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(82 People Likes) What religion has been the most damaging in all of existence?

asy that uses our instincts against us and resists being analyzed as a means of survival. To put it another way, the “God” fantasy can only exist in a human head, and survives there only by pretending to be a “cure-all” for whatever hurts the host. For instance, for the slave it promises something better is coming “after death.” Or conversely, the fantasy can tell a business tycoon that he has “special rights” to being excessively wealthy. Because it masks as a solution to a problem, it can link itself into your brain’s reward center the same way that a sex fantasy does. And just as there are people who get more from their inflatable dolls and vibrators than from intercourse, there are people who get more from religion than from reality.
There are many examples. Charity is aid given to make up for a problem that a society can’t or won’t solve. As such, it represents a failing of society, and it’s never quite as beneficial as it would be if the society as a whole took care of the problem; it is the difference between giving charitable aid to flood victims versus preventing the flood in the first place. Many people pretend that they are helping their neighbors pipedream extreme agent 69 life size love doll by giving to religious charities instead of changing the society.
I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. When a religion has weak competitors with no political influence, it evolves intolerance. This has happened repeatedly throughout history. In Roman times, when the state religion was Classical Polytheism and emperors were to be worshiped like gods, certain emperors would sporadically persecute Christianity — until they noticed how many people wanted to be martyrs. The tables soon turned. When Christianity became Rome’s state religion and the Emperor believed he got his powers from God, there slowly began a relentless persecution of “pagans” that has never quite stopped. It was taken up by all of the Christian successor states to the empire. Worse yet, the Muslim empire set up by the Arabs copied the Romans. Today, there are only a few Classical Polytheists left, and they may all be converts from other religions. Similarly there are religious minorities in Muslim countries, but they tend to be Christians which get special tolerance in Islam.
The strangest case of all is Communism. Like some forms of Buddhism, Confucianism and even Hinduism, it has atheism as one of its beliefs. However it too has an enthralling fantasy; the “workers’ paradise” which is supposed to be the end result of “the revolution.” And in all other ways, it acts like a religion. Enhanced by modern technology, Communism killed millions of victims during the Twentieth Century. It may even have killed as many people as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism killed in the last two thousand years.
The problem with all I have said is that the religious fantasies most believers hold pretend that their particular religion is someh

(47 People Likes) Is there such a thing as marionette magic? I mean real magic, but he plays with humans as a doll driving their action.

letons and corpses are animated and used as troops or guardians. You would get the answer Necromancy.
So for dead humans, Necromancy may be an answer,
But the qualifier is the magician plays with humans (alive) as if they were dolls.
There are a few fictional magic systems or powers that would fit the bill.
Voodoo using efigies, little dolls that look like the target and often hair, blood, finger nails etc from the target. Are used in fiction to control the actions of the target, as whatever happens to the doll happens to the human.
Simually, voodoo zombies whom are not always reanimated dead, but often living trance like subjects are either given instructions or commanded by the priest, who uses remote viewing and commands to control the zombie.
Possession this kind of qualifies, as a possessed individual is controlled like a puppet by the caster. Possession could happen from a distance the caster being in one area and the subject at another. The casters spirit leaves it’s body behind enters the other and takes control.
Hypnotism would allow the hypnotist to verbally control the subject.
Telekinesis is the power to move objects with the mind, this would include the bodies of others.
Body control is the closest power that qualifies, the ability to control the bodies of others, this could include their motions and limbs, but also be used to kill by stopping the other person's heart.
Mental domination, this is the exercise of the casters will on another. This can take the form of hypnotism so the subject has no will of their own and as a mindless zombie takes direction from the dominant. If coupled with some kind of distance viewing (Clairvoyance) the individual can be used as a puppet.
Mind control, slightly different as again it is a form of hypnotism but the subject is often more aware but altered, they may become enthralled by the caster, becoming their thrall and obeying their every command. If other powers are combined, such as telepathy and clairvoyance, or seeing through the targets eyes or an amulet they carry etc. the subject can be treated as a puppet.
So in fiction, we have….
The Puppet Master of Fantastic Four fame, who is a Marvel Supervillain, who had the ability to create clay figures of various people and superheroes and control their actions.
Deadman a DC superhero possesses individuals and controls their actions.
Magnito the X-Men villain, could use magnetism to control Wolverine’s metal skeleton.
Star Trek episode Plato's Stepchildren, the Platonians used mind powers (Telekinesis and body control) to control the bodies of the enterprise crew. They were able to not only control the individuals limbs, but force them to talk, sing, feel pain and also cause emotional responses in Mr Spock making him laugh and cry.
Voodoo priests controlling their zombies.
Witches possessing subjects and also using dolls.
Flash Gordon Ming the Merciless using a hypno ring to make Dale Arden dance for him.
Various telekinetic villains taking control of others.
So yes, there are hundreds of examples of this in fiction.
It more often than not falls under psionics mind or body control, rather than spellcraft, but would be an enchantment charm type spell in D D. Although domination/possession would also qualify.
TV tro

(63 People Likes) Do you believe that the production, sale, and possession of child sex dolls and child sex robots should be legal so that pedophiles would have an alternative to chemical/surgical castration?

l but significant number of people, and there is no reason for them not to be. The “yuck factor” is not a valid reason, and there is no evidence that such things encourage offending.
The second half of your question, “pedophiles would have an alternative to pipedream extreme agent 69 life size love doll hemical/surgical castration”, doesn't make sense. “Use a doll or get castrated” is not a valid choice. It might be a valid choice for the minuscule number of people who cannot control themselves and would otherwise force themselves on other people, but there are much bette Realistic Sex Doll ways of dealing with that condition.
Everyone else, paedophiles included, manages quite well without using sex dolls or being castrated,

(96 People Likes) Is Neil Diamond singing about going on a date with a blow up sex toy doll in his song Crackling Rosie?

this young lady what people did for entertainment. She told him Cheap Sex Dolls the story that there were many more men than women in the village, and on weekends the men that didn’t have a date would buy some cheap wine called “Cracklin Rose” and get smashe

(31 People Likes) Will Everyone Own a Sex Robot?

oint increase represents a fairly even spread between men and women. A full 6% of men indicated they were all in for robot sex. For women, Silicone Sex Doll t was 4%. pipedream extreme agent 69 life size love doll If you guessed that younger folx were a bit more willing to experiment, you are correct. The 18 to 34 demographic was 12 points more likely to try sex with a bot. There was only a slight increase in those over the a

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