158cm Big Breast Realistic Doll Video

Below is a related video about the 158cm big breast realistic doll to help you understand her more comprehensively.

Our realistic sex doll can perform oral sex, breast, vagina and anal sex. Her body is made of a metal skeleton and can flexibly assume various poses like a human female.

Meet with her and prepare for the best experience you have. She has a body for entertainment and lips for pleasure. She is the woman you dream of. She is just over 158cm tall and made of TPE, which feels and looks real. Her skin is soft and smooth, and her body is strong and lifelike.

When you play the game from behind, "shake" it, and experience an incredible feeling when you play wherever you want with her. She is a super soft, squeezable and realistic TPE sex doll. When you touch her body once, you won't want anything else. Even my hands can't do without her! She let her amazingly lively, huge G cup milk emerge from her jacket, kneading and caressing them.

Doll Specification

  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 158cm / 5.18ft
  • Bra Size: G Cup
  • Waist: 52cm / 20.47inch
  • Bust: 88cm / 34.64inch
  • Hips: 86cm / 33.85inch
  • Net Weight: 34kg / 74.95lbs

Package List

  • 1 * Real Sex Doll
  • 1 * Vaginal USB Heating Rod
  • 1 * Comb
  • 1 * Wig
  • 1 * Lingerie (Random)
  • 1 * Blanket (Random)
  • 1 * Vaginal Cleaning Tool
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