Sex Dolls And The Best 6 Sex Positions

Posted Sunday, December 12, 2021 | By Eva

A sex doll is a kind of sex toy, only used as an auxiliary tool for masturbation, becoming an emotional bond and a true companion. Sex dolls come in various shapes and sizes. Sex dolls are not sex robots designed for more complex communication.

on how the sex doll is used, it will give you the feeling of having sex with a real person and help you achieve a strong orgasm. Sex dolls are good toys that can enhance your sexual experience and give you a stronger orgasm, but when you have sex with a sex doll, you need to know which position is effective. Therefore, if you have just purchased your first character doll and are happy to have sex with her, please take care of your sex doll.

1. bend down

This sex position is a very popular position that couples have used for many years. In this position, you put the man fuck doll on the sexy back position, and then put her in from behind. Hold the sex doll from behind and kneel near your bed or table. Make sure your upper body is lying on the bed. The appearance of the protruding buttocks is very sexy, and it can be inserted into the anus and vagina or both. You can also put your sex doll on sexy high heels to make your upper body warmer.

Difficulty level-suitable for beginners

Pros and cons

+ Can be done in the bedroom or outside the bedroom

+ According to the different items of the sex doll, you can further increase the fun. Try sofas, beds, chairs and pillows. Make sure that there are no abrasives to protect your doll’s soft silicone or TPE skin.

– Not as comfortable as on a mattress

– After a while, you may hurt or bruise the knee of a sex doll. Therefore, please take care of it when using it.

2. Back

You stand against the wall, the love doll also stands against the wall, you insert it from behind. In other words, her back should face you, and you should hold her from behind. The corner of the room is probably the best place, because the walls provide the support needed to keep her upright. Put the hand of love doll on the wall to keep her balance. Lifting one leg can give you a deeper understanding of her.


pros and cons

+ Very suitable for sex in deformed places such as showers and balconies.

+ Ideal for deep insertion

– If the height difference between you and your sex doll is large, this can be difficult. If sex toy doll is taller than you, spread her legs far enough to insert it.

100cm teen sex doll

3. Spoon

The spoon is the most intimate sex position ever. If you want to have sex with a doll in bed, or you are looking for a more intimate position, the spoon position is perfect for you. She bends the arm of the love doll forward, and then put it behind her in the same direction, like your little spoon. Bend her legs at a 45-degree angle to support her body. You can lift her leg slightly and insert it into any hole you want. The spoon is the most familiar and easiest way to insert.


pros and cons

+ It is very suitable for heavier sex dolls, because it does not need to be carried in a cumbersome position.

+ Ideal for body temperature. You are so close to your love doll that you warm her with your body and sex feels more real.

-You can't see her beautiful eyes, and you can't kiss her like you are in love.

4. Doggy style

Of course, if you really want excitement, you can't help but talk about dog style. Kneel the love doll on the bed and place it face down. To balance your body, move your elbows away from the bed a little bit, and spread your sex doll's legs a little bit. If you like rough handling, you can also enjoy spanking sex dolls. However, be careful not to damage love doll’s knees due to friction. After use, put the love doll back in place and store it.

Difficulty: Beginner

pros and cons

+ Deep insertion and easy rhythm control

-If you are not careful, it may cause love doll’s knee injury

-Not as close as other locations

5. Cowgirl

If you want to have sex on your back, this position is perfect. Let me lie on your bed and let the doll sit on it. In Japanese, it is a cowgirl. You can sit face to face, or you can have the doll's back facing you.

Difficulty: Intermediate

pros and cons

+ You can use the weight of the love doll to help you get more excitement in sexual activities

-More difficult to move

6. Missionaries

Many couples have long used sexy missionary poses. Also known as "missionary position". Lay the sex doll on your back on the bed with your legs spread about 45 degrees. Or you can put the feet of the love doll on your shoulders. Have sex with your love doll now. The advantage of the missionary is that you can put the love doll wherever you like.

Difficulty: Beginner

advantage disadvantage

+ The love doll is easy to move.

+ Feels closer to your sex doll than any other position

+ Win the prize most likely to cause orgasm

-After a while it will become a bit boring and monotonous

Pro tip: Watch some popular porn videos while having sex with sex dolls. If you use the same posture as several videos, please be there. This can make sexual activity more sexy. I believe you can ejaculate in a few minutes by using these techniques!

I hope you check before buying your first character doll. There are different types and materials of sex dolls. Find the one that suits you best. In addition, almost all love dolls need to do some preparation before sex. Check it and be prepared not to hurt yourself. For example, always use lubricant or heat the doll to a certain temperature.

No matter what posture or love doll you use, we hope you have a strong orgasm experience!

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