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(76 People Likes) What is the real story of the Annabelle doll?

nt named Donna received the doll from her mother as a birthday gift who, in turn, had found her at a thrift store. Donna kept the doll with her in her apartment, where she lived with her colleague, Angie.
Daemonologist Lorraine Warren holding Annabelle Doll.
Soon the girls started experiencing strange happenings in their apartment. They would find things misplaced. They also noticed that the doll was changing position. This became more and more obvious. They would lock Annabelle up in one room before leaving and then return to find her in another room. They also found some strange writings on their apartment walls.
The girl duo contacted a medium for help. The medium, after reading the doll, said the doll was being manipulated by the spirit of a little girl named Annabelle Higgins. Annabelle, who was said to have died under mysterious circumstances, said that her spirit found comfort in Donna and Angie’s company. She even requested them to let her spirit enter the doll so that she can live with them forever. The girls relented and allowed the spirit into the doll. Things took a drastic turn after that.
The girls would have recurring nightmares where they saw the doll attacking them in some way or other. One day when their male friend Lou came to spend a night at their apartment he was attacked by her when he was alone.
The terrified trio turned to their local church for help. The priest there referred them to the Warrens, Ed and Lorraine, daemonologists. The Warrens, after reading Annabelle, said that the doll was being possessed not by a little girl’s spirit but by a daemon and that the daemon had been trying to enter one of the girls’ body. An exorcism was performed on the doll and their apartment with the help of the church and the doll now sits in a glass box at the Warrens' Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

(30 People Likes) How does inflation increase the price of a particular commodity?

to accept that the demand for a commodity can change. If the p Love Doll oduction of the commodity keeps pace with the demand their is no change in prices. It is easy to bring down production marginally as well ramp up production. The ceiling is the installed capacity. There is a floor too. Every production has some fixed costs. If demand goes down that you lose money to produce the quantity then there is no purpose in production.
If production can not meet demand prices go up, on the other hand if production is below demand, prices fall.
Is there any other reason for increase in prices? yes, prices can increase due to taxation. Prices can change due to change in prices of a particular component if the cost.
The above instance is called cost push.
The first case where production can not keep pace with demand is called demand pull.
We were discussing the interaction between demand and prices.
Now it's time to dig into demand.
Demand for goods and services change. What factors impact demand. There are some goods that have seasonal demand variations. It is predictable.
There is one factor that has predictable impact on demand and that is money supply. If money supply grows, people have more money in their pockets. This creates demand. If production doesn't ramp up you see inflation or increase in prices in general.
I would like to mention here that the money supply in a country us totally manageable by the central bank of the country. Which brings us to the conclusion t

(17 People Likes) Does inflation affect depreciation?

year, could depreciation be taken at the replacement value of $2,000? I'm afraid from a strictly public accoun ty dolla sign love u better mp3 download ing view point, no. Cash has been debited, the balance sheet has been credited for $1,000.
If one were to stretch things a bit, the asset could be sold and repu

(15 People Likes) Which superheroes/villains have the best/worst portrayals in cinematic universe(s)? Why?

t kidding, this and Huge Jackman’s portrayal are my favorite ones.
I’m talking about this abomination
The merc with a mouth turned into the merc with a sewed up mouth. They slapped Cyclops' mutant power on him and gave him teleportation abilities. It was a hideous adaptation and is one of the many factors why the movie bombed.
Eric Forman as Venom
I loved Topher Grace as Eric Forman in That 70’s Show but as Eddie Brock? Horrible idea. Emo Peter Parker wasn’t the worst thing in the movie; it was this portrayal.
Nicolas Cage as Ghost Rider
I'll start with this; Nicolas Cage is a great actor. Raising Arizona, Adaptation, Matchstick Men, Lord of War and Leaving Las Vegas proves that. And his more crazy work in movies like Con Air and Face Off are memorable and downright entertaining.
But he has also had quite a few stinkers. And Ghost Rider is one of them. His portrayal of johnny Blaze isn't his worst performance (that title have to go to The Wicker Man), but the problem with Ghost Rider, is that he went overboard with the majority of his scenes.
Shaquille O’Neal as Steel
No comment.

(25 People Likes) I have a articulated Barbie fashionista doll and her hip joints are kinda loose. Her hip joint is purple and is like a plastic thing that connects to the torso. Is there any way that I can tighten the hip joint?

int looks like this (Ik the picture looks blurry and all but you can tell that the hip joint is what I described it to