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(53 People Likes) How are traders' inflation expectations measured?

n synthetically build-your-own inflation-bond using some odds-and-ends from currencies or bonds or converts or CDS swaps or interest rate derivatives (and probably a host of other underlying assets),it’s one of the most liquid and arbitraged commodities in the world
Easy way to measure inflation (and easiest way to trade it)
Try this: hit this link https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/data-chart-center/interest-rates/Pages/TextView.aspx?data=yield
and compare the 7/21 price for the 7 year Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rate 2.05% to the Daily Treasury Real Yield Curve Rate for the same 7yr note. 0.34%.
They get 2.05% - no less and no more.
The second (“Real Yield Curve Rate”) is the rate investors will get for “Inflation Protected Securities” So,they get 0.34% PLUS: a payment for inflation (it’s based off the CPI index)
So,theoretically the difference between the two is what investors expect annual inflation to be for those 7 years. (1.71% a year)
If you disagree,the market will offer you 100x leverage on every basis point you disagree with the market. If you’re smarter,you can make a LOT of money (as an aside,check out “The Spider Network” by David Enrich,if you wanna get a sense of how much money you can make)
Next time some “authori

(86 People Likes) The Ultimate Sex Doll Guide

hey are ready for action,they are directed to a range of sex dolls. The Barcelona sex doll,for example,is a Spanish beauty who offers plenty of fun for any client. You can also choose from Japanese,American,or virtually any ethnicity you prefer. The standard is a human sex doll that is ideal for any sexual fantasies that you may have. And if you aren’t in a brothel that has plenty of sex dolls that look like humans,then it might be time jc toys my sweet love 20 baby doll pink onesie to move on. You’ll be charged by the hour for the services therein. Most sex doll brothels start at about $100 per hour,so come with your pockets full of money. Sex Doll Some brothels ar

(51 People Likes) I'm 12 and I still love playing dolls. Is it babyish?

eople in doll Facebook groups who are even boomer age,I'm actually one of the younger ones! I like stuffed animals and dolls because they provide a sort of comfort to me. I really started collecting Build a Bears and Cabbage Patch Kids when my dad got arrested,and I re bonded with Kami and got back into American Girls since the pandemic happened. I even take her to therapy with me. The sad thing is jc toys my sweet love 20 baby doll pink onesie bout kids your age is that other people are trying to make you grow up too quick when you should just really enjoy being a kid. I didn't want to give up toys when I reached middle school,I kinda compromised and stopped getting as much toys and kept what I did have a secret,but I didn't like doing that,but I'm not ashamed anymore,and you shouldn't be ashamed either. And the best thing about the internet is that you can find fun ideas to do with dolls. People make doll videos on YouTube or TikTok,people post pictures of them on Facebook,Insta,or Tumblr (I like to sew outfits for Kami and post pictures with her wearing them),you could find groups,make friends all sorts of stuff,maybe you'll feel less alone (but like all internet stuff,please be safe,even in doll groups you could have your share of,weirdos). Look,life kinda sucks right now,12 is a weird age,Realistic Sex Doll I know I've been through that,and a lo

(19 People Likes) The Ultimate Guide to Heating Your Sex Doll

ce even better? Go for the whole experience by doing the following: Choose a sexy outfit for your doll. Light candles,throw on some porn,or otherwise set the mood. Use a dildo warmer to make sex feel even more realistic. A hot towel can work in a pinch. Of course,the two

(90 People Likes) What does it mean if someone refers to you as “plastic”?

ir faces to obtain the goals of wealth and or personal status. The users in life,the takers these are the “Plastic People”…
People or peoples: how they can say one thing to you and then turn around and tell someone else something different ether about you specifically or about some discussion they had with you that they the person fabricates the story or fabricates any part of the original story… “Plastic people”; too self-absorbed in themselves to care about anything else….
“Plastic people”; too self-absorbed in themselves to care about anything else….
The group of people that are so into their looking good that they go out of their way to sculpt every facet of thier image. They are usually the ones who go to the most expensive clubs and restaurants,and rarely are seen doing anything that can affect their image negatively. This term may also apply to people with excessive plastic surgery,generally fake people or those with a lack of personality (Just a pretty face).
Man,I will never go to that club... it's full of plasti

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