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(87 People Likes) If I could get a real voodoo doll, could I do anything for my recently deceased husband? I have lock of his hair and a full toenail.

o dolls are BAD JUJU. What you do to the doll in malice will come back to you ten fold.
Two: He's dead. Voodoo dolls only work on the living. All you'll do is piss his spirit off.
dream doll love and hip hop new york Voodoo dolls are not hard to acquire, a little research a Sex Doll d you can make your own, just don't. Voodoo, and dolls in particular, are best left to practitioners who know what they're do

(21 People Likes) Are all role models in fashion magazines real women and can you make sex dolls out of them?

atter what I do what I say how I act what I drive…girls ignore me like I'm not a real person I mean they will small talk with me but the second the get a hint I like them they completely reject me and shun me and there's nothing I can do to change it iv been trying for 20 years to get a woman and the results never change…I don't think they will so I'm forced to get a love doll because I want sex and companionship I'm still a Virgin at 30….And yes going MGTOW is great iv been MGTOW for the last 3 years and it helps looking at women from a different point of veiw…a respectable distant veiw…the key is not to hate women just except them for who they are and leave them alone that's when you may find the right one because if you can get a woman theres still hope for you…unlike me. You have to be confident strong and bold….but I believe when I get my love doll s

(62 People Likes) Breaking Down The Numbers

ge boxes can be hidden under the bed, in the corner of your r Real Doll om, or anywhere. Make sure that the place where you put the box doe dream doll love and hip hop new york n’t get occasionally very hot or cold, or you might risk damaging your doll. Although such boxes are a discreet way to store your sex doll, there are

(20 People Likes) As a woman, what are some "girly" things you don't do?

opping freak. My mom and dad chooses it for me, to this date.
I do take selfies just to have a fond remembrance of it to see it the next time and not for uploading it on every social media platform.
Pout, tongue-out and whatever the other types of selfies are called, are just not my cup of tea.
I don't take a long time to get dressed up. I'd any day prefer extra few minutes of sleep to standing in front of the mirror with my make-up kit for hours.
Shopping for accessories is so tiring. I absolutely hate wearing jewelries which feels as if someone is strangling me. At times, it feels like a load kept on a donkey.
I don't have to worry about my outfit not matching my bag, sandals or the other way around. As long as I have a bag to put things in, it doesn't matter what color it is.
I don’t have a fascination for high heels as much as I have for flats and sneakers.
To this date, I'm not on Instagram and Snapchat, flaunting myself at the places wherever I go to with different filters.(I'm not aware of what they are called).
Even they pay money and they have all the right to be seated.
I don't and will not prefer having a boyfriend just for the sake of having one or to show off in front of the already-in-a-relationship squad.
I do like pink but blue and black comes first.
I don't go out of my way to impress anyone. I am just the way I am.
I'll politely confront someone to say I don't possess any feelings towards him rather than making myself “look cool” having him behind me for days together. Guys are not to be taken advantage of, any day.
I don't have make-up items in my handbag for frequent touch-ups during a movie interval, at a function or just because a layer of it has disappeared. Rather all it contains is my wallet, water bottle and sanitary napkins in case of emergency.
I don't wear sleeveless or the now trending cold shoulder tops. I wear straight Kurtis and still wear a dupatta wherever I go to.
I don't create a scene when a random guy texts me first. I either reply or just let it stay there. I don't take pride in that.

(24 People Likes) Are sex dolls better than women?

I bought myself one and have managed to connect with my sex doll . Unlike any other blow up doll , mine is made of silicone .
At one time in my life , women acted terrible towards me and have done nasty things that I’ve disagreed with . Unhappy with my experience with women , I retreated back to my house and had only the internet as my companion .
After making the internet as my companion , I became lonely and thus made porn as my sexual partner . Once porn became my woman , I was jacking off constantly .
As time progressed , porn was losing its luster and I wasn’t as turned on anymore . That moment , I began browsing around , trying to find porn that would turn me on , that is until I came across a website that sold silicone sex dolls .
Fascinated , I visited the website , and lo and behold , I was shown silicone sex dolls that were very lifelike . Within that instant , I was fascinated and wanted to purchase one .
After further study of the website , I learned that the silicone sex dolls I was after was at least five grand or more . But because I was feeling rather lonely , I wasn’t put off by the price and chose to work hard and save for one .
When I was ready to make my purchase , I looked carefully in the website , trying to piece together my ideal doll .
Since I was infatuated with the young actress Samantha Esteban at the time , I made my silicone sex doll closely resemble her .
Then , when my order finally came through my door and I opened that crate , I was amazed at how beautiful my new partner is . Within that instant , I unstrapped my new woman from my crate , took her upstairs to my bedroom and slept with her .
Since then , I’ve always been happy and had never sought a relat

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