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(95 People Likes) Is it socially acceptable for an autistic man to own a baby doll? I am autistic, 17 years old, and I love babies. I want to get a baby doll, but people will make fun of me. I find them comforting and just want a boy doll to hold.

stic it is more important for you to have whatever is comforting to you than to worry about ignorant people and their opinions! A wonderful doll for you would be from American Girl, a boy doll named Logan Everett. American Girl also has boy baby dolls called Bitty Babies. I know many adult collectors of these dolls male and female that are happily married with children and have what the people judging you would call "normal" lives! I hope you get my response, I also would like you to go on YouTube and type in "Jay Squared American Girl". This man is close in age to you and has over 34,000 subscribers (followers) male and female and here is two of his videos I suggest you view first. The first one is titled "American Girl Very First American Boy Doll Logan Everett Doll Review." The second is "EPIC SURPRISE AMERICAN DOLL PACKAGE OPENING - HOLY GRAIL OF AMERICAN GIRL OF THE YEAR DOLLS ". Especially after watching the second video take time to read all the comments left for Jason and you will find many of them are from men and boys, not just females who enjoy these dolls. There is nothing "wrong" with this young man, and he started collecting all the girl dolls first and is an inspiration to many people male and female, young and old. If you need more information about anything I missed you want to know, feel free to reply to me and I will get you any information you need! There is nothing weird or creepy about a doll comforting you and shame on those peopl

(30 People Likes) Would most women refuse to date an always single guy over 30 who, since he gets rejected so often, owns or has owned a Japanese-manufactured woman doll/robot at home as a subtitute girlfriend?

anyone about that crap again. Ever. For the rest of your life. Throw away your porn, and stop playing with yourself.
Second, you need to stop worrying about rejection, and staying single. Single is actually attractive to most women. Why would you think it isn’t? You think most girls are looking for a guy that screws every single woman in a 20 mile area, and ditch Sex Doll s them to find someone else?
That’s not a negative. That’s a plus.
Third, and this will be the hardest to do, you need to stop thinking badly of yourself.
Women can smell the “I’m a loser stench” miles away. You walk up to a girl with this attitude of “I get rejected all the time, and I’ve been single for living sex doll deep web 25 years of my 30 year life, and I have girl-dolls to replace real women”…. that attitude if it is in your head, is going to bleed into your character and your manor, and the way you present yourself.
By merely having that view of yourself, you are going to cause the very rejection you are worried about. Women do not want that kind of guy. And here’s the kicker…. if you met a woman with that kind of attitude about herself, you would reject her.
No one wants to be around the “I’m Trash” club of the universe president.
Now I don’t mean running around going “I AM JUST SO AWESOME!!!!!”… you don’t need that either. You don’t need to be arrogant.
You need to say “Hey, I’m not Captain Universe, and I’m not a movie star, or a sports star, or CEO of a major company, or elected to high office… but I am decent enough guy, and I’m not hooked on drugs, and I work a decent job… and I know I can be a loving husband.”
(now if you are hooked on drugs, or you are not working, you need to fix that).
But if you are, you need to stop the “loser-r-me” routine, and you can find someone.
I’m 40 years old. I’ve never had a girlfriend in my whole life. At 40…. a had a woman come up and ask me out on a date. Now granted I had no interest in her whatsoever, but the point is, you find someone.
You just have to clean out that crap out of your

(79 People Likes) Sex dolls porn,

game for having sex. Actually, it won’t be a stretch to assume that dolls provide a rock-solid outlet for rethinking your fantasies. Because of a doll’s growing popularity, the love doll market is receiving lots of media coverage and even top-of-the-line tech advances at breakneck speed. That’s why more and more people are heading toward synthetic companions—and, mind you, the reasons for being attracted to dolls that go beyond sex. That being said and done, deriving pleasure from these silicone love dolls is not something that comes naturally to human beings. Some people might even consider it as a weird fetish and too kinky for them to handle. However, this should be no reason why none should be able to realize the out worldly pleasure they are capable of providing. The only way to familiarize yourself with these ingenious and amorous objects is to normalize their existence and how they are used so that anybody can experiment with these devices and derive the maximum satisfaction after a steamy session. This is exactly where sex doll porn comes in. Porn of such kind is something that allows you to confidently utilize these dolls, and not get freaked out by them. But, still, some people are resistant to that soothing, sensual change brought by a s

(75 People Likes) Can you get an STD from a sex doll?

cally that your sex partner must have STD. However, STDs are much less prevalent among sex workers than among the general population. First of all, sex workers make their living with their sex organs so they have incentives to protect them. They are pretty well educated what they should do and insist on doing it. That’s why, contrary to popular belief, STDs are not as common among Anime Sex Doll rostitutes as people would think.
But even in the highly unlikely event that you end up having sex with a sex worker who has an STD, you’re virtually 99% sa living sex doll deep web e if using a condom. For all practical purposes, condoms are a great tool in battling STDs and you should alway use one.
So, when you visit a sex worker, keep in mind that odds of her having an actu

(27 People Likes) When sex dolls come, will you have one?

are here. They’ve been here for awhile.
No I will living sex doll deep web not. I don’t see the appeal (although I do have a bit of a sex doll fetish, but that’s humans acting like sex dolls, not using a sex doll to masturbate); it’s just not my thing. I Real Doll m demisexual and it isn’t something I’d really enjoy.
Still, each to their own. If you’d like a sex doll to masturbate with, go for

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