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(31 People Likes) If the federal government can lend itself unlimited money, why did WW2 have a push to "buy bonds"?

eded a new group of bond buyers, so the issued “War Bonds”. They did the same at the Civil War. Today we know these as savings bond, but basically much the same as war bonds. They are safe. Social Security can only invest in US Government bonds. They get a special issue, we can’t buy. So when someone says the Government is “raiding” Social Security, understand they are buying US Government bonds much as you or I would , We owe China billions, these aren’t commercial loans, it is just that the Chinese have an appetite for a safe investment, and the money is in this county in dollars already. But the Chinese, and Social Security, and Savings Bonds holders, all get their interest, and the principal is guaranteed by the United States of America.
Printing currency is a different operation. They print new to replace mutilated bills, to supply the banking system. But if a Bank wants a million in $20s, they have to transfer that money to the treasury. Currency and Government debt are different. When we have printed excessive currency, it causes the currency to lose value. It is inevitable, but needs to be controlled. Then the government has to raise rates, rates are the price of money, they raise rates to offset the decline in value from more money printed to keep the va Realistic Sex Doll ue up. It is a losing proposition. Mexico, Venezuela , and other countries have tried this. A very delicate balance. When our dollar was in free fall in the 70s, the Fed raised rates to near 20%. At the other point, the Treasury had to issue bonds near that 20% as well, increasing the cost of our debt.
Currently, rates are low, but rising. The Treasury needs to lock in more of these low longer term rates. But is the market looking to lock in this rate? The Treasury is trapped in that they need to issue the bonds investors will buy, and they want short term. As rates rise, the interest om Trill

(77 People Likes) If you want a realistic toy that you can connect with,

with an actual woman! You can customize your sex doll at Joylove Dolls by starting with over 40 different body types and 300 heads, which can craft according to your exact specifications. The doll's vagina is made with a special kind of material that allows you to use it without lubricant. Some dolls also have removable vaginas so that you can clean it after use. We have an incredible variety of sex dolls for sale with various custom options and provide the most authentic sexual encounter you can get outside reality. You can meet busty blonde Hannah, brunette Bianca or an ebony beauty Sophia. You will find your best companion here. We also have a male companion like Jack and plenty of other handsome guys to introduce to you. You can search and customize your sex doll according to body type, genre, and gender. You can find a range of sex dolls from skinny to chubby, European to Black, small to big boobs. Choose the doll which exactly turns you on. We also provide high-end sex dolls with exceptional features like allowing you to modify the bod

(15 People Likes) Is Annabelle of "The Conjuring" a real spirit-possessed doll?

ther it is actually possessed, like many of the Warren cases, is questionable. Many other paranormal researchers who have interacted with the Warrens describe them as “fame seeking,” and “interested in how to get rich off the case.” Many of the people they have helped have conflicting stories about their cases, with many of them admitting to fabricating details. Here’s a few links as to what the Warrens are really like:
Ed Lorraine Warren Have Been Exposed As Frauds Over And Over Againvtech little love learn to walk doll r> 5 Successful People Who Everyone Forgets Are Exposed Frauds
Image of Annabelle courtesy of http://the13thfloor.com
Personally, I think this version of Annabelle makes for a scarier film. I’d be much more afraid of a haunted cuddly toy than something that lo

(73 People Likes) Which rather unknown songs do you like a lot?

commend Radio Caprice, based in Russia. They have a separate station for every genre of metal you can think of (sorry non-metalheads), and there are ZERO DJs and ZERO adverts/commercials, just non-stop music. The only issue is that my microwave interferes with the signal, so I can’t cook a pizza while rocking out. YouTube is my last resort if I can’t find what I’m looking for, but it has some hidden gems that you can’t find anywhere else.
Below is a list of fantastic but relatively unknown metal, much of which has fewer than one thousand hits on Spotify. That happens to be the lowest number you can view, placing these gems firmly into the category of pretty fucking obscure. Prepare your ears for some epic riffage;
Transcendence - Endless Reign
Obscure as it gets. Who the hell are these guys?!
Judgment Hammer - No Surrender
Imagine Metallica’s Kill ’em All but with a bit less thrash and a bit more groove. Proper old school metal in a nutshell.
Samson - Communion
Not unknown per se (Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson was in Samson), but certainly underrated.
Ascendia - Demon Eyes
Epic riffs, epic vocals, epic everything.
Gama Bomb - Sentenced to Thrash
“How do you plead? Guilty as fuck.”
Lords of the Trident - Manly Witness
Cheesy power metal/hard rock with daft lyrics. I love it.
Shakra - Unspoken Truth
Probably the least heavy song on this list, but that doesn’t detract from its greatness.
Savage Messiah - The Fateful Dark
I saw these guys play this live at Download Festival 2016, it was fucking awesome.
Cannon - M.E.T.A.L
Very silly hair metal. Take it seriously at your peril.
Bliksem - Dead End Road
I’ve run out of things to say.
Cirith Ungol - Heaven Help Us
I have a soft spot for any band named after JRR Tolkien’s lore; see also Amon Amarth.
Emerald - Look to the Stars
As old as it sounds. These guys should have been big.
Black Smith - The Triumph And Glory Of The Wood People (OST Lords And Heroes)
It’s actually in Russian, so finding it is difficult.
Spitfire - Macedonia
Greece has much more of a metal pedigree than everyone gives it credit for.
Immension - The Enemy Within
I have this on my iPod and have no idea where it came from. Thank God.
Light this City - Beginning with Release
Melodeath at its finest (a slight exaggeration but it's still good).
Ram - Defiant
More old stuff.
Sondura - You Remain
Slightly more radio-friendly (yes, I use that as an insult) than most on this list, but good nonetheless.
The Soulless - Earthbound
Compilation albums are great for finding songs you otherwise might not discover.
Hour of 13 - Naked Star
On the same compilation as the song abov

(39 People Likes) How would ladies react if they found their significant other owns a realistic adult sex doll?

to “discover” it accidentally, I’d be pretty pissed off. I don’t do “secrets” in my relationships. Secrets block paths to intimacy. I value privacy, but there’s a difference between privacy and secrecy.
I talk with my partners before they become partners about all manner of things, like politics, religion, feminism, and sex. They would have to know way before we ever started dating that I’m sex-positive, meaning that I believe that any and all sex that a consenting adult has with other consenting adults (including the sex they have solo, as they would be consenting to sex with themselves) is OK. I believe that any sex of that nature is good up to and including no sex at all, if that’s what the person wants for themselves.
So for them to make it to the “partner” stage still *hiding* the fact that they have a sex doll … something would have to be seriously off. This would be a symptom of something much deeper going on.
Now … how would I feel about my partner having a sex doll? As I said, any sex among consenting adults is just fine by me. If I were to meet someone that I was interested in a relationship with, and I learned that he had a realistic sex doll, I’d be just fine with it.
In fact, I’d probably be quite curious about it, and if he was open to a little exhibitionism, I’d like to watch him masturbate with it (because it’s an inanimate object - you don’t have sex with the doll, you masturbate with it).
Hell, I’d like to have 2 of them for myself. I want one of them to be an exact copy of me. It would be a huge help to me in my costuming to have a replica of me so that I could see what things looked like on myself from all angles while I’m building the costume. I’d also like to watch a partner masturbate with it, because I’m curious what I look like in certain positions and what my partners look like with me when I can’t really see them or can only see them from one angle.
The other doll I want is a male doll that I could masturbate with. I don’t much care for penetrative sex toys like dildos, so I never masturbate with those things, but I do like having sex with men with penises. Sometimes, I want the feel