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(79 People Likes) Do you think it’s possible for humans to be friends or lovers with robots?

ring animals to robots I am just comparing the situation. Just be cause we make robots does not make it okay to make them our lovers.
Imagine this: Mr. Jimmy builds a general AI robot which gains full conscious, it starts to develop its own (person)ality such as hobbies, habits, likings and dislikings.. In a way it takes most of its (person)ality from its creator Mr. Jimmy.
This is where the situation splits-
Scenario 1:
Mr. Jimmy comes over to hang out and tells you man the robot I made is like my best friend we do everything together, we make music, cook, play sports yaddaa yadda. In a way it may be cool to other and creepy to others. Similarly to people who used to find it hard that different races become friends and mingle, it will take time to get used to but as long as it causes no harm that is fine.
Scenario 2:
Mr. Jimmy comes over to hang out and tells you man the robot I made is like the love of my life, we have romantic dinners together, we have sex together, we make out everywhere we go, so on.. That will come off very unorthodox and weird for everybody, even a little scary. It is like an animated sex doll basica Sex Doll Torso ly which gained conscious and got more intimate that Mr. Jimmy thought he is in love with a robot. I mean you could go back to my point from the first scenario and say what about the race example. But the only differences between race is the color and some features but originally we are all the same inside and out. Where as a robot is like another conscious being, just because it has intelligence does not mean it is okay to have romantic feelings with it. As its intelligence only gives it an identity. It would cause problems socially, people who do not know how to mingle with others will just get their own robot and then not be able to produce even if you give it the ability to develop children(even who knows it chooses genes to your liking) it may remove social behavior from many lives as it causes ease to getting what we want from regular human relationships. I mean this may not seem like a huge issue to you, you may be thinking “so what, isn’t the whole point of robots to make life easier for humans and enhance it in any way it is able to.” Well first of all if robots could produce perfect humans then there is no need for humans to produce at all. Plus if they are given the choice who is to say why can’t I have a baby who looks like me or is more like me thus leading them to learn how to make robot babies instead.
Plus us humans as “intelligent beings” and I say so loosely in the following sentence. Already treat each other badly and ignore those in need, basically not giving each other the best treatment we can. So who is to say our creation - the robot - who is most likely to learn everything from us like ideas thoughts might not treat us worse as we have the ability to cause failures and make mistakes constantly yet assuming they are high standard A.I. don’t make any mistakes and do exactly as intended with very little risk, they will think of us of more as an old version of them. Showing them affection and love may give them that higher feeling and standard in life to over throw us. Making them in the first place with no restrictions is already risky.
However if you make the robot specifically for intimacy and love that is more like an animated sex doll then, not lovers.
Well that escalated quickly…
To be honest if someone criticizes me and proves to me that I am wrong It would make me happy as

(15 People Likes) What's the point about living and dying in the first place if there is "heaven"?

the One True Inflatable Doll. He was up to his usual tricks, picking away at his guitar and mumbling incoherently.
“Hiya Jimmy!” I said cheerfully to him.
He stopped playing and looked me straight in the eyes with one of those death stares that he’s so famous for. It’s the kind of stare that makes you wonder if you should reach for a hand gun or a straight jacket. He then resumed his playing.
“How are you doing today?” I asked, this time with more of a concerned inflection.
Then, from behind the chair, he pulled out his big 24 ounce can of malt liquor and took a half dozen hearty gulps. Finally, he spoke. Actually, he bellowed for all within the next few blocks to hear, “I’M GONNA BURN DOWN THIS WHOLE TOWN!”
You see, according to The Gospel of Saint Jimbo, “heaven” doesn't exist. The believers of the other (and false) gospels tried to help out St. Jimbo at one time or another, but were unable to. St. Jimbo was just too much for them to handle. When they gave him shelter, he burned it down. When they gave him food, he threw it into his campfire and burned it up. Wh Sex Doll Torso n they gave him clothes, he urinated on them and burned them (St. Jimbo’s urine is an interesting concoction of kerosene, alcohol and highly flammable hobo sweat). The only thing he can’t figure out to set alight yet are his empty cans of malt liquor. But give him time…
When St. Jimbo was a younger hobo, he spent quite a bit of time in Nevada. He once went to a place that he was sure was “heaven”. After all, sex doll 125 the sign on the building said “Heaven” and that was good enough for him. He was even promised hoards of young vixens and all that he could drink and smoke. But after about ten minutes inside, the fire department showed up. Guess what? The popular Heaven Brothel Pro Shop in Elko, Nevada had caught fire by the hands of St. Jimbo and he spent some time (only a few minutes, actually) in jail (until he found a way to set that on fire, too, and escaped).
What’s the point of me sharing all of this here: Well, Heaven doesn't exist because St. Jimbo burned it to the ground. And to answer your other question regarding whether or not life is worth living or not, that answer is up to you. Life is what you make of it. St. Jimbo spends his days hollering at cars, threatening to burn things down, playing sick guitar riffs and drinking malt liquor next to his Holy Chair of Stuffed Monkeys. He’s far too busy to contemplate the universe or the benefits of living a life of servitude. At the end of the day, life is what you put into it. Do what you can to help those around you, be kind to older folks, smile at children (just don’t wear un-tinted Aviators when you do it or they’ll think you’re a child molester) and when your cat wakes you up at 4:30 in the morning for food, you don’t always have to throw her across the room. Find an organization (hopefully non-religious) to get involved with—a cause, a charity, something that does something to make a difference in people’s lives. I like to look back regularly and see if what I do on a regular basis is making a difference in someone’s life. If it isn’t I change my course. Sometimes this means I’m a very busy person. And sometimes this means it might cost a little money. But the rewards of seeing people get

(82 People Likes) People insult me for falling in love with a love (sex) doll. I don't just use her for sex though. I cuddle with her when I sleep and just watch TV or movies with her. Should I do what my co-workers say and get mentally evaluated?

a good idea. No, it does not sound mentally typical or normal, so I would see a Psychologist, and be very honest. If its not deterring your level of functioning, or hurting another, it may be fine for you. However, it wouldn't be a bad idea to explore any possible reasons that you have this desire for a doll, just to be sure that it isn't connected to an issue that may be or become a problem for

(36 People Likes) Disadvantages of Silicone Sex Doll Materials:

ble moment with a poor imitation of female skin or, even worse, breaking your companion. And if that’s not a mood ruiner, the price point might turn you off even more. sex doll tpe material You can’t go wrong with either si sex doll 125 e in the TPE material vs. silicone sex dolls decision. Either way, you will be ending up with a doll that allows for complete sexual freedom in exploring your deepest fantasies. However, at ELOVEDOLLS, we only use the new and more advantageous TPE sex doll material. There is nothing like feeling that soft and warm skin wherever, whenever and however y

(65 People Likes) Almost all porn involving sex dolls

ilized and help you derive the maximum pleasure. With a few exceptions of amateur and hilariously shot porn, most of the videos that are available on the internet are such that you will learn something new, which will allow you to enjoy the intimate time that both of you share even better. Some owners are unable to have fun with their silicone partners and find it hard to derive pleasure from the act. These types of porn is the exact remedy these people need, as it is a perfect inspiration, which will allow them to learn quick and easy moves that they can try with their own dolls and have a great time without having to feel turned off about it. Selections from soft-core porn to hardcore porn are all available on the premier porn sites on the internet. It is just up to your preference and mood, what kind of video you want to watch, and you can start having fun in no time. It is also a great idea to watch such videos before buying a silicone doll for yourself. This helps you to be best prepared when your package of lust arrives. That being said, if you do not own a silicone doll yet, it is time that you buy one. With all the porn that you have watched, it is only natural that you get one for yourself, so that you can get to do it yourself, rather than having to rely on videos. If you are looking for the most realistic and natural-looking dolls, made of high-quality silicone, such that you have the feel of being with a real woman ELOVEDOLLS is the best place for y

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