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(28 People Likes) Why does my boyfriend ask me to be fit while not being fit himself? He haven't been at the gym for a long time anyway and I'm not even fat.

l. With summer approaching, being fit with good cardio-vascular endurance, strength and stamina will allow you to have many exciting adventures like hiking in Moab, Utah ,river rafting the San Juan, body surfing in Santa Cruz and enjoying a down home Texas barbecue in Granbury, Texas. Plus, you’ll be able to outrun any zombies if a Zombie Apocalypse should occur. If you get really fit, you can start a new life as a hot yoga inst Best Sex Dolls uctor and dump your boyfriend’s fat, sorry ass. Make it happen, woman!
For with the same judgment you pronounce, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3Why
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(70 People Likes) Why do people buy a realistic silicone sex doll? Why has this thing become so popular, more than a real woman?

en to use by themselves. It is just another form of masturbation.
Masturbation is safe, natural and healthy. No risks of sexually transmitted diseases, no unwanted pregnancies, no complicated mating rituals or relationships for those who are not in a steady sexual relationship.
Humans masturbate. This hasn't stopped humans from continuing to mate with each o sheep blow up sex doll her and make more humans.
A sex robot is just another, slightly more e

(29 People Likes) What are 5 useless facts about you?

messed up childhood for myself and my siblings…and her 5 husbands.
When I was 7 years old my siblings and I were playing with a bunch neighborhood kids in a field behind our house, we were all “building” a fort out of found materials, tin pieces, 5 gallon buckets, old crates and boards. My mother, who was very strict, had called us all home and my siblings began to run home -and as I began to go one of the neighborhood kids said “Don’t go!” and I said “I have to, my mom called.” she replied “If you go, I’ll hit you with this board!” -which she did. Right in the small of my ba sheep blow up sex doll k. I went facedown in a heartbeat and couldn’t move. My mom came looking for me in a fury when I didn’t come home with the others, when she saw all the other neighborhood kids around me she called out for me to come, however I still couldn’t move. Mom was a R.N. and so she went into action, she noticed the board the girl had hit me with which evidently had a nail in it and she had effectively nailed me in the back. Mom ordered two of the kids to go home and get their parents, and another to go to his house to grab an ironing board. The other parents arrived and carefully placed and strapped me securely on the ironing board and into a station wagon. X-rays showed that the nail was pressed up next to my spinal cord causing the paralysis. The nail, along with the board, were successfully removed and nothing else (except a tiny nail sized scar on my spine) came of it after that.
When I was 9 years old I was invited to spend the night at a friend’s house. In the middle of the night a car ran a stop sign and drove their car into the bedroom I was in, hit the bed I was sleeping in, and pushed it across the room blocking the door. I was startled, but ok. That section of the house was condemned until it could be rebuilt. The child who had invited me to spend the night was completely missed by the car and the house crumbling, missed by the whole accident.
As a child I began a life long appreciation for art, and began drawing. My mother didn’t want me to draw or even be interested in art, so she forbade me to do so. In an attempt to hide my desire to draw, I would only draw my left hand in various contorted positions to challenge me. Over and over and over. By the time I was 18 I have an entire book of my hand showing not only my hand growing older, but my talent developing.
My husband and myself have purchased and lived in 3 separate house

(23 People Likes) What do you think about real life dolls?

society is more accepting of sex toys for women, so should men be able to grab a bit of the spotlight!
For that reason, we’re hoping to remove any stigma or aphrehension surrounding sex dolls for men, so that men all over the world can start enjoying their sexuality even more, in a safe space, just like women all over the world do.
So, how do sex dolls work? Well, it’s a loaded question, as it involves many different facets. But, in short, a sex doll is a device that mimics that of Realistic Sex Doll a real woman, and comes with one or more holes that give a man a real-feel experience. In this way, a man can enjoy sexual release and even companionship, should he seek a new experience.
The longer version about how sex dolls work would be t

(86 People Likes) What industries will virtual reality (VR) disrupt?

carcity. Shopping, news, education, media, communications of all kinds have been upended.
Virtual reality will give us an efficient way to communicate and share experiences. The industries that rely mostly strongly on managing access to experiences are likely to be ones most affected.
I don't believe that virtual reality will replace actual, real experiences, no more than the Internet did away with paintings and museums just because we can see them online, or with live concerts just because we can listen to the music on our iPods, or with business travel just because we can do video conferences.
But it will dramatically expand the audience for many experiences, and even as some real experiences will be replaced by virtual ones, the bigger total audience will mean that the real experiences will still be valued.
Take a random example -- late night talk shows. You can watch them online (or on TV, I guess, if you've misplaced all your Internet-connected devices) or you can be part of the studio audience. Virtual reality would allow you to be part of a virtual studio audience, see the show as its being taped, shake the host's virtual hand and she comes out to meet everyone. This will allow the show to build a stronger connection to its viewers -- and create an even bigger appetite for the "real" thing.
Imagine how politics will be transformed if a politician can virtually shake the hand of every single potential voter. How fundraising will be transformed if potential donors can stand on the site of a disaster and watch a tsunami come crashing down around them.
Education will be transformed. The Internet, and Wikipedia, and online classes have already dramatically changed how we learn just about anything. Virtual reality will add in experience-based learning, as we will be able to practice skills in a simulated environment. And networking, as we interact with other students and instructors inside virtual spaces.
Finally, virtual reality will allows to bring to life things we have previously been able to only imagine. What life was like throughout history. What a car or building or city will look like before its built. W Silicone Sex Doll at a house we're thinking of buying will look like after we r

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