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(17 People Likes) How does a realistic sex doll affect male psychology?

I were single for years and didn't want my right (or left, idk) hand to be my sole companion, I'd buy one. The reasons would be the following:
Always in the mood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Never going to leave me
Does not complain or nag (regardless of gender)
Does not expect anything in return
No need to have an emotional connection
All in all, I think that they're pretty great for Thirsty As Hell™ people that do not seek a partner and just want to satisfy their appetites.

(58 People Likes) What would happen if all countries dropped the American dollar?

r> The US dollar has long been a standard of safety. Inflation is (generally) pretty low and the Treasury honors its obligation. That stability is the reason other countries use the dollar as the basis for transactions. Not the other way around - as the previous answers imply.
We would continue to issue debt in USD (despite what some people believe, the vast majority of US Debt is held by US citizens, so that wouldnt be so much of a problem)
Further, these countries would presumably sell their dollar holdings back to the US (who would likely retire most of them, rather than flood the economy)
The only substantive benefit we get (and it’s not inconsequential) is “seniorage”. When we print new money, it implicitly is a tax on physical dollars held. Most US citizens invest the majority of their dollars, so they benefit when the US inflates the dollars. Only the people actually holding dollars get hurt - and people who hold a lot of cash (despots, drug dealers etc) tend not to be people we get too concerned about taxing.
So, putti

(37 People Likes) You should clean your doll frequently,

ght soap. Note: I recommend keeping your doll's head out of the shower and cleaning separately. This can be done with a damp washcloth and a mild shampoo (see step #5). After washing, dry your doll thoroughly with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Do not use a blow dryer as this can sometimes damage the skin, if the heat becomes too concentrated. Optional, but recommended, after cleaning sex doll you can apply baby powder to your doll's skin after you have dried her. This will help remove any remaining moisture, and keep her skin nice and soft. Make up can be removed wit Love Doll a damp washcloth with warm water. You can use a paper towel or d

(86 People Likes) What drives a person to choose to marry an inanimate object (sex doll) over a real human being?

damental part of love is doing work to help the other person grow on their terms.
Does your spouse ask you questions about what you want in life? Do they take steps to steer your communal path towards a better future for you both? Do they give something up that they like so you can flourish? Do they get excited for you when you achieve a goal? These are all indications of love.
Love is a lot of work. I don’t mean the feeling of love also feels like work. I mean love is the work, not the feeling. You have to do things to love someone. Otherwise it’s just a pleasant attitude.
I recommend reading All About Love by bell hooks for another perspective.
At the end of the day, if yo

(71 People Likes) What do you think is better, using a sex doll as a training/fitness device or masturbating with your hand while watching porn?

ting frequent hard erections most of the time in the day along with pre-cum. Intentionally avoiding masturbation. Pre cum is tasting so good!!
Urge is very very high. I got little pain on one side of penis once but later pain stopped automatically.
Tried going commando. Penis is getting harder and harder most of the time. virtual sex doll game love it.
Thought I would get wet dream and body ejaculates the load when sleeping. But it didnt happen in