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(53 People Likes) Are the haunted dolls sold at eBay real?

member it that way nor does my friend who supposed to have given it to us. So let's say it came to my house through a 'friend', and I now own it. It is a small doll 7-8 inches, has an odd painted face that looks old and shabby up close, her legs got broken when we moved into our last house, so we put a sock over the legs.

She sleeps a lot but also is very 'active'. I say she is awake at least 4 days a week, my wife says she seldom sleeps. (difference of opinion) Most folks who notice the doll all say exactly the same things.....That the doll is looking at them and she seems to blink her eyes, but when they look at her up close, they are very surprised to see how her face is painted, most folks say as they get a bit of distance it changes back to looking at them.

Now when it is 'sleeping' it doesn't look around, doesn't blink her eyes, no smiles, nothing....when she is awake, she has what looks like expressions on her face. Being married, sometimes my wife and I argue, and once my wife pointed out that even the doll hated it when I got stubborn, and sure enough it had a big frown and seemed to glare. (I asked my daughter, she said it was glaring, and my daughter did not know we were arguing) At first we had her in the bookcase, looking out....Later I set you could be my lover ty dolla sign her up on top of the china case, so she could see the dining room, living room, kitchen and be able to watch TV. I think she liked that the best. (She smiled most of the time)

Right now, my mother in law has the doll, so she won't get packed away into a box. She sits up Sex Doll on a knick knack shelf on her living room wall near the TV. My mother in law says she seems happy there....I still own the doll, when I get set up in my new home, we will get her back. At least, I hope so, my mother in law likes her.....A LOT!
EDIT: I have tried to 'get this doll' to ship it to a person who would 'take good care of it' but as I had tried to obtain her she had turned up missing, and still been on the

(35 People Likes) What are the chances of the fact that sex dolls in 'TOY STORY' are prostitutes working for money secretly disguised as human?

n recall off the top of my head:
Mr. Potatohead
Mrs. Potatohead
Slinky Dog (who was tweaked for the film)
Green Army Men
Speak and Spell
Barrel of Monkeys
Rock ’Em Sock ’Em R you could be my lover ty dolla sign bots
Chatter Telephone
Troll Dolls
Erector Sets
Lincoln Logs
Contrary to another answer, Rex was invented for the film. There were other, similar dinosaur toys though. We invented Combat Carl because we couldn’t get G.I. Joe.
I remember being genuinely freaked out the morning they showed us the first Buzz Lightyear prototype. Here was this thing I’d been working with on the computer for a couple of years — but right there in the room. Exactly on model, b

(44 People Likes) Have you ever bought a love doll?

eloped a leak along one of the thigh seams and I could not repair it. Trashed.
The 2nd was a better built model and also a she-male! It had a hard penis with a scrotum and only two sex openings. The breasts were separately molded into t you could be my lover ty dolla sign e chest and w Cheap Sex Dolls re inflatable from the back. Sexually, it wasn’t my actual liking, being a man, but I did love the breasts. They were huge in comparison to the body size. It, too, developed a leak in the crotch area that was too difficult to repair and was trashed. But not before cutting the breasts from the chest to use in selected bras I had like prosthesis.
I should mention that I had both of these while I was still married. Sex with my wife was about an annual thing and I was devastated. I needed relea

(95 People Likes) Why hasn't sex with sex dolls been classified as necrophiliac?

because a doll, nev Real Doll r having been alive, cannot by definition be dead nor a person

(16 People Likes) What Happens When You Buy a Sex Doll?

it. You want a sex doll, but you’ve been hesitant to take the final steps. No worries! You aren’t alone. Many men and women, are a bit nervous about this process. Here are just some of the questions we get from sex doll enthusiasts:How do I buy a doll without my wife finding out? What if my neighbors see a box from a sex doll company on my front porch? Will my mail you could be my lover ty dolla sign carrier think I’m some kind of weirdo? When will my doll arrive? Do I have to build it myself? Can I really afford this? Rest assu