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(63 People Likes) Are babies (infants) in movies real or props that have CGI constructed onto them (they look so real)?

arms. This may be the actor's arms or the parent’s arms in a wardrobe that matches the actor's, since parents are often able to elicit certain reactions where others cannot.
The parent als Sex Doll may be just off-camera in the direction of the desired eyeline of the child in order to draw the child's attention that way, much the same way a portrait photographer will try to encourage a smile for a Christmas card photo.
The film crew is ready at a moment’s notice to stop what they are doing and grab a quick shot of the baby crying when it decides to cry, and then the Studio Teacher (a social worker on set by law) will make sure the baby goes back to mom or dad right away. Same goes with laughter or sleeping on camera. Anything besides laugh cry drool sleep or poop is not something a baby will perform.
Often, the baby or child’s coverage is shot first, so they can be wrapped for the day and go nap, but this also gives the older actors the ability to play to or react to whatever performance was captured of the infant; in this way sometimes scene blocking or the actor’s “business” as it is called can adapt to whatever the baby did on camera.
After all this, you will still notice most small child scenes do not have the world's smoothest editing, and often the baby insert shot or closeup feels (subtly) rushed in composition or lighting compared to the scene around it; you have to work with what you get, right now, no take after take.
On multi camera, live audience sitcom tapings, a dummy is almost universally used, and the cooing giggling shot of the baby in arms is a specifically selected clip that was shot and edited beforehand, then played back on cue during tape night.
Once in awhile with the camera rolling, lucky timing will yield a particularly useful reaction shot. The child may be reacting to the mother off camera, but that shot is then cut in with the adult actor's performance later so that it seems the child is reacting to the adult character who actually isn't even in the room at the time the child is photographed.
The camera coverage of the scene is usually designed so that a dummy baby wrapped in a blanket can be used by the actors during the entire scene to avoid having a child on set. Working hours per day are extremely limited based on age and most projects that have a significant baby or young child presence on-camera will cast twins rather than one child to provide twice as much working time with the other actors… both siblings play the same role.
Occasionally, an animatronic or robotic baby is used on camera and of course there are the talking baby dancing baby and other ridiculous baby scenes that use a computer-generated baby not using any real child at all.
A film that extensively uses real baby, baby dummy, and CGI baby is CHILDREN OF MEN.
There are movies with intense scenes that involve small children and utilize them for more than just an insert shot. These films are few and far between and take a great deal of preparation and flexibility on the part of the other actors the camera crew and the director.
The only one that comes to mind right off is the “choice” scene from Sophie's Choice… very young actors, albeit not babies, but pretty easy to remember that scene even 40 years later.
In this case, children who are comfortable on camera and skilled at mimicry, or just learned quickly about emotion and reaction, are well-cast natural actors. Even so, scene analysis shows that the daughtet is still shot around a bit and edged out of some s

(43 People Likes) How is it possible for a totally artificial thing as Bitcoin (which has no intrinsic value) to be traded, not as a currency (because of it’s instability), but as a commodity, according to so many specialists?

e and - so long as that is the case, they can both be a medium of exchange.
The process of ascribing value stems from an inter-subjective adoption of a collective imagined reality. It’s not enough that I think some object has value, I’ve got to believe that you believe it has value. (“inter-subjective adoption”)
So, both currencies and commodities have value. The difference rests in their purpose. A currency’s purpose is to generalize trading. In a simple world where I produce apples and you produce pears, trading apples for pears would be difficult and inefficient. But, if we know “8 pears = $1” and “3 apples = $1” it becomes very easy to trade. You could theoretically use a bushel of rice instead of a dollar, but that would be pretty cumbersome (even if everyone took rice as a medium of exchange)
That ridiculous example is meant to show the concepts of (REASON 1) “divisibility” and (REASON 2) “portability” which, to me are what distinguishes currencies from commodities. As long as you have something that is - for all practical purposes - divisible down to the lowest possible price of the cheapest good. And, it’s portable (meaning, conveniently available), it’s a currency
Alternate use. But, lemme get back to that
The reason crypto is sometimes labeled a commodity relates to its adoption / usage rates. Most government backed, fiat currencies have a default use case insofar as the government is funded and funds the economy with that currency. In other words, people HAVE TO use it.
To date, there is no forced use case for crypto. So, people have to WANT TO use it (“inter-subjective adoption”). The theory goes, that just as diamonds have a standard world market trading value, different people put different values on those diamonds for a host of personal reasons, aesthetics and tastes. The argument goes that so long as crypto has that feature in common with diamonds, it’s gonna trade more like a commodity. And, commodity pricing is all about adoption rates. (this makes diamonds more valuable than even rarer gemstones)
But, that similarity is relatively modest compared to the differences of “divisibility”, “portability” and “alternate use”
Bitcoins don’t trade like a currency should.
Currently, the forex market crosses over USD$5 trillion EVERY DAY. Next to the market in U. Love Doll . Bonds, I can’t think of a more liquid market. Further all of volume trades based on the comparative, nominal expected interest rates. (A lot of journalists that cover exchange rates try to make this more complicated. It’s not. (Make no mistake, however, building a view on “nominal expected interest rates” requires some of the most quantitatively rigorous analytics that I’ve seen.. but I digress)
Bitcoin should be easy then. The rate of inflation (a good proxy for interest rates) is stipulated in its white paper. So, traders should be able to peg the BTC value easily and without the threat of manipulation. If you read the white paper on BTC, the founder designed the BTC inflation mechanism to address this specifically.
But, it didn’t work that way. Turns out “intersubjective adoption” dominated certain inflation. So, there was a set of traders that started calling it a commodity. They weren’t thinking it through…

(27 People Likes) What is the name of the movie starring Ryan Gosling in which he is in love with a blow up doll?

he Real Girl.
A lonely man has an affair with a blow-up doll, whom he thinks is a real person. And although there are plenty of laughs (how couldn’t there be?), it’s largely played straight. He’s terribly broken and enormously sympathetic. And yet it’s not in the least sad; in fact it’s so heartwarming that it will remind you of classic Frank Capra movies like It’s a Wonderful Life, where the essential goodness of humanity is the take-home po

(53 People Likes) Which kind of clothes are suitable for sex dolls?

r may contain sensitive images. Click on an image to unblur it.
Some Manufacturing company with delivery the clothing on or with the sex doll. If you don’t have clothes for the sex doll then try to dress the sex doll sexy or your style or dress it on how you feel the doll l sex doll co ok like. Try to do clothes that come off easy so when you have sex with the doll again it is easy for you to take it off and do your pleasure with

(76 People Likes) How will feminists respond if some men would rather have sex with a doll than a real woman?

tify a human being. If there are people whose appetite for the doll keeps sex doll co hem from behaving badly toward women, that would be a good thing. Sadly, I suspect it will not work out this way. Some people will practice their objectification skills on the doll and when they become bored with that, they will go out and attempt to get real women to "behave" similarly.
Maybe I am wrong, but I doubt it.
Lifelike sex dolls are new, but objectifying women is old behavior. I would be more inclined to bet on the persistence of old behaviors than on the revolutionary i

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