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(65 People Likes) What is Roxy Music's best album?

re, For Your Pleasure for it's cutting edge experimentalism (Eno was in great form there) and Siren for bringing the band to the mainstream. I have to say I'm still loving Flesh + Blood.
Though the record came at a time in their history where the loss of Eno, the friction within the remaining players and a general lethargy about their song writing existed (Manifesto sounded like a band that was too tired to go on), it was a lush, romantic and satisfying record that just deserved to be played all the way through. It spawned several hits, "Over You," Oh, Yeah," "Same Old Scene," and a pair of great covers, "In The Midnight Hour" and "Eight Miles High," that also charted for the band.
The record met mixed reviews in 1980 when it was released, but a review by Rock Music and cultural writer, Greil Marcus, summed up my feelings, "This record, all graceful lust and wistful regret, is pure romance; it’s also the best summer music anyone’s made since oil spills began undermining the concept. Flesh + Blood floats; it drifts; it fades away; it soars back. It captures the easy, endless promises of summer, and it captures the summer you’ve never gotten over; it works as soothing, mindless background music, an

(11 People Likes) Which movies take on a whole new meaning if you add just one letter?

ice melts due to global warming, to find that his daughter is now older than him.
Winception- a guy feels pain every time he moves his mouth. Gets injured and winces, and then winces because he winced and it hurt, and keeps on wincing forever.
The Harry Spotter movies- noseless obsessive stalker pokes his metaphorical nose into the life of a kid with round glasses by farting out dementors every time he spots said kid.
Titpanic- girl panics after her nude sketches get leaked.
The Percy Jacksong movies- guy likes to sing while jacking off underwater.
Flight Club- guys make DIY wings and hold underground flying contests.
James Blond- blond hair stylist James goes around dyeing the hair blond of 007 out of 10 people he encounters.
Mean in black- bunch of people dressed in black go around being mean to everyone.
Trambo- shirtless guy has a fetish for shooting up trams.
Rant-man- superhero scares the bad guys away by ranting to them about his shrinking penis.
Dreadpool- guy falls into a cursed swimming pool and turns into an avocado.
Lice age- excessive lice leads to the extinction of mammoths.
Jurassick park- bunch of sick dinosaurs go after humans the way humans are going after toilet paper during the pandemic.
Now you see men- all the men on Earth start to randomly disappear and reappear at different locations.

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(23 People Likes) Do Women Also Buy Sex Dolls?

a little bit more convenient, but after a long day at work the idea of going on a date and trying to get to know the other person might be overly ambitious. What if there was someone who would wait in your apartment, ready to engag about sex doll in any sexual act that you could think of, and with absolutely no judgment? Seems almost too go

(81 People Likes) Why People Buy Sex Dolls?

most brothels allow for that. Sex with sex dolls can come with a bit of a learning curve at first since they aren’t quite real women, but once you get the process down you can do whatever you want with them. Unlike a sex robot brothel, a doll brothel doesn't give you the complete sexual experience. Sex with sex dolls requires a bit of ingenuity. You have to get into the position you want, but the most popular are missionary and doggy style for a guy using a sex doll. For a girl using a sex doll, the male sex dolls offer a similar range of sex positions. You can see a sex doll in action on various porn sites, if interested, but it works just about the same way as human/huma

(24 People Likes) What merchants accept ethereum?

you have heard of any, please let me know because my business is about getting sh Cheap Sex Dolls ps to accept ethers, and if there’s a shop in your city already doing it, I’d like to know how they’re doing it.
That is the situation today, but I plan to change it. My company, Pure Money Technology Inc, aims to provide a very simple POS app that would allow merchants to accept ethers. We need evangelists to spread the good news.
There is one big reason why Bitcoin cannot become a medium of exchange: it is not designed to be one. It is a currency, yes, but only in the sense of being a store of value; as medium of exchange, no. The number of bitcoins that can ever exist is hard-limited to 21 million. That means a bitcoin will continue to increase in value - albeit in non-linear fashion. This means that Bitcoin holders are always going to be hesitant to spend their bitcoins. (Can you imagine how stupid those folks feel who spent 10,000 bitcoins to buy pizza in 2010?) Some Bitcoin holders could probably part with their satoshis during a downturn, but even then maybe not by much. A satoshi equals 0000001 BTC or about 6 cents right now. It is quite possible that a satoshi can go up in value to $100 or more in a few short years.
Ethereum is designed to be a medium of exchange, and unlike Bitcoin it’s a smart medium of exchange. (Right now I am building a “smart contract” that will compensate evangelists for pushing our POS app to merchants and vendors.) Ethereum quantity is limited, but not hard-limited like Bitcoin. Right now the rate of quantity “inflation” is about 18 million ethers per year. Depending on the situation, this rate of an

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