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(100 People Likes) Would a girl freak out if she finds out that her date has a sex doll in his closet?

I’ll use some simple analogies, but here’s a disclaimer for the shallow: this is meant to be lighthearted and not to be taken anally seriously.
There are interactions. There is communication. There is giving and receiving. If you cum, when you cum, the orgasms can be delicious and shared. As I do my wife doggy, she sucks and licks on a dildo. It’s quite a show. ^_^
You have total control over how it ‘hits you up’. You also learn techniques over time that really give you that extra flavour of pleasure. If you do it right, it can truly give you an orgasm that will make your eyes roll back into its sockets.
A sex doll is like a cocktail. You know those real dolls they sell from Japan? Those ultra realistic, ultra silky lifeless, yet lifelike dolls are made exclusively to entice your fantasies. They are a cross between having a real woman and masturbation. You can do all sorts of things with them and you get to choose this beautiful figment of what is available out there, al tracy jordan sex doll within the cash boundaries of your income.
Alas, here’s the thing…
As much as I love Pinot Noir, I don’t want to drink wine every single day. My liver isn’t how it used to be. Perhaps, I can drink a glass or two once a day, two or three times a week, though I’m sure Amber would prefer I drink a bottle or two a day, five times a week. o_o
Beer is great! It’s refreshing when ultra cold and that slight buzz it gives me after two cans on an empty stomach really hits the spot. However, after three cans, the after taste of beer isn’t quite something to write home about. It’s actually a bit raunchy and the burping…
While cocktails are nice to sip at once in awhile, it takes too much work to make a good one. Also, if you want the yummiest of ones, you’ll need a mix of some of the best liquors out there, with the right amount of fruit juices and ice to balance it all out. Plu

(29 People Likes) I’m 14, but I still play with American Girl dolls. Will boys care?

eally l tracy jordan sex doll kes you, he is not going to be concerned with whether you like American Girl dolls or not.
Any boy who makes a big deal about what activities you enjoy that don’t involve him is not someone you should want anyway.
If you really like a boy and he doesn Cheap Sex Dolls t like your dolls, you should gently explain to him that you have your own hobbies that make you happy just like he has

(90 People Likes) Why does people say that every time someone enters the museum and looks at the doll, the doll will stare at the person? Is it true?

the web and in other media supposedly documenting dolls that move around by themselves, stare at people or even attack people.
I find all of it hard to believe. The reason is because so many of these stories are based on second-hand storytelling (i.e. they heard from a friend of the family or the gardener of their second cousin, etc. that so-and-so event happened). And many of them have no corroborating evidence nor multiple witnesses.
Many times the tales of possessed dolls has more to do with the person trying to gain attention or increase the value of the doll than actually describing true events.
For example, i Cheap Sex Dolls the link above, the number 6 story about the doll bought on eBay that attacked its owner is ridiculous to me because the doll pictured was made by Franklin Mint and is the Gibson Girl bride made back in the 1990s. I had the same doll for a while. It’s not a Victorian-era doll. The price they are asking for it is so far above it’s value that it’s laughable. The doll won’t sell for a tenth of that asking price. It is clear that the story is made up to inflate the price of the doll.
Some people just have very active imaginations and are suggestable, so if they hear such a story about a doll, they will find themselves experiencing things related to what they’ve heard about the doll because their own mind fools them into seeing something that really isn’t happening. They want to see it, therefore they do see it.
Dolls are a popular target for portraying as a vessel for a

(42 People Likes) What are the reasons for sex dolls becoming more popular?

many do and act on is only sex and more sex …not even a friendship lest say tracy jordan sex doll last an relation ship based on truth warmth and being togheter nope than ist money power and sex again …. sad and luckely i have seen rela great gay guys getting Love Doll married but most nope ….i h

(37 People Likes) I have a articulated Barbie fashionista doll and her hip joints are kinda loose. Her hip joint is purple and is like a plastic thing that connects to the torso. Is there any way that I can tighten the hip joint?

int lo tracy jordan sex doll ks like this (Ik the picture looks blurry and all but you c Real Doll n tell that the hip joint is what I described it to

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