for me to get them to put ham on a pizza at Pizza Hut - I just wanted a Hawaiian.
Golf Carts in China. (or at least the region I went to when I did do golf) Some golf courses also had conveyor belts… so you take a swing, get on the moving belt, and get off where you ball landed.
Multiple people stacked on one motorcycle. The most I’ve seen was 4 Adults, and 3 children. It was a standard commercial motorcycle (not sport), Originally a 2 or 3 seat one, but had 4 adults, then 3 children on their shoulders, no helmets, one child must have been two years old.
Then there is this.
Yes, I really like China, I go

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