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(100 People Likes) How am I in love, but my dad doesn't accept my love?

r love. You can make your own decisions. It would be nicer if your parents accepted the person you love but that doesn't always happen. So you have to choose, which is more important, the person you’re in love with, or your family? In a perfect world your father will learn to accept the person you love, but again, that doesn't a hinata hyuga sex doll ways happen.
If you’re a teenager then you have to follow

(90 People Likes) In the Makhna song from the movie Drive, do they really have an inflatable sex doll with them?

uncommon to have an hinata hyuga sex doll inflatable doll. Now physical sex dolls are also very common, and inflatable dolls are slowly being eliminat

(21 People Likes) How would you rank the visuals of Jisoo (Blackpink), Irene (Red Velvet), Tzuyu (Twice), and Karina (Aespa)?

inion isn’t going to take away from that.
4.) Karina from Aespa: I think that mostly we haven’t seen as many looks from her Real Doll (recently debuted) but her face doesn't really stand out much to me. She has a very ideal face, but I think that is also a reason why her visuals sometimes go un-noticed or lost in the crowd.
3.) Irene from Red Velvet: we see many idols look starstruck when she walks past them. Many people call her the most beautiful idol and envy her looks. She can look both soft and ethereal as well as fierce. She fits the Korean ideal perfectly. But that can also be a problem as some people might see her as “plain”. I put her as third as her visuals don’t particularly appeal to me. Personally I prefer seulgi or joy’s visuals.
2.) Tzuyu from Twice: we have obviously seen many people being breathtaking by her visuals. She has a unique charm to her that makes her very eye catching. I just feel like many people do not guess that she is the visual of twice right away. I put her in 2nd as I feel like her visuals are so soft that she sometimes gets overshadowed
and in First place…
1.) Jisoo from BlackPink: I find her so stunning and breathtaking. Although some people do not like her look, and say she is not pretty enough to be Visual, I think that there is a perfect balance of fitting the Korean beauty standard and having unique visuals that are eye catc

(68 People Likes) Why are silicone baby dolls made with sex organs?

they have sex organs should be, “Why not have a doll with sex organs?”. German baby dolls have had sex organs for at least 40 years. While living in Germany all three of my boys had little boy dolls. They played with them (becoming excellent fathers as adults), and most importantly as far as mom’s are concerned, I used them for po

(90 People Likes) Are people who are critical of Meghan Markle actually haters? Not all criticism is hate.

a BIG RED FLAG that the comments come from a place of hate. Everything for any person can’t be all bad.
The first thing I want to know when I see criticism is what is the purpose/point being made. Is it welcome, needed, or necessary? Who does it benefit? Is it to put someone in their place so that the critical person feels empowered?
The second thing I want to ask is: Is the criticism fairly evaluating facts or is it someones skewed opinion? Is it in context and/or factual or just the way one person interprets a situation.
There are those that pick and find something wrong with everything a certain person does. They have severe and harsh judgments for one and a totally opposite view of another, like the differences between the way Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been handled by the media.
If you choose to say hateful things from a prejudiced point of view for one person and something totally different for another, then YES you are a hater, a hypocrite, and a bigot.
It is sick to spend time and energy being counterprod

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