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(45 People Likes) What would be the process of importing a sex doll in Nepal through AliExpress? What would be customs shipment procedure in Nepal and cost, say if the doll costs NPR 35,000?

provide a limited number of products.
For those who want to buy electronic products and fashionable clothes, the international shopping website AliExpress is a good place to shop.
However, shopping from Sex Doll international sites in Nepal is not easy. These international sites have very few work sites that provide transportation services and need to pay high fees, which makes people feel that it is not worth it.
It is not very possible to shop from AliExpress. First of a princess peach sex doll l, you can choose reliable and reasonably priced fast sites (such as iWishBag, NepOrder), through which you can purchase goods from AliExpress in Nepal.
Secondly, there are some other websites and about 50-60 Facebook groups and pages, which can provide you with transportation services from AliExpress shopping website to Nepal.
But I personally recommend not to use their services, because they are not professional in the transportation field, so the delivery speed is very slow and the charging standard is unreasonable.
Considering the transpo

(43 People Likes) Which real-life haunted doll inspired Chucky in the Child’s Play movies?

gifted to a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto in 1906 by his family’s maid, a practitioner of voodoo. In time, Robert supposedly claimed this doll was alive, and that it was mutilating his other toys.
Years later, supposedly another family bought the house and found “Robert” the doll in the basement, and the parents gave it to their ten year old daughter. This daughter supposedly claimed that the doll tried to kill her.
While this doll DOES exist, this story is primarily nonsense. No ten year old girl has ever lived in the Otto house, for example. And there is no evidence that this doll served as the inspiration for Chucky.
Child’s Play creator Don Mancini was actually inspired by the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls in how these toys created a culture of must-have toys for children. More specifically, Mancini pattered Chucky off of the “My Buddy” doll craze of the ‘80s.
Even then, Don Mancini’s vision wasn’t actually what we got on screen. In Don Mancini’s original screenplay, the “Buddy” doll was intended to signify the repressed id of little boy Andy. He would only come to life at night as a manifestation of Andy’s mind.
It was actually director Tom Holland who gave us the Chucky doll we know and love, from the red hair, the Good Guy moniker, the voodoo ang

(93 People Likes) Where online can I buy a non-sexual blow up doll?

you can buy blow-up doll here blow-up doll

(67 People Likes) My answers were collapsed only a few times last year, but lately it occurs at least once a day. Does this mean someone has a vendetta against me? If so, is there anyway to shake him or her off?

e anyway to shake him or her off?
No, it is not someone with a vendetta, although yes, that thought has (in the past) crossed my mind.
This is the reason that answers get collapsed - and if you look at some of the ones you’ve answered, you may very well find a LOT of other people have been too…
(see this : What is a diaper called in South Africa? 2 answers left up, and 27 collapsed!)
Read this :
especially the first part which wants answers to be “helpful”!
While most of my answers get Downvoted or Reported (I have had six in the last month, more than for all of the previous six months - all appealed and only one deletion upheld), I believe that in late January/early February, Quora either revamped some of the algorithms that “police” Quora, or simply tweaked some of the parameters. So these days, “sloppy” or “unhelpful”, or “too short”, or eve

(79 People Likes) What does it mean if someone refers to you as “plastic”?

ir faces to obtain the goals of wealth and or personal status. The users in life, the takers these are the “Plastic People”…
People or peoples: how they can say one thing to you and then turn around and tell someone else something different ether about you specifically or about some discussion they had with you that they the person fabricates the story or fabricates any part of the original story… “Plastic people”; too self-absorbed in themselves to care about anything else….
“Plastic people”; too self-absorbed in themselves to care about anything else….
The group of people that are so into their looking good that they go out of their way to sculpt every facet of thier image. They are usually the ones who go to the most expensive clubs and restaurants, and rarely are seen doing anything that can affect their image negatively. This term may also apply to people with excessive plastic surgery, generally fake people or those with a lack of personality (Just a pretty face).
Man, I will never go to that club... it's full of plasti

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