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(36 People Likes) Would most women refuse to date an always single guy over 30 who, since he gets rejected so often, owns or has owned a Japanese-manufactured woman doll/robot at home as a subtitute girlfriend?

anyone about that crap again. Ever. For the rest of your life. Throw away your porn, and stop playing with yourself.
Second, you need to stop worrying about rejection, and staying single. Single is actually attractive to most women. Why would you think it isn’t? You think most girls are looking for a guy that screws every single woman in a 20 mile area, and ditches them to find someone else?
Believe it or not, but you are actually ‘supposed to be’ single when you ask a girl out. That’s not a negative. That’s a plus.
You walk up to a girl with this attitude of “I get rejected all the time, and I’ve been single for 25 years of my 30 year life, and I have girl-dolls to replace real women”…. that attitude if it is in your head, is goi Love Doll g to bleed into your character and your manor, and the way you present yourself.
By merely having that view of yourself, you are going to cause the very rejection you are worried about. Women do not want that kind of guy. And here’s the kicker…. if you met a woman with that kind of attitude about herself, you would reject her.
No one wants to be around the “I’m Trash” club of the universe president.
Now I don’t mean running around going “I AM JUST SO AWESOME!!!!!”… you don’t need that either. You don’t need to be arrogant.
You need to say “Hey, I’m not Captain Universe, and I’m not a movie star, or a sports star, or CEO of a major company, or elected to high office… but I am decent enough guy, and I’m not hooked on drugs, and I work a decent job… and I know I can be a loving husband.”
(now if you are hooked on drugs, or you are not working, you need to fix that).
But if you are, you need to stop the “loser-r-me” routine, and you can find someone.
I’m 40 years old. I’ve never had a girlfriend in my whole life. At 40…. a had a woman come up and ask me out on a date. Now granted I had no interest in her whatsoever, but the point is, you find someone.
You just have to clean out that crap out of your

(13 People Likes) Is it bizarre that a man who lives with sex dolls in people’s impression?

ll. You don’t really live with it.
BUT when you see men engaging with sex dolls as their life partners ,then it’s definitely not normal. This is going to 2009 i love mommy dolla ake them outcasts, socially awkward or simply bring isolation.Sex Doll r> Sex dolls are sex toys. You don’t see anyone considering their dildos a life partner. So sex dolls shouldn’t be life partners.
Some guys even end up marrying them and honestly it’s quite sad…
Married Japanese man claims he has found love with a sex doll
Man marries robot he made, plans to upgrade her later with the ability to move, do housework
Davecat shunned real women to mar

(97 People Likes) What do you think of Kayleigh McEnany's claim on Fox Friends that President Trump was "energized and in his best mood" after the Tulsa rally?

usiasts and gas away about this and that, go through a long-winded rationalization about inching down the ramp that received only cheers and bellows of approbation … this makes him happy.
It would make me happy too, if I was in some big internet old flame war with someone who was oh-so-wrong about something but kept twisting their facts and calling me a liar and saying “Lol, keep telling yourself that, maybe you’ll come to believe it!” and I went out in front of thousands of people who adored me, and I said “And he said ‘Nice dancing - do you call that the twist?’ and I said ‘Looks to me like you’re the one doing the twisting!!’” and all of my friends and followers roared and cheered with approval of how I took that fool down.
So I imagine that after the rally he felt like busted a nut for the first time in months, and went to bed and slept like a massive, greasy baby. But the next day saw all the headlines in the fake news saying “Tulsa Flop Makes Trump Look Like a Big Fat Moron, LOL!”, and ignited.
So now he’ll need another rally so he can say “The fake news … did you see this? Terrible, just lies, they said nobody came to the Tulsa rally. An empty arena! So I g Sex Doll Torso ess you people aren’t even here either!!” followed 2009 i love mommy dolla by a roar of laughter and applause, after which he will feel energized and in a mood to watch Shark Week reruns.
It’s interesting that Trump’s mood is reported on like the weather. People inside the circle of light don’t see anything odd about that - some days it’s sunny, some days there’s thunderstorms. They’re all aware of it just as a background condition. “The President was happy and talkative, ate all of his breakfast, had a fine

(74 People Likes) What was the name of your favourite childhood toy, and is there a special reason why you named it that?

ging to a tree trunk. I took advantage of that feature by attaching him to my leg, which made taking him along as I ran and played a lot easier, except for a few minor tripping incidents.
He spoke in tiny little squeaks and was most talkative whenever I squeezed or hugged him, which was often; and often did I run up to my Mom to re-inflate him.
My older cousin, Grace, who was around seven, suggested the name. Over several weeks of summer vacation, Winkie and I became inseparable. I loved him.
All vacations eventually come to an end. The day came for my family to pack up the car and head back home. It was a long three-hour drive, so we started off early to beat the summer heat. So early that the sun hadn’t even come up yet. So early that I was still half asleep when I plopped into the car seat. We were about an hour on the road when it dawned on me that Winkie wasn’t around.
I wanted to turn back to get Winkie. My Father said no. No matter how much I cried and protested, my Father refused to turn the car around. I was heart-broken.
As with children, I eventually grew out of my need to reconnect with my friend, Winkie. But I never forgot that little inflatable bear who squeaked.
The years passed and my cousins and I have grown old. We are now grandparents. We stay connected through Facebook. In 2018, my cousin Grace posted one of her childhood pictures.
It was of her holding Winkie! I recognized him immediately.
In our conversation through Facebook, I told her I remember Winkie very well. She told me about Winkie’s origin.
As it turned out, Winkie was never mine to begin with. As a bratty younger cousin, (my words not hers) I just happened to claim Winkie as my own when I saw him. But her Father had actually given her Winkie as a present. She loved that doll.
I never knew she was just sharing him and allowing me to play with him. Grace told me she still has him.
I finally understood why my parents didn’t let me take Winkie home. The special reason I named him that? I didn’t. After Grace and I had a chat on Facebook, I r

(38 People Likes) Could a massive spread of "real dolls" extinguish mankind?

mans (and a lot of other species). However, it might not mean total extinction. Just a major reduction in the population, and then regroup. Here’s a good video about that from a guy who has spent a lot of time studying why civilizations collapse.
Why do societies collapse?
Here are t 2009 i love mommy dolla o excellent books on the topic if you’re like to educate yourself more on the matter:
This Changes Everyt

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