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(35 People Likes) Who loved Strawberry Shortcake dolls and/or the show as a child?

show had the girls riding horses, playing sports, going to the beach, traveling to paris or china, going to space, learning to play a trumpet or guitar, hiking in the woods, ect. It also had five girls of color, where as Berry Bitty Adventures has two, and one of them is i love lucy lucy does a tv commercial doll paler than her original look. The kids in 2003 wore jeans, hoodies, overalls, tracksuits, and sweatshirts like a real kid would. I recently rewatched some of the episodes, and it is quality entertainment with wholesome messages that I would show my kids. The dolls were also cuter when they were made by Bandai, they had the look of an actual kid, similar to what the Lottie Brand dolls are doing today. I had most of the characters, but not Crepe Suzette or Peppermint Fizz sadly, as Crepe hadn’t come out with a doll yet and Peppermint was only sold in brazil. Besides ou

(91 People Likes) If you were God, would you be mad at the men, who are a part of your creation, and who permenantly replace real women with silicone love dolls?

tic partners?
An answer by a serious approach:
The monotheistic idea of God becoming angry or mad about something earthly, is so silly idea that only silly human minds can attach such typical humanistic attribute to something noble like God.
It’s the same trend which placed the earth as the center of the universe and then the same egocentric trend placed itself (the human ego) as the center of God’s creation. And then it made the God to become a servant of the human needs whims.
In short, what you ask is just the result of the dogmatic teachings by organized monotheistic religions. Those teachings have created the God as nothing but just a projection of their own humanistic ego.
All this isn’t meant to support in any manner men’s bad habits which you ask specifically about them — or anybody’s bad deeds.
This was an answer by a serious approach. Next answer of mine to this will be by a humoristic approach.
A humoristic approach:
If I was a God, then instead of becoming mad about it, I would ask

(93 People Likes) Will my baby doll ever stop loving me?

sider it incorporate to their plan for you.
If you're a regular friend, or a family member, concerned or otherwise, more context could help.
From what we know (which is not enough): the boyfriend clearly does not understand why the girlfriend has dolls. For any number of reasons, there have been communication failures, and that is not a great sigh. Things that the two people involved should communicate over, at a guess, are topics like:
Priorities — money and space and time?
Reasons — happiness, goals, and pleasure?
Drivers —
Why this collection?
Why these dolls?
Why not other dolls?
Why are they not compatible with the boyfriend?
Is the incompatibly reasonable?
From his perspective?
From her perspective?
Is a reasonable incompatibly acceptable?
To him?
To her?
To others if others have influence?
Which others are influencing, and why?
Are other alternatives more acceptable?
Can one of the two people resolve the main issues they have (inside of them) without changing the other?
Will that resolve the issue for the other person? Or do both need to work on their own resolutions, in full, or partly?
Is any or all of this acceptab Real Doll e to the other?
People are all fabulous, interesting, unique, and flawed.
Anyone who doesn't understand their own flaws, simply hasn't met them yet, and that time will come. Perhaps soon, perhaps many life-goals, or missed life-goals later.
The two people under discussion, have to lean the flaws of each other, not the symptoms (intolerance, and dolls) and discuss what these intolerances really represent—
Priorities of expenses?
Attachment to an ideal time (of life?) image(?), mental state(?), or the hope of a new direction free from historical habits?
Abilities to reach “good compromises” between each of you. I learned the difference between “finding/settling on compromises that keep relationships working" and “making a good

(23 People Likes) What do you think about realistic sex dolls?

king about sex, we have an open conversation with our friends. We talk about how we are doing it and how often we are doing it. But there is a primary aspect of our sex lives that we don't discuss much frequently, and that is sex toys and sex dolls. Sex dolls are great. Sex dolls are magnificent. With the evolving culture and access to adult resources, sex dolls have become part of popular culture. They have become more normalized and accessible to the people. Online shopping has made it easy for us to buy sex dolls these days.
Society's growing openness towards talking about sex and masturbation is also helping people to embrace sexual toys and sex dolls. In addition to that, using a sex doll is not just about trying something new. it is an essential tool when it comes to learning more about your body. Sex dolls can help you express your wildest side without embarrassing, makes you feel content, and more importantly, orgasm than spending some time with a sex doll of your choice. Sex dolls also reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men, and for women, it can ease body aches and menstrual cramps. The other benefit of using sex dolls is, they never carr

(26 People Likes) Is it possible that Life-Size silicone dolls with artificial Intelligence - will replace human to human relationships in all forms?

be the complete degradation of humanity.
Humans are to make love with other humans. If the couple loves each other and respects each other, they can row closer to God.
Having sex with a doll is called masturbat

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