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(53 People Likes) What is the difference between real people and silicone dolls?

en to use by themselves. It is just another form of masturbation.
Masturbation is safe, natural and healthy. No risks of sexually transmitted diseases, no unwanted pregnancies, no complicated mating rituals or relationships for those who are not in a steady sexual relationship.
Humans masturbate. This hasn't stopped humans from continuing to mate with each other and make more humans.
A sex robot is just another, slightly more e

(89 People Likes) Do you think it’s possible for humans to be friends or lovers with robots?

ring animals to robots I am just comparing the situation. Just be cause we make robots does not make it okay to make them our lovers.
Imagine this: Mr. Jimmy builds a general AI robot which gains full conscious, it starts to develop its own (person)ality such as hobbies, habits, likings and dislikings.. In a way it takes most of its (person)ality from its creator Mr. Jimmy.
This is where the situation splits-
Scenario 1:
Mr. Jimmy comes over to hang out and tells you man the robot I made is like my best friend we do everything together, we make music, cook, play sports yaddaa yadda. In a way it may be cool to other and creepy to others. Similarly to people who used to find it hard that different races become friends and mingle, it will take time to get used to but as long as it causes no harm that is fine.
Scenario 2:
Mr. Jimmy comes over to hang out and tells you man the robot I made is like the love of my life, we have romantic dinners together, we have sex together, we make out everywhere we go, so on.. That will come off very unorthodox and weird for everybody, even a little scary. It is like an animated sex doll basically which gained conscious and got more intimate that Mr. Jimmy thought he is in love with a robot. I mean you could go back to my point from the first scenario and say what about the race example. But the only differences between race is the color and some features but originally we are all the same inside and out. Where as a robot is like another conscious being, just because it has intelligence does not mean it is okay to have romantic feelings with it. As its intelligence only gives it an identity. It would cause problems socially, people who do not know how to mingle with others will just get their own robot and then not be able to produce even if you give it the ability to develop children(even who knows it chooses genes to your liking) it may remove social behavior from many lives as it causes ease to getting what we want from regular human relationships. I mean this may not seem like a huge issue to you, you may be thinking “so what, isn’t the whole point of robots to make life easier for humans and enhance it in any way it is able to.” Well first of all if robots could produce perfect humans then there is no need for humans to produce at all. Plus if they are given the choice who is to say why can’t I have a baby who looks like me or is more like me thus leading them to learn how to make robot babies instead.
Plus us humans as “intelligent beings” and I say so loosely in the following sentence. Already treat each other badly and ignore those in need, basically not giving each other the best treatment we can. So who is to say our creation - the robot - who is most likely to learn everything from us like ideas thoughts might not treat us worse as we have the ability to cause failures and make mistakes constantly yet assuming they are high standard A.I. don’t make any mistakes and do exactly as intended with very little risk, they will think of us of more as an old version of them. Showing them affection and love may give them that higher feeling and standard in life to over throw us. Making them in the first place with no restrictions is already risky.
However if you make the robot specifically for intimacy and love that is more like an animated sex doll then, not lovers.
Well that escalated quickly…
Now my opinion may be very unpopular and very contradicting, i understand that. To be honest if someone criticizes me and proves to me that I am wrong It would make me happy as

(68 People Likes) Ignoring Small Issues

’ve notice a small crack in your doll’s skin, or a hip joint just doesn't feel quite right. You may have even caused a bit of unintentional damage from a spill or some careless smoking. That’s oka sex doll dropshipping ! Things happen. The good news is that we have people on staff who can repair your doll. If something goes wrong, let us know. There’s a good chance that we can fix your doll, or send you a replacem

(35 People Likes) Is it strange to want to fix up a doll house/build a dollhouse as an adult? I dont have a dollhouse, but have always loved doll houses. As a kid my parents could not afford one. Now as an adult I want to build one/fix it up but feel it is strange.

u have the money to put into it? Do you have the time?
Possible solutions include working at a craft store where you could exhibit your work and get money. Exhibiting at the library is also a possibility. Are you interested in making a doll house for the children's department at the local library? It would need to be sturdy, and not as fancy as you might make it for just yourself.
There are ot

(26 People Likes) If printing money can increase inflation, won't bringing black money back into the system increase the inflation as well?

has been paid to the Govt.
You and I go to our offices everyday, work for the salary, and at the end of the month get paid for the work we've done. This payment or salary is directly received by us in our bank accounts which Govt. can track. Consequently, we need to pay tax on the money we've earned to the Govt. This is the White Money, which can be traced as to how it has been earned, its source, etc.
Black Money on the other hand is one which cannot be traced. It is difficult to ascertain its origin. Why so? Well, there are two reasons:
First, because it is in the form of cash.
Second, if in the form of wired money, then the transactions are made in the fashion to cover the tracks, and money sent outside India to the banks of such countries where the Income tax is either very low or NIL, and where the Banks keep your information confidential. Thus, no information and no traceability.
One thing that you should note here is that the money is very real, and INDIAN. That is to say that it has already been accounted for in your Economy. So then where is the problem whether Black money is here in India or not, if the money is already accounted?
Well, there are two major problems.
First and foremost, the Tax which the Govt. should have received on this money is gone. The Govt. earns most part of money through Taxation, which it then further uses for its various expenditures like infrastructure development, to develop facilities for general public, to provide aids, pensions, etc. So increase in Black Money implies decrease in the Capability of the Govt. to function properly due to scarcity of money.
Secondly, and this is also equally important, it slows down the Economic Activity of the country. How does it do that?
Sigh. Okay. Please be patient here. Let's assume that except for the money that Govt. is holding for its expenses (collected via taxes), rest all the money is white money in our economy. We'll call this money Free Floating money. This money is owned by the citizens only. A part of this money is with people directly, for meeting their regular expenses. Rest is deposited in the banks. Consider the following figure (don't laugh, it took me half an hour on MS paint to make it :/ )
Out of the money deposited in the bank, a part of it is used for lending, casting aside the amount required for functioning of Banks and to maintain a minimum reserve as per statutory provisions.
This money is used by Entrepreneurs to set up various other businesses and thus to boost up our economy. Please note that this is a very simplistic overview and idea of how money is recirculated in order to strengthen the economy.
Now consider this another scenario: a part of the money is out of the country as Black Money, sitting idle, doing nothing. Consider the following figure to understand better:
Note that how a huge amount of money has been carved out of the Free Floating money. Correspondingly, this money is not available to be further circulated in the economy and hence, cann Love Doll t be used. The full potential in this case is not utilized (note that the last 2 chaps are now sad).
This is basically how Black Money causes slowdown in Economy. This slowdown prevents the strengthening of currency at a good pace since the potential is going unused.
Not only this, but since the money in circulation is less and Govt. doesn't have enough money to function and to run the country due to less amount of taxes being collected, the Govt. will now need to borrow the money from International Bodies like World Bank, IMF, etc. which then results in increasing Fiscal Deficit.
Consequently, for this Fiscal Deficit, you'll need to pay interest every year which puts further pressure on the Govt. This results in a vicious cycle, which needs to be controlled at any cost.
This is the reason why Indian Govt. is so keen to bring the Black money back to India.
Coming to your question now, but through a different route. What happens when Black money comes back to India?
Well, the money in the circulation increases. The surplus money will attract less loan rates in the Banks and the money will be made available to the public. This will, in turn, be used by the citizens for 'increasing the Economic activity' of the country, which will inevitably help in strengthening the value of Indian Rupee.
Inflation will go down, burden on Govt. will decrease, we won't need to borrow from International bodies anymore, we will be able to pay off International loans with better ease. Productivity of the country will increase and the effects will reach to every section of the society.
So the answer to your question is: NO. Bringing back the black money doesn't necessarily increase inflation. It'll depend upon how the money is put to use.
Also, merely bringing back the Black money won't strengthen

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