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(21 People Likes) Do you think it's fair to be arrested for buying a child-sized sex doll?

y I see it,as long as they are not going out and finding kids to fulfill their fantasy,then they should be left alone. A sex doll provides an outlet,which would help kee Real Doll them in control of their desi

(28 People Likes) What is the best way to obtain a fake ID for 21 that scans and passes for a real one?

discover if it is legitimate or not.
Not so many years ago,I lived in Southern California. I maintained a California drivers license as japanese doll sex toy well as a California state ID card even after I moved from California to Oregon. One vacation I went to Europe with my family and returning to the US we stopped in Los Angeles and decided to stay in Anaheim for two weeks. We needed to rent a car,but alas AVIS requires a valid drivers license and I had left mine back in Oregon. I only carried my work ID and my CA state ID with me. AVIS refused to allow me to rent a vehicle. I was shit-out-of-luck. 🙁
At first I thought it would be easy enough to just go to DMV and get a new license. What a stupid idea! DMV in any location near Anaheim is a full day affair. Waiting lines are horrendous. Even once attended,they have to mail the new license to you. AVIS will not accept the temporary license you are issued. Again,screwed.
So I was explaining my problem to a buddy and he told me that he had an easy and foolproof solution. He took me to a strip mall in who-the-hell-knows-where to meet a guy who for $50 promised me an exceptionally high quality fake CA license. I gave him the money and my CA state ID and went to McDonald’s to wait. Half an hour later he calls and we go back to meet him. He gives me back my state ID and a brand new CA drivers license which looked just as real as my original license. If had the same photo and same ID number as my state ID and the guy said it was foolproof.
I went to AVIS and after they ran my license I was able to rent a vehicle. A few days later we drove down to San Diego for the day and returning to Anaheim got stopped on the interstate at a Border Patrol checkpoint. For some strange reason they asked for ID and I thought,“Shit,they will know my drivers license is fake.” As tacky as it is,I decided I will just show they my credentials. Doing that,they apologized for the inconvenience and I was on my way. I dodged a bullet. Until about an hour later.
The CA freeways are the worst part of driving in California. I absolutely hate them. I almost missed one of the interchanges and had to make a last minute turn. Fortunately there was no traffic so it was relatively safe. But there was a CHP. And the guy got behind me and pulled me over. I thought,“Boy,am I fucked!” How the hell can I get out of this one. I don't mind the ticket,but he will definitely find my license is fake. I thought of how best to handle this and decided that worse comes to worst I'll be honest. I gave the patrolman my license and he came back after running it and just gave me a warning about making safer lane changes. He never discovered my license was a replica of my real one. I never had to pull the DYKWIA stunt. And no ticket. Just like winning the lottery!
So,yes,there are some exceptionally high quality fakes out there. I was lucky in that my fake had real data on it that cleared the computer. If it

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(48 People Likes) If you were going to buy a real doll,who would you have the doll made to the likeness of?

bel Wilson with japanese doll sex toy dark hair or Kate Pearson (B52’s) I love curvy women,both ladies have class and sh

(72 People Likes) What’s the funniest court case you’ve seen?

eal lived is a cove with a beautiful beach which is about 250 metres long. People go there for nude sunbaking. One of the people was Mr Beal.
At about that time,the Premier of Queensland decided to grab a couple of votes by cracking down on nude sunbaking,so he ordered Queensland’s finest to be let loose. They threw themselves at the job.
As a result,Mr Beal was arrested in his birthday suit and charged with indecent exposure. I knew him vaguely. He phoned me and asked whether is was a criminal offence. I told him it was,so he retained me.
Now,Mr Beal was a civil engineer. Although he was an Australian,he had spent most of his career designing and building freeways and the like in Colorado and Arizona. He was meticulous. So,off he went and surveyed the whole beach from the southern to the northern headland and drew a detailed plan of the locus in quo,showing where he was,where a couple of other people were,and where the police had first appeared around the rocks on the southern headland.
Mr Beal was about 100 metres north of the rocks.
One other thing. Mr Beal had a copious head of black hair and over-sized sideburns. The lower end of each sideburn was gray - maybe one or two centimetres (1/2 to 1 inch for the Americans).
We turned up in court. There were two police witnesses. Their witness statements were a joke - one was a cut and paste of the other with the names and pronouns changed appropriately to protect the guilty. As you will see,the statements were also stupid.
The young cop testified that when he and the old cop came around the rocks,he had seen Mr Beal stark bollicking naked,standing on the beach.
So I cross-examine him.
Me: You said you identified my client from the rocks.
Cop: Yes.
Me (Almost certain what he was going to say): You couldn’t identify him from there,could you?
Cop: Of course I could. My eyesight is excellent.
Me: OK. describe to the court the man you saw.
Cop: Of course.
Me: Tell the court,was he circumcised or not?
The Magistrate nearly fell off the bench laughing.
Mr Beal was acquitted on a point of law - there has to be something sexual associated with public nudity to make it indecent behaviour.
Most trials are a tragedy,one way or another,but even tragedies have amusing moments.
I remember another trial that I reported back in 1996 as part of my entry requirements for the Bar. The judgment is on the web at www.queenslandjudgments.com,au. The case was Donely and Donely v Donely and Others.
For present purposes,what happened was that Justin Donely owned some farming land,but he was holding it on trust under his father-in-law’s will for the benefit of his two small sons,called at the trial “the boys.” Justin wanted to buy some more land and equipment for himself,but he didn’t have the necessary cash,nor any available collateral.
Nothing like that ever stopped a crook. Justin went to the local branch of the National Australia Bank,borrowed the money and gave the bank security for the loan in the form of a mortgage over the boys’ land. The crucial point for this story is that the bank manager knew that Justin was holding the land in trust for his infant sons,but took the mortgage anyway.
Needless to say,it all blew up and the bank sold the boys’ land.
Years passed and the boys turned 21,which,in those days,meant they could sue in their own names. They were majorly pinged off at Justin,so they did.
They retained solicitors who took the job on a speculative basis - no win,no fee - and those solicitors retained my good friend Tony Morris QC to appear on the same basis.
During the trial,Tony was cross-examining the bank’s regional manager about its lending practices. He had contrived to get the banker excessively defensive. The guy was trying to work out which questions were trick questions and which weren’t - which is an excessively stupid thing to do.
Anyway,Tony put it to this turkey that,of course,the bank loaned money to farmers so it could earn interest.
Blow me down if the banker didn’t answer with a straight face,“No. The bank doesn't care about interest. It’s more concerned with helping the farmers.”
Paul de Jersey,the judge,couldn’t keep a straight face and I nearly wet myself laughing. The bank settled that afternoon.
But wait! There’s more.
Justice de Jersey’s daughter was his Associate. At the risk of drawing the ire of those pofaces in the #metoo movement,I can say that she was exceptionally beautiful.
One of the boys thought so because the next morning after the bank blew itself up,the judge announced that one of them had called his chambers to ask if he could take his daughter to dinner. The judge was concerned that maybe he should recuse himself because he might be said to be biased.
Everyone thought it was a great joke,but nothing more,so the trial continued and the boys won.
Sorry about the long ans

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