158cm Long Hair Sexy Love Doll Video

Below is a related video about the 158cm long hair sexy love doll to help you understand her more comprehensively.

In the afternoon sun, we stood on the corner of the street. Looking at my sexy breasts, your heart beats out! In fact, I've seen it through a long time ago. I whispered in your ear: "Hug me, dear!" At that moment, you turned your back to me, looking at my shy appearance and perfect body, your blood swelled to the extreme.

Now at home, I like to be naked and only wear loose black lace underwear. If you want to see my sexy body, I will take off my clothes and satisfy your desires. I want to be your lover's sex doll.

Doll Specification

  • Material: TPE
  • Height: 158cm / 5.18ft
  • Bra Size: G Cup
  • Waist: 52cm / 20.47inch
  • Bust: 88cm / 34.64inch
  • Hips: 86cm / 33.85inch
  • Net Weight: 34kg / 74.95lbs

Package List

  • 1 * Real Sex Doll
  • 1 * Vaginal USB Heating Rod
  • 1 * Comb
  • 1 * Wig
  • 1 * Lingerie (Random)
  • 1 * Blanket (Random)
  • 1 * Vaginal Cleaning Tool
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