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(57 People Likes) As a girl loving dolls growing up, what nostalgic doll in the past was very popular, and friends came to your house to play if you had one? Why was it so popular?

ay or the highway, and nobody minded one bit. She had a corral full of 8-inch-high, hard plastic horses that we would take out into the back lots and “trot” around with. They were all beauties and different colors, but Palamino was the only name I remember. But…
the question was about dolls.And, Beverly was a true artist and clothing designer. She had shoe boxes full of evening gowns, sporty casuals, play suits, bathing suits, negligees (didn’t even know what those were at age 7). She had a whole collection of Katy Keen and her little sister paper dolls and we dressed them up for hours, never tiring. And this girl could really draw beautifully. I have no idea how much older she was than we, at the time I just thought of her as a “big girl”.
Beverly tried to show us how to use a pencil to trace a dress around the outline of the cardboard “doll” and then draw in the design/pattern, not forgetting to draw in the tabs for holding the dress in place, and finally use colored pencils to fill it in. But, our wardrobes “stunk” and so Cheap Sex Dolls he always let us borrow hers. No doubt she was proud as a colorful, fashionable peacock.
But, the real fun was the drama or mini soap opera scenarios we would weave around each ensemble. What performances we put on through our paper dolls. These were the very best dolls from my childhood recollections. And I can’t tell you how I yearned to draw such beautiful clothes for MY Katy Keen doll, truly yearned with all my heart to make the most beautiful prom dress the world had ever seen. Each time I’d begin again with renewed high hopes, and each time, th

(39 People Likes) Is it a good idea to buy a real life-like doll for kids?

ed, my brother and sister-in-law gave one to my youngest daughter for Christmas.
My 5 year old daughter was excited to open the beautifully wrapped, box. However, her enthusiasm was short-lived. Once she had the box open and saw the “baby”, she burst into tears!
I asked why she was crying and she said, “That’s the ugliest baby I ever saw! Throw it away!”
When I looked at the doll, I couldn’t argue - it really WAS ugly, all wrinkled and squinched-up looking with skinny arms and legs. There no

(64 People Likes) What is the significance of the optimal inflation rate estimation in the economy?

d for economy) if it costs more tomorrow. Without inflation, productivity would drive prices down and people would defer consumption
Salary and wage adjustments. It’s a lot easier to do nothing than take something away. Businesses are in a constant state of price discovery. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes not. As money becomes less valuable small mistakes are adjusted.
The best part about that is, in doing so, (assuming modest inflation) the only people who get hurt are those holding large cash deposits (drug dealers, embezzlers, people hoarding cash).
This is because for most people holding money, they do it in interest bearing accounts that adjust upwards to inflationary pressure
Seniorage is a term that dates back to the Middle Ages when tax entities would melt silver collections and then add a little bit of so

(10 People Likes) Why did Hellen Keller not love the doll given by Anne Sullivan?

better ones in the 1960s, the first time anything really decent was around, she was probably too old to learn to use it.
It really depends on what your definition of “completely” is. It’s pretty clear she had no hearing in the speech range, and whatever sight she had was probably limited to light perception. She wasn’t “legally blind” (a term that didn’t exist in her youth).
So with the caveat the practically no one is without some minimal perception of light and really loud noises (there

(70 People Likes) Is it against army regulation to have a sex doll in my duffle bag in my wall locker in Korea?

w doesn't regulate that.
Better question, which baby doll when it comes to a lover have no idea of the answer: do manufacturers make a doll that is small-sized, like a small person or child? My guess is that they do

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