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(14 People Likes) What did someone do during military boot camp that made you say “You gotta be kidding me”?

whatever reason thought the black drill sergeants were his buddies. He walked by a bl Real Doll ck drill sergeant and nodded his head and said “What’s up?” The drill sergeant smoked the crap out of him for the next 15–20 min making him say “Whats up?! Whats up?!” the entire time.
2)One of my buddies decided during formation while we were all supposed to be standing at attention that it was a good time to put on chapstick. They made him sprint around the formation smearing chapstick all over his lips yelling “My lips are smooth and unchapped!” Lol
3)We had a kid who fell out of the top bunk one night while he was sleeping and broke his arm couldn’t continue training. He got medically discharged.
4)Another guy got so stressed out he started wetting his bunk at night. He stopped doing it eventually and made it through.
5)There was this skinny kid named Schmidt who started getting a few pimples. Nothing weird about that, but he couldn’t stop picking at them. I remember all of a sudden seeing him one day and his face looked bad, like tore up he was picking them so bad. One night, after lights out we heard screaming coming from the latrines(bathrooms) It was our DS screaming at the top of his lungs at Schmidt. I guess after lights out Schmidt would go to the latrines and pick his face in the mirror for an hour or so. I think that’s how he was dealing with the stress anxiety. Our DS screamed at him that he better not catch him picking at his face ever again. After that he stopped.
6)One time during BRM(basic rifle marksmanship) before we were issued rifles we had to carry around rubber rifle replicas for a week or so. We had to carry them with us everywhere. One time we were excused to use the latrines, but had to bring the “rubber duckies” with us as they were called. As we were walking back, one idiot female didn’t have hers with her. I literally thought to myself, “Are you kidding me?” How in the hell can you forget to bring yours with you despite the fact that you are surrounded by 50 other trainees who ALL have theirs right in their hands?? Either she was an idiot who didn’t pay attention to detail or she just didn’t care. She got our whole platoon smoked for that.
7)We had another kid named Coli(I remember his name because the drill sergeants called him E.Coli after the bacteria). One time they made him sit in a tree and swing his legs back and forth chirp like a bird. The kid cou sex with a male sex doll dn’t handle being bullied

(78 People Likes) How does inflation affect a country's currency?

used to think a lot on this topic. But just recently got it clear. Even I am a beginner to the advance level of Economics. So over here I am presenting my understanding on the topic which is backed by many readings and logic.
Constant rise in prices is termed as inflation. When the same unit of currency is able to buy lesser goods than before, we see inflation. Inflation is because of many reasons:
1. Cost-push.
2. Demand-pull.
3. Money-supply.
Currency is a legal tender of exchange (money) accepted by a particular nation of the world. Say INR is Indian currency, USD is American currency. Currency is a narrow term than money. Money has primary two functions to perform:
1. Efficient medium of exchange.
2. Store of value.

The quantity and quality of goods and services that a unit of a particular currency can buy depicts its purchasing power which is nothing but the value of currency. Money supply has to maintain a decent pace with the level of economic growth in the country. With increasing production, more money must be supplied in the economy to have the production and to avoid a cash crunch situation. But when the supply of money increases without any increase in production, it simply means that more currency comes into existence to purchase the same category quantity of goods. This Sex Doll ncrease can happen because of various reasons. One of them being the defence expenditure. This raises an obvious question:

Is having more money than required bad for the economy?
Certainly the answer is yes.
Just for a moment think that the barter system has returned. No one has trust on the paper note. This gives rise to the economic phenomena of mutual dependence of needs. Moreover everyone would think about many commodities to store the value. This would seriously hamper the number of economic activities. Moreover much of time will get wasted in finding the exact opposite match. In fact the global trade that we see today is a gift of modern money.

Linking the thought to our present paper economy. Remember money has changed its major form from coin to paper. One of the most important reason being the difficulty to carry such coins. As and when it devalued, difficulty kept on increasing. More and more coins were needed to buy the same quality quantity of goods. So came the concept of promissory note whose refined form we see today to be the legal tender paper note. Looking to factual position of the present economies (keeping into consideration many factors), money supply has increased at a faster pace than the economic growth. As a result more papers are needed than what were needed in the past. Once again the question rises, so what is the problem to print notes of higher denomination? This printing of higher denomination itself fuels the inflation. May be the reason that since Change against higher denomination may not be sufficiently available, it further raises the inflation. Consequently we see that the value of currency goes down.

Even more consider an economy to be an open one. As the level of inflation goes up, value of currency against other currencies goes down. This is what is explained by the Purchasing Power Parity theory. Currency fluctuations happen because of two reasons:
1. Foreign currency is required for trade and investments.
2. Many speculators and traders do trade currencies on daily basis.
International economics has to be linked for any open economy to understand the value of currency.

For a better understanding refer:
1. Zimbabwean economic crisis.
2. History of money by James Robertson.
3. Rising of the USD as global currency.
4. Relationship between money supply economic growth.

I hope your question is a

(13 People Likes) Will we live to see robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence?

ready provide a physical experience that is 90% like the real thing. Once we can add an emotional component to dolls, this industry will sex with a male sex doll xplode. There is going to be a huge market for virtual reality and artificial intelligence in the pornography and sex industry.
Companies are investing heavily in developing this technology, and you can already see some of their progress:
pornhub.com has created a 360 degree video section.
A company named VR Bangers is testing a 3D porn Virtual Reality experience in a Las Vegas hotel.
And Hanson Robotics has recently partnered with a sex doll company to bring robotics and Artificia

(35 People Likes) What would you buy if no one judged you for it?

t smile sweetly and tell them how happy it makes me.
Judging myself, however, is trickier. As someone who's always been poor, I can't imagine ever being comforta Realistic Sex Doll le with expensive frivolous purchases, even if I were suddenly rich.
There are some expensive things that I would consider, not necessary, but acceptable luxuries. If I suddenly found myself in a position of wealth, I'd be fine with buying a house with a swimming pool, or a boat. I'd get a lot of use out of them, and the swimming pool at least would improve my health. I'd also probably buy tons of sports equipment - skis, water skis, jet skis, windsurfers, surfboards - and spend a lot of time using them. That's the key for whether I consider a luxury item worth the price: is it useful?
Then there are the things that I wouldn't be able to buy and still face myself in the mirror. Like diamonds, or expensive champagne, or a Bugatti Veyron. Would I love to drive a Bugatti? Hell yeah. Would I pay the price to do so? Nope. Not even if I had more money than I knew what to do with. I'd judge myself too harshly.
However, if I had tons of money, and could buy stuff without judging myself for it?
Fabergé eggs.
Silly pieces of prettiness that have no use whatsoever except to be looked at, and that I nevertheless love so much that I get teary even seeing pictures of them. There was an exhibition in London some years back, the largest collection of Fabergé eggs in one place (I believe), and I missed it because I was in and out of hospital that year and couldn't get anyone to take me to see it. One of my travel dreams is to see the collections in the Kremlin Armory in Moscow, the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, and several other museums and publicly-viewable collections around the world.
(Photo from Pinterest.)
I have several reproduction and Fabergé-inspired pieces, and they're beautiful, but they're not the same.
I can't imagine ever feeling like I could spend that kind of money on

(22 People Likes) What is the significance of the optimal inflation rate estimation in the economy?

d for economy) if it costs more tomorrow. Without inflation, productivity would drive prices down and sex with a male sex doll people would defer consumption
Salary and wage adjustments. It’s a lot easier to do nothing than take something away. Businesses are in a constant state of price discovery. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes not. As money becomes less valuable small mistakes are adjusted.
Seniorage - the government prints some of the money it uses to cover interest rates. The best part about that is, in doing so, (assuming modest inflation) the only people who get hurt are those holding large cash deposits (drug dealers, embezzlers, people hoarding cash).
This is because for most people holding money, they do it in interest bearing accounts that adjust upwards to inflationary pressure
Seniorage is a term that dates back to the Middle Ages when tax entities would melt silver collections and then add a little bit of so

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