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(55 People Likes) Why has there been so much curiosity about the ultimate outcome of “sex doll partners”?

ere been so much curiosity about the ultimate outcome of “sex midget man love doll doll partners”? Because there are so many people on Quora who have economic power but are weaker in terms of social ski

(20 People Likes) How are traders' inflation expectations measured?

n synthetically build-your-own inflation-bond using some odds-and-ends from currencies or bonds or converts or CDS swaps or interest rate derivatives (and probably a host of other underlying assets), it’s one of the most liquid and arbi Sex Doll raged commodities in the world
Easy way to measure inflation (and easiest way to trade it)
Try this: hit this link
and compare the 7/21 price for the 7 year Daily Treasury Yield Curve Rate 2.05% to the Daily Treasury Real Yield Curve Rate for the same 7yr note. 0.34%.
The first rate is the nominal rate investors receive on their 7 year investments. They get 2.05% - no less and no more.
The second (“Real Yield Curve Rate”) is the rate investors will get for “Inflation Protected Securities” So, they get 0.34% PLUS: a payment for inflation (it’s based off the CPI index)
So, theoretically the difference between the two is what investors expect annual inflation to be for those 7 years. (1.71% a year)midget man love doll > If you disagree, the market will offer you 100x leverage on every basis point you disagree with the market. If you’re smarter, you can make a LOT of money (as an aside, check out “The Spider Network” by David Enrich, if you wanna get a sense of how much money you can make)
Next time some “authori

(93 People Likes) Why were Pink Floyd's concerts better than Led Zeppelin's?

ys’ worst show over the other guys’ best.
But, having seen both bands live, and heard extensive concert recordings, I think I know what you mean.
The band members themselves were relatively faceless (a fact they parodied themselves both in aspects of The Wall and in throwaway lines like “by the way, which one’s Pink”*) and did not in any way rely on traditional rock-star charisma to put over the performance. Even early on, they were focused on the experimental nature of the music, the light show, and the sound production. Syd Barrett’s excesses aside, the band were relatively straight-edged, even geeky, and very inwardly focused (seldom even acknowledging the audience). The result was consistent technical excellence, perhaps at the expense of spontaneity and immediate connection.
Led Zeppelin were nearly opposite to all these traits. Page and Plant were capital-s Superstars and the experience of a Zep concert was all about being in their presence, charisma, and swagger. Where their records were mostly immaculate, onstage the only thing that was tight was their pants. Zeppelin shows were deliberately under-polished, under-planned, and spontaneous, favoring the long blues-based jam and extended solo time. They personified rock-and-roll excess (whole books have been written about their debauchery, and you sure can’t say that about Floyd), and didn’t alwayscome on straight. The result was a wildly variable, often shambling live show **, but one with undeniable rock-and-roll pedigree and a direct connection with the live audience.
So, heard in retrospect, without fan bias, and without the benefit of actually being in the golden glow of either band, the Floyd concerts are going to seem “better”. How the two actual concert experiences compared is impossible to say and fully subjective.
*Sung by a

(62 People Likes) Are SexAVDoll love dolls safe?

types of sex dolls on the “sex doll scene,” so let’ Realistic Sex Doll take a look at the plastic composition and manufacturing techniques of them, and also explore the kind of things that may render your sex doll “oh not quite the woman she used to be.” 💨💦 (queefing emoji)
Like women, sex dolls have ELASTICITY, a property that allows a material such as my vagina or ass to expand to accomodate a dick or a toy then retract back to it’s normal size. The plastic has a limited number of times that it can be “reamed out,” if you would by your gargantuan rhino cock. This can limit the functionality of “sally,” your go-to sexaholic cock craving sex doll. (she gobbles the cock) The exact ELASTICITY is dependent upon the plastic copolymer.
“What the fuck is a fucking copolymer?” Is what you are indeed asking yourself at this very minute, and what does that have to do with the re-sale value of Sally my Sex Puppet?? Industrial Plastics! That is where the money is at.
“ The polymerization of monomers into copolymers is called copolymerization. Copolymers obtained by copolymerization of two monomer species are sometimes called bipolymers.” This means that a sexdoll is polymorphic bisexual transexual multidimensional cock storage device. 💨💦(again queefing aloud) So, how long does this SHIT LAST??
Sex dolls are made of a variety of materials such as plastic, latex, silicone, TPE, etc. The most popular materials used for making almost real lifelike sex midget man love doll doll's skin are TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicone. Each one of these plastics have a different longevity depending on the degree of exposure to reactants or reagents including sunlight and UV radiation, cosmic rays, gamma ray bursts ect. Regardless, you should still be able to pummel that plastic pussy to perfection for quite some time. All of these materials will outlive your cock by millions of years!! Even Methuselah himself could not wear out old sally’s indomitable cunt.
How long could you spunk that silicone siren before she degraded? Let’s take a look:
1. Acid and alkali resistant.2. Oil resistant.3. Anti-aging properties.
4. Good weather resistance.5. Cold heat resistant. (The range: -60 ° C ~ 135 ° C)6. Excellent tensile strength and resilience. This shit will be around for hundreds to thousands of years. Looks like Sally will be with us for some tiem.
Latex- About 4 to 10 years in nature! Not Bad! So the “soft n squishy” bits of sally will be gone waaaayyyyy after you lose your boner!
Silicone- Silicone is an inert material *just like my ex-boyfriend, Steve* In nature, man made silicone rubber will biodegrade anywhere between 50 and 500 years depending on the conditions it is in. So ….. waaaaayyyyyyy longer than you can fuck.
In summation, a sex doll will last on earth in some way shape or form for potentially hundreds to thousands of years in some form.
So, answer me this?? Does the Earth Really Need Your Cock Muppet?
(that ME in the picture btw)
Well…. the LIBERALS Say No! Environ

(54 People Likes) How does a life size doll feel when you touch it?

e a head and limbs that lo Real Doll k real but they are not as soft. Most take magnetic pacifiers but that’s about all they do. These are mostly for looks. If you want a very real feeling reborn you will want a silicone newborn. They look and feel real. Some can drink bottle

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