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(92 People Likes) Can having a sex doll destroy a relationship?

ex toy can destroy a relationship if
The user of the toy is spending so much time with the toy that the relationship suffers;
The other partner is insecure and feels threatened by a toy.
Other than that, no; sex toys do not have any inherent potential of destroying relationships. If anything, they can enhance those, if applied wis

(100 People Likes) Has anyone tried to break the real Annabelle doll free from the Warren’s home?

cording to the paranormal investigators, this haunted doll was first gifted to a student nurse in 1968. But after some days, the doll started behaving in a strange way and was often found in a different place and not in the place where it was kept before. Soon, the priest declared that the doll Cheap Sex Dolls as inhabited by an evil.
After this incident, Ed and Lorraine Warren took this doll to their museum and kept it in a glass, wooden box along with other demonic toys.
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(34 People Likes) Why are people lonelier than ever even after having more devices that supposedly keep us connected? Is this related somehow?

that we’ve found and they help to basically reframe the question.
It does seem like a contradiction if you think about it intuitively, right? People have X level of social interaction without technology Y. Technology Y makes it even easier to coordinate social events, manage one’s social calendar, and talk to people. Surely X should be higher after people adopt technology Y, right?
What has happened is… complicated.
One study found that social isolation hasn’t actually decreased since 1985 and that
“Mobile phone and Internet use, especially specific uses of social media, were found to have a positive relationship to network size and diversity”. Some studies have found positive correlations between social media use and social isolation (i.e. social media makes us more isolated); and other studies have found the opposite
. Some
I can’t find the specific studies that show the data, but it’s generally well-accepted that social media does seem to increase our core social relations while possibly making us less likely to see more distant acquaintances in person
. Social media can expose us to more caring and more demands on our attention, time and emotional resources
When you get such disparate results in sociology, that’s telling us something. It’s telling us that the problem is really complicated and we don’t have the right tools to ask the right questions. How do you measure social isolation? Is it based on how people feel, phenomenologically, or how they actually demonstrably are, based on their interactions with people? Is someone who has a few really close friendships more or less isolated than a celebrity with hundreds of hangers-on but no one they really feel they can be honest with? Is there a difference between being really involved and respected at work than at church, or in your family network versus your friends? And then there are really important theories that we may have overused that may have dictated how we thought about our questions and methodologies. For example, Mark Granovetter revolutionized sociology when he considered the Strength of Weak Ties, the power that comes from more distant friends and relationships who by virtue of being less closely connected to you also have a large amount of information you don’t have access to. But later research has pointed out that, sure, the people you don’t spend as much time with may know things you don’t, but you also don’t spend as much time with them, which means you’re less likely to get a bandwidth of useful information. In contrast, your close friends are exposing you to a ton of information, and while a lot of it is redundant to you, not all of it is.
So are we more or less isolated from technology? It’s complicated. But I do think we can reframe the question helpfully.
Step back for a second. Were people really all that deeply social before the era of the ubiquitous mobile phone?
You can just read Anarchy Revolution by Greg Graffin, or look at any of the punk songs and the music of people like Marilyn Manson and Rage Against the Machine, to see a sense of isolation and anger at that isolation in youths going back decades now. Putnam’s research that he presents in Bowling Alone suggests that Americans have been pretty well isolated for a long time. As an anarchist, I think that there’s been actually a pretty effective set of policies and corporate priorities that have dissolved a lot of traditional mechanisms for people to meaningfully coordinate (meaningful political parties and elections, meaningful unions) and that have generally promoted atomistic values that suggest we are best off when we go home and just watch TV. But even if you disagree with that assessment or think it may have been less deliberate than I might imagine, the evid love by cathy doll watch online nce is still really clear: Americans are fairly isolated, and have been for decades.
What I think social media has done is just make that isolation more palpable and obvious.
For some, it has made us aware of the people we care about who have drifted away and makes us feel guilty for having let them go.
For others, it gives us tantalizing glimpses into the lives of people who seem to have better and more authentic friendships. (The fact that so much of that is itself posturing and public branding intended performatively doesn't really matter).
Indeed, in that vein, it has made some of us so worried in terms of how we look to others that we can never be “off”, never just home and alone.
For many of us, that isolation then leads us to destructive rabbit-holes, like multilevel marketing schemes and scams, cults, anti-vaccination movements and other fringe social movements, and other communities that turn a slight interest and a need for belonging into fanaticism.
But these problems preceded social media. They’ve just been brought to the forefront. And social media also helps solve some of the problems, too. The Arab Spring may not have been as promising as so many of us hoped, but it is still the case that long-standing corrupt and authoritarian regimes got challenged because social media made it possible for people to coordinate activity and share revolutionary ideas. Social media makes it easier for people at non-profits to talk to each other and work together, which can help with alleviating burnout and compassion fatigue.
Technologies make their own context that we adapt to. But they still only do that because we let them. And we can change that context. The only question is how to solve a problem humans have been grappling with since the very first people could ask questions beyond what was for dinner that night: how do we make societies so that a good spirit hangs over them, so that everyone has their well-being fulfilled? And we finally are gaining the tools to start really answe

(55 People Likes) What is something you saw on Amazon.com that is disgusting and should be immediately removed?

tions are at an all time high. It's the reason there are so many unwed teen mothers, and why so many innocent babies are murdered by Satan worshiping harlots via abortion bc they are too high to close their legs. Marijuana is the blame for the Capitol Riots and why there's so much racism in the world. Its rhe gateway drug. The reason so many people get hooked on heroin n coke. Legalization would be a death sentence for our way of life could you imagine? No one going to work, just watching TV, eating fritos, or raping the first woman you see? Not today Satan! Not ever! Not in my America! I already put in 50 complaints to remove this and all products that aid in the consumption of the devils lettuce and I urge you to join me. They say its for tobacco but im not stupid. I went to college and saw it in a movie my roommate was watching during our alloted 2 hour per week TV watching priivlidges.
I Hope they come to their senses soon and remove this vile, disgusting, item along with everything else promotes the sale, use,, or legalization of the worlds most evil, addicting, life ruining substance to ever exist, Marijuana. This needs removed from Amazon and the police should be given records of every foolish purchaser and lock them up for life or maybe even just sjhoot them on the spot before they all end up either dead or living on the streets suckin cock for loose change in an alleyway next to a big Ole rusted out tire so they can score some heroin. Thats not only what can happen its what will happen. To anyone that smokes Marijuana or hangs out with someone who does, even just once.
Amazon needs to put more focus on selling some of their more wholesome items:
like this portable food scale.
Not a spring chicken anymore! As an added bonus, Its small so I can put it in my pocket so I always have it when i wanna share some of my favorite recipes with my friends or they want me to try theirs. 9/10 would buy again
Or Plastic bags to resale my custom made jewelry.
I get it for the low and pass my savings on to you. Yea, it's got my tax on it, if you don't like it. Leave it then.
And I just love these essential oil burning diffusers
I like to kick back n unwind with the help of one of these bad mamajamas when i get home from church or running around town preaching about God's hate for homosexuals and throw on some golden oldies, like ice T or Vanilla Ice. I just load in my oil that I get from my friends dad who makes his own in his bathtub with stuff he finds under his kitchen sink.. Or my old high school chemistry teacher who started making it in an old RV in the desert with his former student when he got cancer and needed to make extra money for treatment. I love knowing its homemade and that I'm supporting my local small business owners. .. then I kick back, fire one of these bad boys up and twist it in my hands and take deep deep relaxing breathes ..letting in all the sweet sweet vibes after a long day of doing the Lorts work, or stayin up late cleaning. Studying, learning about the lizard people secretly running the world and how to defeat them or spending time with my friends. Like sliding down an ice slide butt naked, super rejuvenating!
Or my personal favorite, turning soil over in my super small compost heap with its own funnel n shovel as a stress reliever and all purpose pick me up. It really gets my blood pumping!
So that's my answer. The worst thing on Amazon. All the

(40 People Likes) What kind of man tends to be a horrible boyfriend, but becomes serious about marriage and turns out to be a great husband?

and turna out to be a great husband?
that would be me!
so why me! horrible boyfriend, serious about marriage, and great husband.. thats me.
before i answer your question with real life experience, i do want to tell you that the factors around us like time in life (teen, young, mature, old), situations (college, seeking job, debt,income) all changes a man. yes he may be horrible during young age, but becomes serious about marriage when he matures, or gets separated from his peers, and becomes a great husband after being sexually, emotionally and financially satisfied. So my story is probably my 20 years of experience after meeting my wife, then a high school graduate, in 1999.
horrible boyfriend- i went to a boys only boarding school. i didnt have any friends that were girls during my middle school and high school. so friends of relatives who were female were my only known people who were female. i hardly got to meet them, other than in birthdays or wedding parties. In the school we would talk about different things like how to make girls attracted to us, how to make them fall in love and drop their undergarments, or how to trick them to fall in love by acting as a rescuer, and what not. basically i didnt have any experience associating with girls. Only natural instincts like praising girls beauty, checking beautiful girls shamelessly, and being strong in front of females were the only attributes, that might have been attractive to females. As a result i didnt have girlfriend till i met this girl (my present wife) after highschool. she was a typical beauty, chased by neighborhood guys and classmates. i happen to go to same college as her, and she liked me. i didnt know that girls act in certain ways when they like you, like show up in your house after early morning yoga classes, and act all like sister by helping in kitchen, clean. i thought she wanted to fuck. horrible… horrible. But i was a man of integrity, as of 1999 standard in sub indian continent. Hence, i thought that i shouldnot ruin this beautiful girl’s life by having sex with her and leaving her. i was trying to come to USA during those horrible boyfriend time. How insensitive i was to her gossips, how i treated her no different than my male friends, or how open i was about everything going in my life, no lies, no girls, good grades, well built, pursuing studies abroad, and my negligence to her subtle moves (that i never recognized) made her want me more (she says)
serious about marriage - coming to USA and not having girlfriend was disappointing. While in college, i’d party and try my best, but i never had girlfriend, and only few hookups. I wanted more sex. But i wasnt getting any. One reason being the city i lived was small town with less than 50k people; and i was just poor. But weed and drink made college pass by. i really started become serious about marrige after college. i have moved to new metropolitan in east coast, where i didnt know anybody, zero friends, other than one couple 15 years older than me. they help me relocate by providing accommodation and job at their pizza place. that was when, i truly felt alone. i missed the only girl who like me (my present wife) and wish how much i wanted to be loved by someone especially someone atleast as beautiful as her. But i was meeting no one. i didnt have sex for long time. i became more serious about marriage. i would think, sometime, that i should just go back to by country, and maybe if she is single, we could meet. as life was lonely, and financially unpleasant, only think that would keep me sane was her thoughts.
great husband- i wrote her an email to wish her happy birthday in aug 2004. this was 5 years after our separation. she had sent me few cassettes with songs, that i listened 100 times or more, since i didnt have anything to listen to when running. she sent me these cassettes within a year after i left for USA. cassettes were my birthday present, thr only present a girl had ever given me. so (now) i knew she liked me, and may be i had a chance with her, if she was still single. So after she received my birthday wish email, she wrote me back that she was coming to USA (no a word more, like when, which school, which city). she had got visa just like i did few years ago and she was coming here; but i was planing to return back (hopefully to meet her). i didnt have easy access to internet/email, hence i didnt see her email back for few more day; and when i finally read her email, i didnt know what to do. i just knew i want to meer her, once, to see the girl who loved me.
So i call her home, ask her school name from her mom. She had already left for USA and my instinct says i should waste no time. Hence, i leave whatever i was doing i the metropolitan city and take my chances by driving 20 hours in my beat up car, and arrive her college. It took 2 hours but i met her. she was more beautiful than before. thank god she didnt have a boyfriend (atleast that’s what she said, and i never ever asked again about her past after i left her for USA 5 years ago). we clicked, and i stayed with her i her college apartment. the we moved to another city, shared laughter, sorrow, happiness, pain, and we knew we wanted to never be separated. we got married after a year of living together. i got married so soon after meeting her mostly because family pressure to get married from her side, and, for me, i didnt want to get married to someone just for getting US citizenship. all my friends were suggesting i should get fake marriage or i was stupid. We have grown more close with every passing days. we haven’t separated even for few days since we got married. i give everything i make to her, and she handles the bills and savings. this has been going since w

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