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(93 People Likes) What are the reasons why you should buy a silicone baby doll from our online shop?

rse If you lived in India then you have three best options Amazon, Funcorp and Flipkart
I prefer Funcorp Toys India because they are the largest toy selling chain in India with more than 20,000 happy customers. They also have a huge collection of toys like Beyblades, Nerf guns, Baby dolls, and many more.
If you are a toy collector or want to buy gifts for your little ones surely try one of t

(88 People Likes) What’s the emo music video that had what looked like a doll house with real people living inside tiny rooms?

trying to distract viewers with bright colours and aesthetics from the actual symbolism of the music video. It’s creepy once you realise the actual meaning.
I’ll try to explain one by one. I am not going into the theory of this music video, just some minor details.
Russian Roulette
They all wear a blank expression. Even when they are singing, it seems as though they are devoid of emotions, like they are being controlled.
Throw the cute image of the song out of your head. Throw the bright colours away. Notice that the girls are trying to kill each other.
Seulgi and Wendy pushing the piano down the stairs, possibly to squash the girls underneath.
Them trying to kill Seulgi.
The use of animations similar to the storyline of Tom and Jerry, possibly suggesting competition.
Then, here’s the actual definition of Russian Roulette.
Umpah Umpah
Once again, it’s not just some cute love song that it seems to be. They tried to distract us with their visuals and pink aesthetics. Fortunately for me, it succeeded.
Looking back at Yeri’s rap…
Connecting this to the original title of the song, Umpah Umpah is a Korean Phrase that teaches people how to breathe under water. Yeri saying Umpah-pah is trying to misguide the viewers into not breathing the correct way, therefore trick them into drowning.
What is scary, is that the song ended with “Umpah Pah”. That’s the incorrect way of breathing. What happened to us? Did we drown?
Rookie and Power Up
I’m connecting this two music videos together because it has the same main message: Irene is the mastermind after all.
First of all, Rookie. This annoying song depicts a rather dream-like universe, once again, with a variety of colours. It starts off with a puppeteer.
However, it gets much darker. We realise that the girls are stuck in this world and simply cannot escape.
The scene when Seulgi gets pulled into the closet.
Also, music video depicts them running, presumably escaping from something?
Then again, they seemed to be stuck in this world, take note, this dreamland.
Here’s a major detail. Look at Irene’s smug expression.
With the idea of puppets, I think Irene is the puppeteer. The girls are stuck in her world, her stage, so she’s the mastermind all along.
Now, for Power Up. Again, this cute song about fruits and bananas.
Hold up…Irene’s holding a melting iron?
And the walls starts melting? Hmmm.
Even the table legs starts melting.
One of the details proving the point that Irene’s the mastermind.
Irene juices her members. I didn’t notice this at first.
Irene puts her members into the respective columns with their colours.
They gets juiced into her cup.
Cookie Jar
This is a world full of food. Mmmm, I’m hungry.
They get trapped in the so-called “perfect” world, where they can satisfy their cravings.
Muncher Seulgi I see you.
Then, they try to recreate some of their food. It turned out disgusting.
Take note, the shoelace was from the shoe they threw into the huge pot.
Here comes regret. They realised this world is not perfect, and tried to destroy everything.
This can suggest two things:
There’s no such thing as a perfect world.
Never take more than you need.
Dumb Dumb
The setting is in a factory. The girls seemed to be robotic, dressed the same, and doing repetitive tasks.
Regardless of their positions, they don’t seem to look happy.
They are only happy when they broke out of the system.
This could be trying to shade the way our society runs. I’m not knowledgeable in this area. Chris

(52 People Likes) Are there any uses for sex dolls besides being a sex tool?

t them in the passenger seat of cars to fool cops into believing you have a passenger, this is useful in case you wish to use a highway lane that has a minimum numbe Silicone Sex Doll of passengers restriction, as you find in some jurisdictions,
Of course you are then relying on the stupidity of cops, but in relying on that, one is rarely disappoin

(38 People Likes) What is the future development trend of sex dolls?

US$24 billion. According to foreign media reports, nearly 70% of European and American citizens own their own "toys". Obviously, it is no wonder that adult products appear in the drawer at the head of the bed. However, in recent years, one category that has seen a surge in the adult products market is physical dolls. As they become more popular, sales of this category are steadily increasing pussycat dolls baby love every year.
Of course, all kinds of realistic Copy used in sex life have existed for hundreds of years, but decades of technological progress have made them far beyond the design of the 17th century, and become a new and attractive small object, Or knowledge-based art products. However, with the rapid growth of the market, there are still many questions around this field and the future development direction.
Among them, the prediction of this market and the future also brings us some interesting insights.
I have to say that we want to thank the continuously developing science and technology. It not only makes our lives more convenient, but also greatly improves the user experience in all aspects of life-at least for the adult products industry. One of the biggest technological developments in recent years has been physical dolls. Yes, this has attracted people’s attention and improved their experience in bed.
There are a large number of models on the market, from static dolls to fully functional smart physical dolls. There are also some products that are being produced that are unbelievably real, and may have been mistaken for real people. We can see the latest series released by top companies such as Abssy, and we can completely believe that this is true. These dolls have been developed to directly reflect the real sense of men and women, with a surreal feeling. It is reported that a brand is using a special silicone mixture, which has a touch similarity to the human body of 97%, just like a completely real person.
The quality of these physical dolls has not only improved by more than several times, but the technology behind them has also been developed to enable a heart-to-heart conversation with these dolls. From Apple's Siri to the Internet advertisements we can see every day, AI technology is widely used in many fields of life, so why can't AI technology be used to improve people's sex life?
In fact, AI technology has indeed opened the door for the development of this industry and played an important role in the birth of intelligent physical dolls. When we touch them, the dolls will react relatively through sensors built into their hands, face, chest, and intimate parts. These advancements have greatly enhanced the reality that these physical dolls can bring to users. In fact, a domestic expert predicts that by 2050, the interaction with smart dolls will exceed the interaction between people.
custom made
The traditional market is dominated by female dolls, but now there are men and even transgenders to choose from. Although the market is still dominated by female dolls, it does reveal the future development of physical dolls because they have begun to truly cover all sexual orientations.
It is important to know that everyone’s feelings of beauty are different, from gender and race to different hair colors and pupils. Everyone thinks that attractive things are diverse, so a doll cannot simply suit everyone. This is why most brands provide customized services to customers. They can choose from the choices given by the manufacturer, so that the dolls they produce are what they want, from height and skin tone to face shape and chest shape.
Solid dolls are usually supported by alloy or stainless steel brackets, placed in a custom mold of choice for injection molding, and functions and additional parts can be added during the process. This greatly enhances the concept of physical dolls, allowing customers to imagine their ideal man or woman, not just toys, it has become a companion to attract you.
The benefits of adult toys are predictable, but physical dolls offer a completely unique advantage compared to any other companion items on the market. Continuous innovation and progress have made them more realistic than ever. Many users say that intimacy with physical dolls feels like facing people in real life.
Similarly, many people with sex dolls
do not necessarily do so just for physiological needs, but also related to interpersonal relationships. According to reports, they are sold to people who are difficult to establish relationships due to mental health, widowhood, and shyness. Perhaps they just have no time to find a romantic bond with others. These physical dolls provide owners with the human interaction they desire and need in a way that suits them.
These physical dolls also have huge benefits in terms of experimentation. Although they may be mistaken for a living person, this is not the case. This opens up a whole new world for people who want to try sexual fantasies or have physiological needs. There is no need to be ashamed, because it can be a private matter.
Most importantly, many exciting and revolutionary changes have taken place in the technical field, which has improved the market. This has brought tremendous benefits to many

(97 People Likes) My husband treats me like a sex doll, whenever I resent for sex saying silly reasons he never understands me and would say “you sleep, I’ll fuck you”. What should I do?

hat one of your other questions is “My wife asked me if it's ok for her to have a second sexual partner, what should I tell her?”
So are you a man or a woman? Are you actually marr

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