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(32 People Likes) Do gold prices always go up during a recession?

nts of gold, months, sometimes years into the future. Overall, the price of gold is pretty stable. Most of the time.
A look at historical prices would reveal that the biggest moves in gold come when the value of the dollar declines. If you look at the period between 2002 and 2008 - roughly speaking - you’d find that the price of gold skyrocketed from about $300/ounce to over $1,200/ounce, and actually reached a high of about $1,900 before crashing. During the same period, the value of the dollar on world markets, as measured or indicated by DXY, which is the symbol for the dollar index which compares the value of the US Dollar to a basket of six other world currencies, went down by 45%. Not coincidentally, when gold prices quadrupled, so too did crude. Most of these moves were in response to the declining dollar. If you compared the price of either gold or crude to their price in the currency of their country(ies)-or-origin you’d find that their price didn’t change all that much; any price changes in local currencies were probably due to speculation.
If you go back to the Reagan era, another period of rising gold prices, you’d find much the same thing, the rapid, and significant decline in the value of the US Dollar that raised gold prices significantly, the high being about $800/ounce or so.
Gold and crude went down in price under Obama? No surprise; the dollar went back up some 45% during Obama’s administration. Gold prices have varied by less than $100/ounce since Trump? Again, not too surprising considering that the USD has traded in a narrow range, from DXY 102 down to perhaps 92 or so.
The real migration of money during the lead-up to a recession, which generally includes the “smart money” getting out of the stock market, seems to be into US Treasuries. Price of treasuries and their yield or interest rate are inversely proportional, inextricably linked, and when treasuries are in demand, their price goes up, and interest rates go down. If you look at a chart of TNX (or maybe $TNX, depending on the charting service), which is a tracking index for the interest rate on 10-year treasuries, you’ll find that prior to the stock collapse, TNX had reached a high of about 3.25%, and since the stock market collapse, has fallen back below 3.0% (TNX, btw will show interest-times-ten, so “30” means an interest rate of 3.0%).
To buy the actual metal you may p do sex dolls feel real y as much as a 10% premium above gold prices, not just for gold coins, but also gold bars as well. And when you want to sell that physical gold, you get smacked by another premium, as much as 10% again. You could just buy the gold-tracking ETF, GLD and avoid all the hassle of holding the actual metal, and be financially, far better off.
But, to answer the question posed (again), a recession by itself is not going to sent the price of gold up enough to cover those onerous purchase and sales commissions, which could require that gold rise by 20% before you even break even. Gold as an investment, as has been shown numerous times, just doesn't perform that well; it generally lags the S

(51 People Likes) Is having sex with a sex doll/robot illegal in Singapore?

s no law that explicitly disallows this, it is thus legal. And while I can't be sure, I'm quite certain that there isn't any law to state otherwise.
Personally, I don't think our lawmakers are that keen to intrude into your personal habits unless there is a spe Sex Doll Torso ific rea

(24 People Likes) Does Bitcoin result in inflation or deflation?

e slow price deflation over the long haul. (Bitcoin today is not the money for any economy).
The reason:
Eventually it will stop growing. But the desire for real circulating money balances (including base money plus circulating claims on base money, like checking account balances) tends to increase over time (for a bunch of really complicated reasons.)
The only way that can happen is for prices to go steadily downward over time. To counteract this trend would require banks to reduce their reserves to essentially zero over time. That tends not to happen (for a

(88 People Likes) Is Neil Diamond singing about going on a date with a blow up sex toy doll in his song Crackling Rosie?

this young lady what people did for entertainment. She told him the story that there were many more men than women in the village, and on weekends the men that didn’t have a date would buy some cheap wine called “Cracklin Rose” and get smashe

(41 People Likes) Can I put a picture of my real doll on my desk at work? Is it discrimination if I’m asked to take it down?

eird and makes people uncomfortable, then it would be OK for them to ask you to take it d

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