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(34 People Likes) If you knew that you were never going to have sex again in your life,what would you do?

son sex? Phone sex? Genital stimulation sex? Mental sex? Solo masturbation? Porn?
If a person is alone,their options are still open. Internet,telephone,publications,sex dolls (yes,there are life sized silicone dolls that are NOT cheap ‘blow-up’ things,but instead fully lifelike figurines!) sex surrogates or sex workers… Masturbation can be a thrilling ride.
If the genitalia no longer function due to spinal cord injury there are manuals available such as “Sex Techniques for the Spinal Cord Injured Patient” and now numerous online websites where disabled persons can re-learn sexual activities using the parts of their bodies that still function!
If the genitalia has been damaged or removed (such as with injuries sustained by many of our troops in the Middle East due to IEDs) again,there are manuals teaching how to eroticize the rest of the body.
If sex has stopped due to old age or illness,there are ways to re-learn and re-train bodies that have “forgotten how”. Sex is like any exercise… use it or lose it… and it can always be restored with training.
Other alternative forms of sex… electronic stimulators,virtual reality,hypnosis,visualization

(75 People Likes) Why would anyone buy a silicone baby?

tle creepy since it falls into what is called the “uncanny valley” which means it's just life-like enough to disturb us.
When my grandmother was deep into dementia towards the end of her life,she loved baby dolls,and would Love Doll ry to bottle feed them

(96 People Likes) What would you think if someone made a sex doll that looked like you?

ause a friend of mine is working in the UK near Birmingham and just told me he went in a shop there that makes sex do kenny premium male love doll ls to look like whoever you want. Interesting the shop told him that women have freaked out when they found out a doll was made from their likeness but men never

(33 People Likes) Do conservatives think the minimum wage shouldn't be adjusted for inflation? If so,why?

es reflexively reject any impediment to unfettered functioning of the free market. As such,conservatives oppose any increase minimum wage
But,like many arguments founded in ideological bias rather than facts and statistics,this argument sounds good,but - it masks a more cynical agenda.
Fundamentally,changes in minimum wage are about wealth redistribution. Over the long term,there is some good evidence that increases in the minimum wage benefit everybody.
BUT,in the short term,increases in minimum wage benefit “labor” at the expense of “capital”. In other words,these changes benefit MOST everyone.
The notable ‘non-beneficiaries’ tend to also be large contributors to conservative causes. And,much like the capital gains tax,inheritance tax and regulations surrounding bank privacy,these contributors are keenly aware that they are advocating an unpopular position. So,they can’t show their cards and admit their true intentions (would you?) - they need to come up with other arguments
As a result,their arguments are recast with the reductive power of populist politics and then blasted through established channels of idealogically inspired dogma. Now,we argue about something other than the real issue.
The “new” minimum wage argument has been recast away from peer reviewed research and into a slickly manufactured sound bite narrative. Instead of facts,the voter hears an oversimplified ‘thought experiment’ to cause him to conclude he understands the issue. From there,its easy to convince this voter he/she can extrapolate their insight to something that looks like the same problem. But,it’s not - and the same intellectual hubris that was excited to “understand” the one problem prevents us from seeing that it’s not applicable to the other problem.
This is the essence of conservative marketing and it’s very effective.
Think about the minimum wage argument you hear all the time. “If I ran a business and suddenly,the enactment of a minimum wage caused me to have to pay that worker more money,I’d hire less workers. It sounds like a good argument. Except it offers a simple microeconomic construct to refute a much more nuanced macroeconomic problem. Conveniently ignoring the benefit of favoring labor over capital,of increasing monetary velocity,improved productivity and social mobility (just to name a few…)
But,far more importantly,it ignores the facts: The minimum wage is one of the most studied phenomena in all of economics and collective insight is best expressed in Card Kruegers 1993 study Minimum Wages and Employment: A Case Study of the Fast Food Industry in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
It’s a comparative study of a single MSA that straddles two states - one which had a minimum wage increase and one that didn’t. It turns out raising the minimum wage didn’t effect employment growth. BUT,it did contribute to better lives for lower income people who benefited from the wage increase.
To be clear,this isn’t a “single standalone study” but,the culmination of 50 years of economic research on the topic. That’s the thing about the real scientific process - it’s rarely “revolutionary” - and more often a collection of petty,bickering,arcane studies that support a slow and steady march of progress.
Even as a standalone,the study has withheld a series of well-funded and increasingly stupid attacks from the right for one reason: it’s right. (example of problems with most recent “study” The Problems With A New Study On Seattle's $1 kenny premium male love doll Minimum Wage
Truthfully,I blame the Dems. Instead of using facts to refute an intellectually flawed attack,the Dems promote a story of “hardship at the bottom”. But,by ignoring conservative dishonesty,they unintionally validate it. If voters understood how wealthy interests were co-opting misunderstood policies like minimum wage oppositions to support the largest wealth transfer in history,they might finally recognize those “job creators” for what they are.
Instead,the Dems l focus on charity and empathy - both noble ideals. But,entirely inade

(63 People Likes) What are some iconic Barbie dolls depicting real people?

ach passing day.
Whenever it comes to buy a toy for a girl kid,the first thing that comes to our m Best Sex Dolls nd is a Barbie doll.
The formula behind Barbie’s popularity resides in the cleverness of its company. The company kept on customizing the doll with the latest fashion and ongoing market trends.
Everybody of us has seen the whole toy market flourished with Barbie’s of different kinds.
The innovative policy of Barbie’s company made it fight with competitors like Bratz,Lammily,American Girl Line,Steffi Love,Lottie,etc.
Nevertheless,under the extreme pressure of competition,the company managed to adorn its portfolio.
As per the saying of President and Chief Operating Officer of Mattel,Richard Dickson,that the Barbie reflects the world girl see around them.Her ability to evolve and grow with the times,while staying true to her spirit,is central to why Barbie is the number one fashion doll in the world.
The online presence of Barbie on social media is remarkable.
Craziness for Barbie has increased up to such an extent that even the parents are naming their newborns after the name of Barbie.
In the world of growing competition,Mattel’s next policy to keep Barbie alive in the market is by giving Barbie,a look of famous actresses like Kim Kardashian,Christina Hendricks,Beyonce,etc.

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