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(57 People Likes) What is a way to identify a good quality sex doll when purchased?

You can take a look at elovedolls.com
for real sex dolls and the best price is that th Best Sex Dolls se dolls only cost you $ 130 to $150. I dont think.
I think I dont have seen any lower pr

(98 People Likes) Things to Consider Before Buying a Sex Doll

gh there is no point in arguing that usually, it is men who buy sex dolls, they aren’t by any means the only ones who appreciate the benefits of having a love doll by their side instead of e.g., a vibrator or another sex toy. When we think of sex doll owners, we usually picture men instead of women, and to some extent, it has a basis in reality, as women usually prefer more subtle methods of satisfying their sexual

(94 People Likes) I'm a 13-year-old girl and my dad jokingly slaps my butt and I'm a little concerned, but my mom says it's just a joke. What should I do?

buse or innapropriate. Maybe in his home this was nothing out of the ordinary, akin to sports players that slap each other on the butt as a "good game" gesture. With that being said, you're old enough to decide what you are ok with in regards to your body being touched. If you went to your mom and said this makes you uncomfortable, shame on her for not taking your father aside and putting an end to it. However, you can, and should, say something to your father about not being comfortable with this type of joking/play. If he gets angry or persists THAT'S when there is a problem. Only after you have mentioned this to your dad and he continues should you speak to another family member. If that doesn't help, speak to a teacher.
Some people will leave comments and argue that you should immediately speak to a teacher. This is not the case. Speaking to a teacher escalates very quickly to protective services getting involved. Trust me. This is NOT something you want to happen unless you genuinely fear for your well being. There is a difference between a dad being a dad and not understanding the changing behaviors with a child growing into a teen, and a father that is being in appropriate f personalized love doll r a reason.
Be firm, but not confrontational. Next time he does it, don't laugh or play into it being "funny". Say firmly (not yelling or emotional) "Dad, I love you but I'm really not comfortable with you doing that anymore" or "Dad it makes me feel weird when you do that". Chances are he'll say something along the lines of "sorry kiddo. I didn't know". He may get embarrassed and shrug it off and say "I'm only joking". You can respond with something like "I don't really find it funny anymore. I'm not a little kid" HOWEVER, if he gets angry or it persists, that's when it's time to get someone else involved.
If you really aren't comfortable talking to him about it, talk to an older sibling, or an aunt or grandparent. Be sure to be very clear with

(47 People Likes) How can I buy a silicone love doll in India?

uality sex dolls at low prices. You can buy your sex doll in realdollshop, the price of this shop is very favorable. But the low price does not mean that the quality is not good, just that the merchants hope to promote their products. Now this store is an early establishment, in order to increase their popularity, they have to lower prices and attract more people to buy. So you can buy high-quality sex dolls a Anime Sex Doll cheap prices, which is definitely a very cost-effective thing.
In addition to the low price of the store itself, some special festivals of these sex doll shops will also be discounted. Especially for activities like Thanksgiving and Christmas, the price of

(83 People Likes) Why do we use a made-up discount rate and not the inflation rate in a DCF?

But specifically with regard to inflation, in most cases I personalized love doll dvise projecting real cash flows, in which case you discount at real rates, that is, rates in excess of inflation.
By projecting real cash flows and discounting at real rates, inflation cancels out. You won’t get the decision wrong by misguessing inflation.
There are cases in which this does not work, for example if future costs are fixed by contract, but future revenues will increase with inflation.
Similarly, I advise using after-tax flows and discounting at after-tax rates; and translating foreign currencies into domestic and discountin

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