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(72 People Likes) Should robot sex dolls be banned?

re. The sex doll is the size of a real person. The doll that is made after the appearance of a real person to satisfy people's sexual desire. There are male sex dolls and female realistic life size sex dolls ex dolls.TPE material makes the appearance of sex dolls very different from real people. Dolls first originated in the Netherlands. Because the Dutch sailors had no women on the sea, their sexual needs could not be met, and they were very bored during the sailing process, so they used some rags to imitate real women. This is the early stage and relatively simple doll. Later, with the continuous expansion of people's needs, the doll market has become larger and larger. Especially in Japan, the production of dolls has gradually become industrialized. More and more d

(63 People Likes) Does an index-linked bond pay the inflation amount?

ill increase by the same rate. Note that this also increases the amount of interest you will receive, because the interest rate (which is often fixed for these kinds of bonds) is applied to the principle.
The U.S. Treasury issues Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). From TIPS In Depth
How TIPS Are Tied to Inflation
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) are marketable securities whose principal is adjusted by changes in the Consumer Price Index. With inflation (a rise in the index), the principal increases. With a deflation (a drop in the index), the principal decreases.
The relationship between TIPS and the Consumer Price Index affects both the sum you are paid when your TIPS matures and the amount of interest that a TIPS pays you every six months. TIPS pay interest at a fixed rate. Because the rate is applied to the adjusted principal, however, interest payments can vary in amount from one period to the next. If inflation occurs, the interest payment increases. In the event of deflation, the interest payment decreases.
At the maturity of a TIPS, you receive the adjusted principal or the original principal, whi Realistic Sex Doll hever is greater. This provision protects you against deflation.

(96 People Likes) Can I now buy a sex doll in India, as Article 377, which doesn't allow acts against the order of nature, got scrapped?

to the section 377 of the Indian Penal Code any carnal activity that is not "peno-vaginal" (i.e. involving the penis and the vagina) is against the law of nature. Hence, mouth fucking also, does not makes it to the list.
realistic life size sex dolls It disregards sodomy which covers anal sex (hence gay sex) and sex with animals.
And what is worst, that Mini Sex Doll the criminal law also disregards sexual assaults which are not "peno-vaginal". So, technically speaking gay rape is not a rape in In

(84 People Likes) How do you think the rising use of sex dolls will affect present or future relationships?

people. These people already engage in romantic and intimate relationships. They use sex toys as a means to enhance their lifestyle.
Single individuals. These people who are not in romantic/intimate relationships will use sex toys to get themselves off.
Individuals with mental disabilities. These people have a hard time connecting with people socially. Using sex toys allows them to have some experience in what intimacy may feel like. In fantasy, it may even provide some romantic comfort.
Therefore, to answer your question: no. At the end of the day, nothing actually changes. Sex positive people will continue to evolve their sex toys to further enhance what they have. There will always be single people who need to masturbate. There will always be people with mental disabilities who want to find love and intimacy through alternative means.
If you think t Real Doll at somehow, in the future, more people will have far fewer romantic and long lasting relationships, you’re correct in the sense that the population of Earth will be larger. Thus more people will have less romantic and lasting relat

(22 People Likes) What can you get or use as an added ingredient for "BREAD ROLLS"?

potatoes, the issue is any addition you make can effect the texture of the finished product by changing the overall moisture content or ph balance of the dough. Spices like cinnamon can retard the growth of yeast and therefore slow rising. realistic life size sex dolls otatoes in a dough will lower the relative gluten levels making a softer dough. Acidic and wet additions like Green Chiles will encourage

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