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(99 People Likes) Why do people put those "Baby On Board" signs on their vehicles?

who recently became a new mom bought me a “Baby on Board!” sign. You know the type: black on yellow print, often suctioned to the back window of a vehicle to inform other motorists that you’re traveling with child. It’s kind of like a smiley face—anyone can recognize the sign from miles away.
Two well-meaning guests at my baby shower and a friend who recently became a new mom bought me a “Baby on Board!” sign. You know the type: black on yellow print, often suctioned to the back window of a vehicle to inform other motorists that you’re traveling with child. It’s kind of like a smiley face—anyone can recognize the sign from miles away.
So why does it feel like my fellow motorists are not just ignoring it, but are driving more aggressively around me now that my car is marked? Like the other day, when I was exiting my condo’s garage and a neighbour kept laying on the horn as I was waiting for the garage door to open. She did it again as I waited for a red light to turn green, and by the way, a pedestrian, who had the right of way, was crossing the road and my baby was about to fall asleep. (Thanks, neighbour! Not cool!)
Sex Doll ut I have two clear reasons for why I keep using that sign:
1. There’s a baby on board
I don’t use the sign out of malice. I don’t use it to brag (even though I have the cutest baby in the world). And I don’t use it because I want special privileges. I use the sign because my vehicle is carrying a precious, young life. And, in the end, isn’t one of the basic rules of humanity to watch out for those who are most vulnerable?
2. The sign alerts emergency personnel
In the case of an accident, a baby on board sign informs EMS, fire or police about the presence a child in the vehicle. My father once told me, if you want to be respected, you have to show respect. So, here are a couple of things I do now that I’m using this sign:
I make it a point to remove the sign if my baby is not on board
I don’t want to mislead emergency crews in the case of an accident. Time is precious in an emergency, and the last thing police or EMS need to do is look for a baby who was never in the car to begin with.
Check the road rage at the door
Sign or no sign, since having my little one, I’ve learned to www love and sex dolls com pack in some extra pa

(16 People Likes) Do you think my girlfriend will get upset if I tell her I want to get a realistic sex doll (not because she isn't enough, I just have a kink)?

aim that she’s your girlfriend.
Personally, I would be happy if my spouse would be satisfied with a sex doll instead of constantly thinking about sex with real humans. Sex dolls don’t carry diseases, they can’t pregnant, they can’t hire lawyers or sue for sexual harassment or child support, and they can’t engage in emotional blackmail. I’d be happy that we can chat comfortably about the topic, and it’d be fun to go shopping together for such a nice toy.
Then again, many other people would be upset at the idea. It varies. You have to know the person to make a guess.
However, if you think random strangers can have a better guess than you do over whether your girlfriend in particular will get upset at the idea of you wanting a sex doll, then that probably means that you don’t understand what a unique person she is. If you don’t understand that, then you probably don’t make her feel special as much as you should. Consequently, she’s probably slightly more likely to be insecure about your relationship, and that means she’s slightly

(88 People Likes) My boyfriend had sex with a sex doll while I was asleep. Should I be concerned? Is that a form of cheating dolls?

nk it’s a form of cheating?
If Sex Doll you do, then it’s cheatin www love and sex dolls com . Cheating is breaking the agreements of a relationship.
Are you concerned? If you are, then you can choose to tell your boyfriend that you are concerned.
If you are not concerned, then you can choose to talk to your boyfriend about cheating, sex or the weather.
I recommend you talk to your boyfri

(90 People Likes) If the federal government can lend itself unlimited money, why did WW2 have a push to "buy bonds"?

eded a new group of bond buyers, so the issued “War Bonds”. They did the same at the Civil War. Today we know these as savings bond, but basically much the same as war bonds. They are safe. Social Security can only invest in US Government bonds. They get a special issue, we can’t buy. So when someone says the Government is “raiding” Social S www love and sex dolls com curity, understand they are buying US Government bonds much as you or I would , We owe China billions, these aren’t commercial loans, it is just that the Chinese have an appetite for a safe investment, and the money is in this county in dollars already. But the Chinese, and Social Security, and Savings Bonds holders, all get their interest, and the principal is guaranteed by the United States of America.
Printing currency is a different operation. They print new to replace mutilated bills, to supply the banking system. But if a Bank wants a million in $20s, they have to transfer that money to the treasury. Currency and Government debt are different. When we have printed excessive currency, it causes the currency to lose value. It is inevitable, but needs to be controlled. Then the government has to raise rates, rates are the price of money, they raise rates to offset the decline in value from more money printed to keep the value up. It is a losing proposition. Mexico, Venezuela , and other countries have tried this. A very delicate balance. When our dollar was in free fall in the 70s, the Fed raised rates to near 20%. At the other point, the Treasury had to issue bonds near that 20% as well, increasing the cost of our debt.
Currently, rates are low, but rising. The Treasury needs to lock in more of these low longer term rates. But is the market looking to lock in this rate? The Treasury is trapped in that they need to issue the bonds investors will buy, and they want short term. As rates rise, the interest om Trill

(68 People Likes) Why are fewer and fewer people buying inflatable sex dolls?

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