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(27 People Likes) Why is the world so obsessed with sex dolls?

omehow gott sex doll hips n an exaggerated notion of their popularity. Most people probably never think of them and certainly have no desire to use

(99 People Likes) How pleasurable is sex with sex dolls in comparison to real sex?

have sex with a sex doll. A sex doll is a sex toy, a masturbation aid. Sex is sex with two or more people. Sex dolls are not people.
Depends on the sex. Masturbation and masturbation with sex toys (including dolls) could be better than sex. Generally speaking, masturbation is better than bad sex and good sex is better than almost all masturbat

(42 People Likes) At what rate are women being replaced with sex dolls?

se, simulate sex wonderfully and can be perfect for quick and long sexual release.
The sex dolls me and my boyfriend use as this article explains
don’t replace the part Sex Doll Torso of a relationship w sex doll hips t

(93 People Likes) What will happenn if sex dolls become irresistibly attractive and extremely good at their function? What are the social repercussions?

uck all the incels will be happy as larry.
I read a post on here the other day that only 40% of men ever become fathers/find a partner. If this is true then 60% of blokes will also be happy. You never know the rape figures may go down somewhat.
I can’t s Realistic Sex Doll e the repercussions being very extreme, unless of course mankind wants to get rid of the human race, even then there will always be enough blokes ready and willing to do their bit to perpetuate the next generat

(72 People Likes) Can minors own sex dolls?

Probably yes pr Mini Sex Doll vided that sex doll hips olls are also minors.

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